Must See: Paula Abdul Performs ‘The Way That You Love Me’ Live

Published: Tuesday 30th May 2017 by David

As the industry continues to churn out basic pedestrian-level Pop stars for today’s music lovers, the fans of yesteryear continue to long for a day in which artists armed with skill rule the charts.

What said fans will continue to do until that time comes? Attend tours headlined by the acts who shaped their formative years in their thousands in search performances with the total package.


What happened when they made their way to Phoenix, Arizona to catch Paula Abdul on her latest live adventure?


Watch below…

The 54-year-old entertainer delivered the performance above as part of the ‘Total Package‘ tour which also “stars” Boyz II Men, New Edition and New Kids on the Block.


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  1. Mariah Carey May 30, 2017

    Who? Mishka dahhhling can you fetch me one of those exquisite Napa Valley wines I had over the weekend dahhling ?

    • Jordans May 30, 2017

      Bish please. Ol girl nailed it and you know it.

      • Mariah Carey May 30, 2017

        The only tiny dancer I like is Mr. Tanaka dahhhhhling.
        P.S. What is going on with this page? Where did all the commenters go dahhhling?

    • LISA LEVINE May 30, 2017

      Paula is a great dancer. However those vocals which are NEVER live are truly horrible. She needs to Lip-Synch for her life and get those coins. Britney take note honey….get off those PAINKILLERS and stop dancing like a retired cheerleader.

  2. Qc May 30, 2017

    Britney has NO excuse…

  3. G7Pat May 30, 2017

    The 90s produced real talemt

    • Truth May 30, 2017

      LOL! Stop being dramatic. Paula is the product of late 80s pop machinery and her profile was greatly benefited from the other “hot” celebrities of that time that she mingled with (Janet Jackson, Arsenio Hall, John Stamos, Emilo Estevez.) Paula can dance and is a charismatic performer on stage, but she has her share of limitations and fatal flaws in other areas that were never hidden, and shouldn’t be used as an example of “real talent” from “the 90s.” She was a precursor to Britney, JLo, Katy and Rihanna. All of whom live and die on production and marketing more than actual talent.

      • Love May 30, 2017

        Fool!!!! All the marketing in the world couldn’t help Selena Gomez slay on stage. The machine helped the older girls sell but their talent (even if they couldn’t sing) is why they skated.

  4. I HATE WHITE and BLACK B****..,,,,ES.. May 30, 2017

    I heard Janet Jackson whoop this b**** ..ass

  5. truthteller May 30, 2017

    Paula didn’t get a lot of respect back in the day, but she had more star quality than the Demis and Selenas we have now.

    • Avi May 30, 2017

      She can dance, and some of her songs were ok, but her singing voice was atrocious.
      She truly was Britney’s mother.

  6. Neale May 30, 2017

    She is a part of the blueprint that established all of our faves. Period

  7. Its me guwrl May 30, 2017


  8. Theman May 30, 2017

    This is OUTSTANDING! She is an AMAZING DANCER/PERFORMER/ENTERTAINER! That is talent in itself.

  9. JOHNVIDAL May 30, 2017

    See? Even the ones not taken too seriously back then are at least great at something, and are pretty much better at that something that 90% of mainstream artists now. Really a tremendous decline as I always say.

    • Fancy BISH May 30, 2017

      “Really a tremendous decline as I always say.” -JOHNVIDAL
      lol, I luv you John…throw that shade!

  10. I MightNate May 30, 2017

    Paula wasnt just a dancer. She was in charge of coming up w every move done on stage. She choreographed for many big acts not just Janet. She’s iconic, she did Nasty which still serves…. Cold Hearted snake still serves.

    • Fancy BISH May 30, 2017


  11. eric May 30, 2017

    Some fans value dance over vocals and vice versa, but it’s a combination of things that makes someone a successful music artist. Everyone doesn’t have to be an amazing singer if they have plenty of talent in other areas. Paula was a perfectly good pop artist and a memorable one, judging by the fans who go to her shows. Speaking of which, I already have my tickets to this tour and I’ll be seeing Paula in 2 weeks!

    • I HATE WHITE and BLACK B****..,,,,ES.. May 30, 2017

      Great!!!!! still not Like Janet Jackson. Seeing a Janet Jackson concert .

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