Predictions Are In: Drake’s ‘More Life’ To Surpass Ed Sheeran For Best 1st Week Sales of 2017

Published: Tuesday 21st Mar 2017 by Rashad

With its hit ‘Shape of You’ at the wheel, Ed Sheeran‘s hotly-selling new album, ‘Divide,’ sold more in its first week of availability than any other album released in 2017 had sold in any week this year.  Well, that was until the unveiling of Drake‘s new album ‘More Life.’

The serial hitmaker, who dominated 2016 with the release of his fourth album, ‘Views,’ is en route to do it again as industry analysts not only project he’ll top the Billboard 200 next week, but he’ll do so with a handsome figure.

How handsome you ask?  We’ll say this – his sum leaves Sheeran in the dust:

1st week predictions:  500-550,000

Projected chart placement:  #1


While the figures above ring in at roughly half those brought in by its predecessor, ‘Views,’ ‘More Life’ is on the road toward shattering streaming records.  Billboard reports the album – despite being available less than a full tracking week due to its March 18th debut – is set to leave Sheeran in the dust on the streaming front as well.

As we previously reported:

More Life’s songs collected a whopping 89.9 million streams globally in the album’s first 24 hours of release on Apple Music. That’s a new single-day record for streams of songs from an album on Apple Music.

Further, Spotify reports that on More Life’s first full day of release, March 19 (following its bow in the early evening of March 18), it generated the best first-day streams for an album on the service: The set’s songs collected 61.3 million global streams. That beats the previous record holder, Ed Sheeran’s ÷ (Divide), which generated 56.7 million streams for its songs on March 3 (the day ÷ was released).

In addition, Drake set a new record for the most streams for an artist in a single day on Spotify: 76.4 million streams on March 19. Again, Drake beat Sheeran’s previous high-water mark: 68.7 million streams on March 3.


It should be noted the project is not available in physical form yet.  Upon its arrival in stores, we expect ‘More Life’s shelf life on the Billboard 200 to be extended.

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  1. Jamie March 21, 2017

    His same core fans (which I’m not one of) always come through.

  2. LOL March 21, 2017


    • Suicide Blonde is 35 March 21, 2017

      You’re comparing a male rapper to a R&B/Pop girl singer? You must be a child predator

    • RhiRocks March 21, 2017

      Let’s get this sorted hunny! Lemonade outsold views! Made way more money than views, especially since Beyoncé didn’t need to discount her album multiple times!

      • oopsUPsideDaHead March 21, 2017

        And lets not forget the avalanche of MULTI -PLATINUM SINGLES from LEMONADE

  3. Suicide Blonde is 35 March 21, 2017

    Go Drake! You’re gonna keep having huge sales as long as your record label buys those streaming #’s! CONGRATS GIRL!

    • @ASAPicon March 22, 2017


  4. Spellcheck March 21, 2017

    Another win for Drake! Congrats!! If you heard one drake album, you’ve heard them all.

  5. Meme March 21, 2017

    The greatest thing about drake is that he shares his success, and wants everyone to win. He isn’t like the other big sellers like Jay and Beyoncé who doesn’t want anyone else shine. Drake stay putting other artist and rappers on his platform and a lot of their success is because of him. He is so selfless and that’s admirable.

    • Suicide Blonde is 35 March 21, 2017

      So you made this ENTIRE post about Jay and Bey? Bey put the Weekend, Drake, and countless other BLACK ARTIST on her last album! She also collaborated with a bunch of black writers, ect. How is that not helping others? How about getting Anti past 500k? it’s been a year SIS

      • BEY>RIH March 21, 2017

        Dont even pay attention to that troll. Just because Bey doesn’t jump on everybody records for number ones and best rap/sung collab grammys doesn’t mean she doesn’t help others. She collabed with Nicki, Drake, Frank Ocean, Coldplay, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and other artists/writers within her last two albums so that b**** can keep Bey’s name out her mouth.

      • blue March 21, 2017

        anti is past 500k pure sales and is over 3.5mil units sold ww…same as lemonade….so

      • Whosbad March 21, 2017

        @blue uh no Anti has sold 1.5 million WW in pure sales and 3.5 million WW with sps included. Lemonade has sold 2.8 million WW in pure sales and 4.1 million WW with sps added. If you’re looking at musicchart they add streaming numbers + pure sales.

