‘Life’s About To Get Good’: Shania Twain Drops First Official Single In 15 Years

Published: Friday 16th Jun 2017 by Rashad

Barring a few charity and soundtrack efforts, fans of Queen of Country Pop Shania Twain haven’t heard official new music from the diva in over a decade.

Well, that wait came to a much-appreciated end this morning when the Grammy winner dropped ‘Life is About To Get Good’ – the first single from her forthcoming effort, ‘Now.’

Already thrilling fans with news the project – in stores September 29 – will see her partner with the Winter Olympics to give it a huge push, now they can finally hear what the diva’s been cooking up for the last 15 years in ‘Good.’

Tuck in below:

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  1. David June 16, 2017

    Diamond Queen

  2. iCritic June 16, 2017

    Still beautiful as ever! Ain’t nobody in Miss Twain’s diamond certified lane. Even though T Swift isn’t country anymore she still SHOOK.

  3. Rosie June 16, 2017

    She still looks and sounds great but I think the song would’ve been 10x better with a different instrumental. The intro and verses sound like something that would’ve played on SiriusXM Alt Nation in 2013. Her album better smash though!

  4. DanYiel Iman June 16, 2017

    Love her voice & she still is shining through divorce & new marriage “This Kiss”✌? ? still a jam of mines!!?

    • Jason June 16, 2017

      Faith Hill sings “This Kiss”

      • Jamie June 16, 2017


    • Linear June 16, 2017

      “A jam of mines!! ?” Seriously, that’s how you talk?

      Thanks a lot for ruining “This Kiss” by even mentioning it.

  5. Mariah Carey June 16, 2017

    Hello dahhlings!
    Don’t forget to purchase your festive LGBT (Legendary, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Tantalizing ?) pride merchandise at mariahpride.com
    #LYM Lambies ? ?

    • LISA LEVINE June 16, 2017

      YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for late ass Mariah Carey delivering Gay Pride Attire — AFTER gay pride. She always late. Listen Mariah — how about you focus on your music and not gay pride t-shirts…HAS IT COME TO THIS??? You had Faded and Let it slip through your hands. DUMB AF

    • eric June 16, 2017

      I thought this was a joke until another comment confirmed it’s a real site. Mariah’s efforts are so contrived it’s even more embarrassing than her choosing not to sing live and pretending that she is. How do you reach back in time some 15 years and try to rewrite history with an album cover and tour book that had absolutely nothing to do with gay pride? She is extremely fake with this, and it took her all this time just to throw a rainbow stripe on a sleeve and pant leg? Cheap!!

  6. Vonc2002 June 16, 2017

    I LOVE her and can’t wait for the album.

  7. Biting Truth June 16, 2017

    You people are so fake. Without looking up her discography, name ten Shania Twain songs — minus “You’re Still The One” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” One idiot here even name dropped “This Kiss,” which was recorded by Faith Hill. You fools don’t know what you’re talking about. Because she had that mega-selling album in the late 90s and is generally seen as congenial and pristine, you wanna come here and pretend to have some kind of real affinity towards here for optic points. You do the same thing with Adele and Celine; knowing full well that beyond a few sporadic songs, your knowledge wanes. Most of you probably don’t even have a clear memory of Shaia during her commercial peak. So fake.

  8. EnRanc June 16, 2017

    I mean, I guess. It’s a little too peppy county fair for my taste. My affection for Shania is largely based on my affection for the era she’s from. I like her like I like Freddy Prinze Jr., skinny Mechi Phieffer, “Say My Name,” JLo & Puff, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Dawson’s Creek. She’s in that perfect 1997-2001 time capsule, so I welcome her back…even if I know I won’t buy what she’s putting out.

    • I MightNate June 16, 2017

      Well said. I agree 100% Can we add Ryan Phillipee fine ass to that magical list.. Because…….

    • Jasmine June 17, 2017

      I agree but I think Shania is the one who should be taking your advice. Gone are the days an artist can make a proper comeback with just 1 single. Whatever happened to testing the waters first with 3 singles and seeing which one gets the most likes? After all it is free for an artist to post their music on Youtube and read the comments, likes, and dislikes youtubers post before investing in the single or a music video for it.

  9. eric June 16, 2017

    The chorus falls flat and the bridge is unacceptable for someone of her vocal ability, but otherwise it’s a decent song.

  10. ? + ✈ = ? June 16, 2017

    I lover her song “Black eyes blue tears”

  11. Brazio June 16, 2017

    This is good…classic Shania

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