Camila Cabello Joins Bruno Mars’ ’24k Magic Tour’

Published: Sunday 25th Jun 2017 by Sam

Camila Cabello is continuing to make power moves.

The former Fifth Harmony singer is attempting to strike it big as a solo act after an acrimonious split from the group last December.

Now, she’s following up her slew of collaborations and current single ‘Crying In The Club’ with a coveted spot on the North American leg of Bruno Mars’24k Magic Tour.’

Together with Brits Dua Lipa and Jorja Smith, Cabello will serve as opener on several dates of the trek – which has already been a mammoth success in Europe.

The announcement came courtesy of Bruno today:


Well come through Camila!

In a day and age where aggressive “promo” almost seems like an outdated concept (with “minimalism” now ruling the roost), it’s warming to see an act go all out to build a base.

Ms. Cabello undoubtedly has an active fandom, but the reality is that she still has a way to go before her solo foundation is firm enough to make a measured mark.

By signing on to one of the hottest tours of the year, she’ll be exposing herself to a whole new audience.

Smart play.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Achooo! June 25, 2017

    I hate her singing voice and I personally think her voice only sounds complimentary with a group. I must admit she has a great team and securing a tour with Bruno Mars is a win. Moreover, comparing her “talent” to Fifth Harmony she is the weakest link and the weakest link in competition with the current solo artists. Her sycophancy and pernicious behavior towards her group would be her demise. Based on that I hope she fails. She will be crying in the club.

    • Andrea June 26, 2017

      To each their own you’re totally entitled to your opinion and her voice surely isn’t for everyone. What I will say like I told a poster below and as a long time Fifth Harmony fan since X Factor, she is very musically gifted even though her technical vocal technique(musical talent is not equal to vocal tone/technique btw) is not as good as say Normani or Dinah from the group. She has one of the most agile voices of anyone singing pop right now and an incredible ear for melody as she showcased live at their concerts when deconstructing and improvising new melodies on songs on a whim) which is why the pop producers love her. I disagree she sounds good in the group, her voice stuck out like a sore thumb especially because they had her so high up since the other girls have bolder deeper voices. She’s been using her lower register lately and sounds so much less shrill. But to your point about her being “the weakest link” I take it you don’t follow these girls or haven’t seen them live, Camila was the best total performer of anyone in the group, she had the most consistent vocals (whether you enjoy her tone is another thing), Normani for instance has the best range of anyone in the group but sounds very weak live and sings under the track because she has a confidence issue, though she is the best dancer of course and a great performer too. Camila brought the energy and charisma, she was the hypeman, always engaged the crowd and she is MILES ahead in stage presence and confidence than her peers like Zara Larsson, Dua Lipa, and Hailee Steinfeld. Finally, regarding her leaving the group. The “via her repsentatives” line is the reason Fifth Harmony lost so many fans (compare their recent singles sales to hers, 47k vs 81k in physical copies 1 month in) because they themselves revealed in their second letter she had told them a month prior to her departure also anyone who remotely followed the group saw it coming based off of how detached and emotionally vacant she appeared in their group interviews and public appearances. Additionally, she left the group to be able to write music (your’re free to check her writing credits and see she does in fact songwrite, Ryan Tedder was impressed: ) and because she was deeply unhappy and struggling with anxiety and OCD intrusive thoughts (as she opened up in interviews throughout the years) for the last 2 years, which is what she’s written about already in the b-side promo single “I have Questions” that accompanies “Crying in the Club” in the music video and live performances. Couple that with the fact ct she had wildy successful collaborations outside of the group while still a member, and her relationship with the group’s management and some of the girls quickly deteriorated. It’s funny you want her to fail because as pernicious as you think her behavior has been to the group she’s been as gracious as ever from the moment she publicized her letter in response to their announcement she had left to even now when she is asked about them she wishes them nothing but the best and her bold move to leave the group has inspired her fans to find their own happiness. She just turned 20 and I think she’s about to do some really special things for pop music in the coming years.

  2. Jeans June 25, 2017

    Good for her! I’m rooting for her!,I’m a fan!!

  3. Jamie June 25, 2017

    All I see is Nicole 2.0. People know who she is and just because she’s on tour with Bruno isn’t gonna make people like or support her.

    • Andrea June 26, 2017

      The comparison is not even close to fair. Camila was far more accomplished for her solo work outside of the group while she was still a part of it than Nicole ever was, not to mention in 1 month her single has sold and charted globally and she’s already outsold Fifth Harmony’s single which debuted just behind her. The reason she is getting this type of hype and these opportunities is because without an album out she has 2 platinum records in her own name for songs she did outside of Fifth Harmony while she was still a member, she’s got writing & publishing credits on every single thing she’s done outside of the group because she also songwrites, she matched the group’s highest peak on Billboard Hot 100 with a #4 for a song she did outside of the group back in the fall, she received a Billboard Award Nomination this year (which the group has never even gotten), and she accomplished all that before turning 20. Furthermore, all of the collaborations she’s done combined have moved over 2,000,000 pure physical units in the U.S. alone–again, she doesn’t even have an album out and she was in a group where save for 2 records, most songs struggled to sell 100,000 in physical units. She has an unreal, extremely agile voice for pop sometimes she doesn’t sound human and a crazy ability to improvise with melody arrangement which she did in their early days during life performances where she’d literally scat acapella for fun. Was she the best technical vocalist of the bunch? Nope, but she was the most vocally consistent live, the one whose voice works best for the pop genre, and she is a charismatic, hardworking performer.

  4. Camila cabello June 25, 2017

    I win! Again

  5. DontGoKnockin June 26, 2017

    I just saw her announcement on Twitter, what a cutie. She’ll learn so much and she’s already wonderful, my niece and I loved her at Jingle Ball this past year with 5th Harmony, they were a blast but she was especially great. I may go see her in Pittsburgh!

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