Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ Goes Platinum

Published: Wednesday 5th Apr 2017 by Rashad

Just a year after making headlines for becoming the first artist to ever top the Billboard charts on the strength of streaming figures alone, rapper Kanye West now pencils his name in streaming history books again for being the first artist to go platinum on streams alone.

Details inside:

Billboard reports:

On Tuesday (April 4), Pablo achieved platinum status, according to a press release from the rapper’s label Def Jam. A rep for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) confirmed the certification to Billboard.

While the label says that the project is the first streaming-only album to go platinum, Billboard reported last April that TLOP was briefly available for sale on West’s official site upon its release in February [2016]…


While the RIAA has not officially clarified if ‘Pablo’s pass of the platinum mark is due to streams alone, what remains certain is that the project is West’s 8th album to earn such certification.  Congratz to Yeezy!

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  1. DanYiel Iman April 5, 2017

    ??‍♂️”Didn’t purchase so not sure about his album!!”??‍♂️

  2. Brent Christopher April 5, 2017

    There’s no way of proving the validity of Def Jam’s claims. I doubt VERY SERIOUSLY that this album has been streamed to the equivalent of ONE MILLION purchased units. This is all a ploy by Kanye’s record company to segue him and his brand back into the good graces of the mainstream public. ALL GOOD NEWS leading up to his “reintroduction”. Honestly, as with Apple and Drake’s inflated streaming numbers, there is NO WAY that the “Life Of Pablo” has reached such heights. Im sorry.

    • Meme April 5, 2017

      Your very silly to think Drake of all people had inflated numbers. You need to first understand how people listen to music and you would then see that these numbers aren’t inflated. Me for example, I listen to drake from the moment I wake up to the moment I go sleep. Me, 1 singular person, streams his music atleast 100x a day. Think about how many people in this world and their listening habits. Same with Kanyes music.

  3. PlayWithMe April 5, 2017

    Didnt This Release in 2012 Though? #SarcasmAlert

  4. RhiRocks April 5, 2017

    The music industry is dead! Getting plaques of streaming no days. I get it you have to move forward with the times but if your music connects with people it will sell no matter what. Adele Taylor Beyoncé are probably the only ones who are making money of real album sales .

    • Meme April 5, 2017

      Disagree it has nothing to do with music connect with people. Taylor and Adele are the biggest artist in the world, of course they will sell big regardless, not because their music connects to anyone. For artist outside of Adele and Taylor, steaming is important because It’s all about convenience. No one is going to purchase your album just because you don’t want to put it on streaming platform. Case and point, Beyoncé. Lemonade is the only Beyoncé album I don’t have, and I refused to listen to because it’s not available to stream on Spotify. She has good 1st week sales but over all her album performance is very lackluster for big name artist. You can’t put her in the same category as Adele, Taylor and even Drake.

      • RihYonce April 5, 2017

        Yes you can put her past Drake wtf ? Beyoncé has sold way more records than Drake. Lemonade is still currently selling. Let’s not act like if Lemonade were streamed everywhere she wouldn’t be the biggest streaming artist. Lemonade is almost double platinum in pure sales. Views sure isn’t. You can’t even name a black artist that sold more albums than The BEYONCÉ album since it’s been released either so quit it.

      • RhiRocks April 5, 2017

        CORRECTION * Beyoncé Is the biggest ARTIST IN THE WORLD. The reason Beyoncé doesn’t sell as much as Taylor and Adele is simply cos she refuses to PROMOTE! Do u have any idea how much promo Taylor does still she can’t manage to do Adele numbers. Beyoncé sold 2.7ml pure copies after being in the industry for 20years, while artists that came out with her are declining! Beyoncé self titled sold 5mil ww once again without heavy promotion. Also lemonade is being sold 17.99 which is double the price Adele or Taylor sell their album so basically Beyoncé is making from one sale of what the others make from selling two albums

    • ADELE4LIFE April 5, 2017

      You’re ignorant.
      Streaming is actually saving the music business. Streaming tripled in the past 3 years and is now 51% of the music biz.
      And guess what?
      Music Biz overall revenue is up double digits (11%) for the first since since the late 90s.