      • Rihboy March 21, 2017

        Bey and jay only collab or a hit. Drake colllabs to promote. There is a difference.

  6. Suicide Blonde is 35 March 21, 2017

    Lemonade sold more than Anti and won more Grammys/VMAs. Just thought I’d throw that out there. HEHE

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 March 21, 2017

      Thank you. Meanwhile Anti still NOT PLATINUM after a year & she lost all 8 nominations. I don’t even know why that the
      pressed Navy troll brought Bey & a Jay in the first place. This thread is about Drake and his success. These girls can’t leave Bey alone even when she on break pregnant with twins lol!

      • Starxavi March 21, 2017

        Too bad it is platinum tho…no matter what YOU say…RIAA says that it is.

      • blue March 21, 2017

        anti is 3x platinum. with ww sales of 3.5mil and yes it didn’t win any grammys but a year later Iits the only female album in the top 20 on bb200. so while having awards is nice, having the public validate your work is better

    • Rihboy March 21, 2017

      Yet lemonade is where on billboard? That album ran its course in two weeks. Nobody bopping to anything lemonade currently. While anti on the other hand shows the true definition of great music. Still being streamed, still in rotation, and still on the masses minds a year later. Shoot a few more months it will be two years. It was so iconic but nobody cares for it lol. They added Adele, to the payroll to give it some continuation, but its longevity has died sis.

  7. Beyoncé Jackson March 21, 2017

    When will Nicki?

    • Max March 21, 2017

      The day hell freezes over

  8. YUh March 21, 2017

    Streaming or actual album sells?
    If actual sells great, if streaming bye.
    Streaming has ruined the industry

  9. Casual March 21, 2017

    I kinda want to know the sales and streaming breakdown. Based on the numbers above, I’m guessing that 250-300k will be in streaming, which is something like 400 mil streams. And anybody who thinks streaming undercuts sales is wrong. I have evolved on this issue. How many albums did we all buy back in the day that did not get listened to 1500 (combined of all the tracks)?

  10. Pat March 21, 2017

    King drake

  11. BATANG BOYS March 21, 2017

    WHAO, even my faves sold more first week, but the album is good, Drake is building quite a catalog.

  12. Kayla March 21, 2017

    FUNNY HOW Ed Sheeran arrogant ass thought that he would run the year because taylor swift isn’t releasing until later. So glad Drake stomped him

  13. Taylor swifts number 1 fan March 21, 2017

    Welll it would be streamed more than ED and others… it has 22 songs on the album, way more than Eds.

  14. Stephy March 21, 2017


    • @ASAPicon March 22, 2017


  15. JOHNVIDAL March 21, 2017

    How many in real sales?
    Anyway, I´m not into rap so I don´t really listen to him or know his songs. But seeing how he is pretty much the most successful rapper of the last years, and probably second male overall after Bruno Mars, can anybody tell me how did this happen? I mean, is he really one of these phenomenons that are born because he is just the best? Something else? Undeniable memorable talent? He has to have something if he has this much following, doesn´t he?

  16. flawda March 21, 2017

    lol at ya’ll believing those are his real sales like Apple isn’t fudging those numbers. Drake was doing about 500-600k first week before going to Apple. Apple gives him a deal and then he does over 1 mil first week. Yeah, ok!

    • Kayla March 21, 2017

      False assumptions without any logical basis. Shut your hating ass up

  17. Mark March 21, 2017

    I love how the navy cling to being in the top 20 due to streaming . Knowing good and well the only reason Lemonade isn’t is because the album is only available to stream on Tidal. It’s really laughable.

  18. @ASAPicon March 22, 2017

    He is like the current Lil Wayne, Black people helped raise his career with their support, and now hes sort of like a white boy/Mexican boy fad, that they continuously overrate, yet support tooth and nail.

    Hes over saturated and stale, None of his music is fresh… Like someone said above, You heard one Drake album, youve heard them all.

  19. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 23, 2017


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