Watch: Katy Perry Performs ‘Bon Appetit’ On ‘The Voice France’

Published: Sunday 4th Jun 2017 by Sam

Katy Perry is peddling her latest single ‘Bon Appétit’ on the international circuit.

Last night brought the Pop star to The Voice France, where she (along with propped dancers) performed the track.

With just a week to go before her new album ‘Witness’ hits stores, can Katy cook up some much needed excitement?

Watch below….

Sigh. Yet more proof that she needs to lay this song to rest. After all, the public already have.

Even without the awkward presence of Migos, this still fell pancake flat. She performs with the stiffness of Pinocchio and looked like she’d rather be in bed.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Jeans June 4, 2017

    The song is Aite. But I can’t decide if that performance was CUTE. Or TIRED.

  2. Musixxman June 4, 2017

    The performance was miles better than her SNL one, but still feels like she cant actually hold a stage after 9 years in the game which is so strange because I never used to peg her as a boring and stiff performer. She actually has no flow to her movement which she orobably cant help, the vocals were helped by the backing track so she sounded alright, so this performance was a 4.5-5/10 for me. And thats because I actually enjoy the song.

  3. Mother June 4, 2017

    Everything about this was embarrassing, the outfit, the choreo, the song and those judges acting like the performance was everything. Just an all round mess.

  4. Sam June 4, 2017

    She just needs to lay the gimmicks to rest….. all of them! Katy was cute at 25 with rainbows,fairy dust and unicorns but at 30+ is not on anymore.

  5. Francis June 4, 2017

    Everything about this performance is ridiculous, one thing Katy always had was the aesthetics’s of her performances, but this looks terrible, from the outfit, the choreography, the dancers, the set, …

  6. Casual-T June 4, 2017

    This was way over the top gimmicky. They’re never going to make this song happen, but had they done this exact same performance without those ridiculous costumes, it might have worked.

  7. DanYiel Iman June 4, 2017

    She needs to retire this album Issa NO!!

  8. Monica June 4, 2017

    That was cute. She went back to gimmicks yasssss. SILLY KATY IS FUN

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