From The Vault: Janet Jackson – ‘All For You’

Published: Sunday 23rd Apr 2017 by Joe

From The Vault honors Pop Queen Janet Jackson this week again. Today’s pick is her 2001 record-breaking comeback effort, ‘All For You.’

The title-track of Janet’s seventh studio album, ‘All For You’ is yet another Jackson/Jam/Lewis creation. Based on a sample of Change’s ‘Glow Of Love’ and chosen as the album’s first single, it was significantly more upbeat and colorful than what could be found on the trio’s previous effort ‘The Velvet Rope’.

Back in 2001, the single made history in the US for being the first song to be added to every Pop, Rhythmic and Urban format within its first week of release. It was to the point that MTV even dubbed Janet “The Queen Of Radio”… which if you know your Janet History is quite ironic.

It spent 7 weeks atop of the Billboard Hot 100, hit #1 in Canada and reached the Top 5 in the UK, France and Australia among many other countries.

If ‘All For You’ was such a home-run, it had a lot to do with its Dave Meyers-directed video. A noticeably slimmer Jackson can be seen dancing around a two-dimensional Los Angeles after spotting a cutie on the subway.

The visual was nominated for several MTV Video Music Awards including Best Choreography and Video Of The Year.

[Sidenote : how epic is THAT dance-break?]

The ‘All For You’ era saw Janet celebrating single life after being married for over a decade … and subtly dragging her ex along the way.

With the superstar currently going through her third divorce, we’re clearly not the only ones wondering if a new music project will document the falling out of her marriage and give us insight on her new life as a single mother.

After all, there are so many chapters that haven’t been told yet, and we know the world is eager to hear them.

Your thoughts?

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  1. barrs April 23, 2017

    Finally, a article worth reading…???
    Must admit, this is one of MY all time favorite albums by an female period. Everything about it’s era from Janet’s presentation, to the single “All for you”, and the tour was ⛽???

  2. JOHNVIDAL April 23, 2017

    Her last AMAZING era. Mariah´s was The Emancipation in 2005 and Madonna´s was Confessions in 2005 too.

  3. DanYiel Iman April 23, 2017

    Sorry she just isn’t it for her sound that ashy alto doesn’t work for me & the Michael Jackson comparison when out with their duet of “Scream” which was cute then….

  4. SMH April 23, 2017

    What’s ironic is that whoever wrote this post is the one who needs to do their Janet history homework. Janet has only been divorced once. Her first marriage was annulled, and currently she’s separated; neither one of them has filed for divorce.

  5. G7Pat April 23, 2017

    Pop slayage!!

  6. @ASAPicon April 23, 2017

    My fav video of hers, IDC

    • Tashanakingston April 23, 2017

      Text message or written house shame sphere

  7. Stoney-Brie April 23, 2017

    This song reminds of my childhood
    I love how happy and free she was during this era

  8. Justafan April 23, 2017

    Yasss loved this era.

  9. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 24, 2017

    miss Janet you need to let pass go you need to be a mom and take thatbbaby you had with wisiam miss Janet your husband want try to control you he only want you to have baby in hiospal that not control miss Janet too miss Janet it same god for ever region if you don’t like black put color on you baby husband take your husband with so he be with his baby miss Janet learn how tie be mama wife take a look at miss Obama who kids were little now they teenage now she made time for both look at jade pink Smith both actor had little kids now they teenage now grown both support their kids wife look jay z and his wife miss Janet you need to have some Jesus Christ in your life stop run D*** to D*** give your husband a second god you a second chance to get your life together miss Janet no one perfect you need ask god forgive for your sin look how man you been with miss what right do you have judge ask to fix your heart and heal your husband mind ask bless both you ask fix your ? and marriage show love not hate miss Janet you need to show love ever day we all have short coming fail short god glory ask god fix your husband heart soul and your to fix your mind read bible together go church or let him door with you save people lifesoul be a real Christian miss Janet started show love kindness for husband god look over faults fails no one perfect in world we all make mistake miss Janet you been snake you did why I got married three time your first husband was a snake crackhead crazy treat you bad lie on national TV slanndler your name you should fail charges on him and mama throw both in jail vestment tell false story that want true so Wendy William who told lies take husband wisiam he help get good lawyer stop nasty people keep attack you she not perfect she older then she and your ex has serious jealous issue you need take him off your wed sight it make you look bad pursue that you sue both b**** for talk about spread lie about miss Janet your ex has 11 kids he pay for own kids leave you along for ever take your husband wissian go to holy land to get save you and husband baby stop try pleased people pleased God miss Janet that you post pleased is lord not man let god fix you and husband heart pray for him ask while ask you baby trust in lord he will fix all things married your husband again have real wedding miss Janet take bad heart you got turn it around to a good heart let god fix your mind soul you need Jesus’s Christ to help you on daily base ask god for give of your sin you did miss Janet your 50 years young you not living pass you have baby you need let your husband help with bad not family stop try make record go road let husband stay home while you go shopping with your mama sister beside it go be mother day your baby need see your fact not no else he see you and husband fact take time out learn how be a real wife Christian mother god understand do best you can show your baby one time with your husband

  10. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 24, 2017

    I think she don’t need to be a single mom she need try get back with wissiam baby need a father mother baby need to see her face not nobody she be a real mother stop run around with man let God fix her marriage let god fix both them two side ever story her husband isn’t control it her own family who don’t want see happy she take out let god fix heart soul for lie on him all he was told have baby at hoispal too she no region was go change it still same god we all services she need ne a wife mom husband Christian learn how to stay a marriage for a change like older sister who married to man name brown 49 year to man name brown look miss Michelle Obama she been married over ten year her kids group in white house she look at them miss Obama want busy she didn’t leave husband or have some raise kids both raise kids now both are teenage she need get advice from she older her her husband was president she was first lady they took their kid with them

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