Watch: Xscape Soar In Reunion Rehearsal

Published: Wednesday 21st Jun 2017 by Sam

Xscape are back and in a big way!

As reported, the renown R&B group have dissolved differences and are making a beeline for a number of stages – including the BET Awards and Essence Music Festival.

The quad are also shooting a Bravo reality show produced by Mona Scott Young.

Folk will have to wait to until November for the series to hit screens, but in the interim Kandi Burruss and co are giving folk a preview of how they’re sounding.

And it’s superb!

Check out their rehearsal of ‘Who Can I Run To’ below…

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  1. Karamel King June 21, 2017

    I feel like this come back is going to be epic. Everyone is here for it. They ALL look amazing. The have always blended well and have amazing AND clear voices. But they are much stronger now and it shows. I’m excited for them. Xscape has always been one of my favorite bands.

    • Achooo! June 21, 2017

      I concur 100%

  2. Kool-aid June 21, 2017

    Latocha killing who can i run to and kandi sounds amazing on my little secert im here for all of it

  3. PeaceMaker June 21, 2017

    TLC move over! Xscape coming thru!

    • SMH June 21, 2017

      Lmao girl bye. xscape were TLC’s lessors back in the 90s, and that hasn’t changed.

      • MsBrazil June 21, 2017

        Are you dumb ?
        You are aware Tiny made some
        Of their best hits right
        Education is key ladyBug ?

  4. LISA LEVINE June 21, 2017

    Do you want to, Who can i run to, Tonight, Understanding, Who can i run to, SOFTEST PLACE ON EARTH. I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Excited about this reunion. LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls.

  5. Fancy BISH June 21, 2017

    Ain’t nobody touching Xscape on DEM VOCALS….SANG mamas!

    • correction June 21, 2017

      *cough* Except for En Vogue

      • Fancy BISH June 21, 2017

        Absolutely lol…but where dey at now?

      • Carol Fagala June 22, 2017

        En Vogue and TLC have had their come back remember? Now it’s Escape turn and you all wants to compare? What’s wrong with people.
        Why we just cant can’t be happy for them? These girls can blow. I play their music over and over. I am waiting on the things that they are about to do and will be watching Bet sunday. Hooray!

  6. DanYiel Iman June 21, 2017

    Yes I’m here for this reunion Xscape!!! ❤️❤️?

  7. Jeans June 21, 2017

    Best news all year so far for me! Still listen to xscape on a regular!

    • Debbie deb June 22, 2017

      Me as well huge huge fan!!!

  8. MsBrazil June 21, 2017

    I’m all for it finally some real talent no auto tune just talent yasss Lord ??????

  9. Tunishia Murray June 21, 2017

    Outstanding comeback! Each and every one of them have absolutely great voice. Only thing I would like to hear and see Tiny in the middle of pics, performance s only cause she is tiny! Otherwise, exceptional singers.

  10. Travesty June 22, 2017

    first swv den en vogue den kut klose den tlc den jade den total and now xscape….. all i have to say is Yasssssss Honey!!!!

  11. Justafan June 22, 2017

    I would pay big bucks to see Xscape, Total, 702, SWV, Brownstone on tour

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