    • ADELE4LIFE April 5, 2017

      And please,
      stop trying to put Beyonce on the same level as Taylor or my Queen Adele.

      Beyonce’s album are all around flops. No hits, no real album sales… just flop.
      Yall are the worst tryina make her lil 2million pure sale into some kind of success.

      25 sold 20 Million copies
      1989 sold 10 Million copies
      Lemonade sold 2.5 Million copies.


      Try harder!

      • Rima April 5, 2017


      • RhiRocks April 5, 2017

        What kind of self drag?! Beyoncé is in a league of her OWN! Taylor wishes and wants to be on Beyoncé level ! She so desperately wants to be the queen b hence why she has a girl squad! Even Adele isn’t on Beyoncé level , Adele isn’t versitile what you see is what’ u get with her! Beyoncé has the star power as well as the sales

    • ADELE4LIFE April 5, 2017

      The delusion !!!!!!!!!
      Not when Taylor & Adele both won AOTY.
      Not when Taylor and Adele actually rite their own music and don’t just steal songwritting credits.
      Not when Taylor and Adele have sold more albums & singles than Beyonce.
      Not when Taylor & Adele both have higher overall tour gross than Beyonce.

      Try harder!

      Didn’t Adele brought the hives at the verge of suicide when she swept the grammies this year?

      Adele & Taylor last albums both sold more pure sale in 1 week than Beyonce sold in an entire calendar year.


      Beyonce album flops can’t even compete with Ed Sheeran numbers…. smh

      Please, stay in your lane and keep competing with Ariana Grande…

      • RhiRocks April 5, 2017

        Ok bish let’s educate your ass you hood rat!
        lemomade is and deserved to win Aoty even Adele agrees with that! Beyoncé doesn’t steal credit which ever writer or producer she uses all get added to writers list! You need to come up something new considering Taylor and Adele have had just as many people working ok their recent albums like Beyoncé. And Beyoncé does write her own music there’s many vids where the producers have said so themselves. Taylor has sold more albums than Beyoncé? bishhhh Beyoncé has sold over 160ml records ww. Taylor will never sell as much as DIL did she can’t even hit 10ml with one album! Sold more singles? Haha try again bish! They have higher grossed tours? Hahahah bish you really is dumb! Formation tour grossed 260ml from just 49 shows which took Taylor swift 89 shows to make less than that! Adele is wayyy below that mark when it comes to touring ! Also you hood rat! Beyoncé came out in 1997 and your comparing her against artist that came out in 2006 /8 ! Anyway why you wasting your time on here shouldn’t be worried about finding your dad

  5. Stephy April 5, 2017

    The album is still under 100K in pure sales. It’s a flop, period. Streaming needs to be taken outta the sales tracking. And just allow these artists to flop, period. If Adlee and Taylor and Beyonka etc…etc.. can still shift 1 million in sales, then it’s no excuse. They being way too easy on these acts. I say just let em flop.

    • Meme April 5, 2017

      You can’t compare Adele and Taylorntonother artist. They are literally the ONLY artist still selling pure sales. Just look at what’s usher and a.Keys are selling now a days. No one is purchasing albums. If 60% of music lovers consume music before streaming, how can you not include streaming in its performance. That’s the dumbest thing ever. I pay to stream.

      • King B April 5, 2017

        Because those artists don’t make timeless music. You want me to waste my hard earned money for an album that contained ‘Anaconda’, ‘Famous’ and ‘ Work’??

  6. ADELE4LIFE April 5, 2017

    This website is a joke.
    You guys spent the past year crying over the fact that streaming powered Anti to double platinum level.
    And now, you’re celebrating Kanye’s success solely based of streaming?
    Had it been Rihanna, you would be posting shade for the next year.


    Anyway, congrats to Kanye. He’s a genius. The music scene needs more people like him.

  7. YLT April 5, 2017

    Adele, Taylor, and Beyonce, are Platinum or more, as where Rihanna and Gaga are both gold…so if they can sell and get a certification, there’s no excuse for these other artist who can’t do either. Now call it as it is..FLOPPING.

    • ADELE4LIFE April 5, 2017

      Adele is diamond.
      Please, don’t compare her to Beyonce’s flop.
      Adele can sell albums.
      Beyonce can’t.

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