That Grape Juice’s Top 5: Albums We Want Before The End Of 2017

Published: Friday 28th Jul 2017 by Sam

“I’m getting a little tired of your broken promithes promithes” – Queen Kiely Williams, 2000.

As September nears, so too does the start of the infamous Q4.

That tried and true window where campaigns are kicked off with a view to capitalise on the generous buying climate of the Holidays. Promotional platforms are plentiful and the potential for revenue maximisation is a very real reality for record labels.

It’s also a time during which fans begin to raise hopeful eyebrows at their faves who’ve promised new projects but have yet to deliver.

Historically, it’s proven that many of these LPs don’t arrive on time – or even at all.

However, we can only wait with bated breath. While we do, grab some tea and biscuits and join us below as we countdown 5 albums we want to see before the year’s end!

5. Justin Timberlake

We must give full disclosure. We’re not actually anticipating this one. As the last [’20/20′] didn’t deliver. Yet, there remains something inherently fascinating about the smoke and mirrors that is Justin Timberlake‘s career. His releases undeniably slay the charts, yet folk would be hard pressed to name a non-single. What’s more, the cultural impact of his music is arguably non-existent.

Still, all of this aside, he’s a Pop titan. And more specifically a Pop titan who’s spent much of the year making new music with Timbaland and Pharrell. Q4 historically ushers the return of major names and super sales narratives. And, as far as commercial clout goes, JT is suitably qualified to tick that quota. Who knows, maybe he’s found his mojo and is about to drop another ‘Justified’?


4. Kelly Rowland

Time flies, that’s a given. But we’re still scratching our heads at how quickly the four years since Kelly released her last album have passed.

On the one hand, a lot of real-life has happened to her. Both triumphant and tragic.

Yet, it’s also understandable why her fans are frustrated.

She’s busied herself with one side project after the next. All of which no doubt contribute to the building of her brand. However, the reality is that all of these hustles should ultimately be helping mobilize her music. But if said material is not there, one could argue that it runs risk of all being amiss.

On the upside, she’s been spotted in the studio a lot of late. Fingers crossed she’s ready to serve up a plate new-new sooner rather than later.


3. Mariah Carey

Oh Mariah.

We’ve found ourselves saying this right from the very start of the year. New Years Eve, anyone?

That said, we still consider ourselves Lambs (assuming our membership hasn’t been forcibly revoked). Hence, our ears are naturally ready and rearing for new Mimi material.

Upon announcing her new label Butterfly MC in April, Carey promised a new album before the year’s end. A thankful turnaround from the uncharacteristic “I’m only releasing singles” malarkey she mouthed months earlier.

With the departure of her advocate LA Reid at Epic and her generally so-so standing with the public, we’re not sure the infrastructure is in place to drop an album. Or, more specially, a successful one. But, we can still will it.

Mariah remains a rarity in that even her worst performing projects house amazing material [see: ‘Glitter,’ ‘Memoirs,’ and ‘Elusive Chanteuse’]. And we have little doubt that she’ll deliver qualitatively.


2. Christina Aguilera

If ever an artist has “tried it,” it’s Xtina.

Year after year, she’s claimed an LP was nigh. But all now, nada.

Her bodies of work have by and large been exquisite. Hence, we occasionally buy into her “can’t rush greatness” spiel.

All that aside, the reality is that her last album ‘Lotus’ bombed instead of bloomed. And that was five years ago. Five…whole…years.

In today’s climate, some singles have five week runs, while five months is considered a lifetime.

Put simply, Christina just doesn’t have the luxury of taking so long. Especially having seen the cautionary tales of Gwen Stefani and co.

For her sake, Q4/2017 ought to be the frame in which she stops playing and gives the gurls girls what they want.


1. Nicki Minaj

Onika being omnipresent isn’t a new phenomenon. But what is is her managing to be everywhere but nowhere at the same time.

Thus far, she has appeared on an endless array of features this year and yet few have shown the slightest hint of becoming hits.

With the blowback from Remy Ma‘s ‘Shether’ still being a very real reality for Nicki, we’re eager to see her harness the hype – good and bad – towards the unleashing of an undeniable album.

We’ve been hearing internal murmurs about a Fall release and it couldn’t come sooner.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Arthus July 28, 2017

    Anastacia and Tamar Braxton !!!

    • Tori July 28, 2017

      I’m scared of what Tamar has to offer. Her and Vincent are old music heads trying to appeal to a younger crowd. She fits in socially but musically, there is no direct connection. Tamar makes some of the best Music for urban crowds, streaming market, BB charts but her singles (after L&W era) are the dumbest business moves EVER! Example: it’s like Beyoncé making “B’Day”but releasing “Flaws and All” as the lead single…it just doesn’t add up. “My Man” should’ve never been the first sing, I don’t think it was originally planned as. Tamar was shooting a video back in October and posted a video on set on Instagram. But back in Jan/Feb she played “My Man” for Ms. Evelyn (recording BFV) and now it’s on radio. It’s been 4 months and the song has only managed to get to #7 on the Adult R&B BB chart. The video is just okay, and “Rather Go Blind” is shaping up to be the second single and it’s just Etta James version slapped over a watered down “Simple Thing” instrumental. And the only promo she has had is a couple interviews with a veiw blogs, a few radio interviews, and the BET Awards perf. She probably could’ve gotten a 50-80k after that performance because despite lip syncing the “uh oh”‘s, it was a highlight performance from the show and everyone was talking about it THEN, the hype has since died down.

      • Casual July 28, 2017

        Yes, Tamar!!!!! I got that FIRE for Tamar. I have a couple of hot songs for her that I intended to finish over the 4th weekend, but I had a jacked up knee and couldn’t do it. Since, I’ve been crazy busy. If somebody from her camp reads this, they’re coming in the next couple of weeks — fa’ sho.

      • Bam July 28, 2017

        I think Tamar knows what the obvious singles are but Vince always blocks her (why your husband shouldn’t be your manager). I remember when Hot Suger was what she wanted the first single to be from Love and War and he blocked that cause he wasn’t comfortable with his wife being s***. It eventually became a single but unfortunately too late. But that B-Day analogy was perfect.

    • LISA July 28, 2017

      Tamar, Tamar, Tamar — why wasn’t STAY AND FIGHT a single, her best to date. Then she releases a 2nd cd and releases the Wrong music— she should have released BROKEN RECORD and King. Mariah Carey had Faded and Make it look good….time Magazine said Make It Look Good was classic and she ignored it CHRISTINA HAD F.U.S.S. AND LOVING ME 4 ME

  2. Tokyo Vanity fan July 28, 2017

    Lol @ Justin Timberfake and Kelly Rowland

    • Ispeakfacts July 28, 2017

      @ Tokyo

      Exactly!!! I know danm well nobody ain’t tryna hear Mariyah release new material that she can’t even perform live! Only here 4 Kelly, JT Lake, & Nicki! Kelly needs to realize that music comes 1st! None of her other business ventures want reach full potential without the music 1st! Her branding & marketing strategy has been off for years!

  3. ??? July 28, 2017

    I only see Xtina. I don’t know the others.

    • DanYiel Iman August 10, 2017

      Same here alongside with Kelly Rowland I’m D.C.3 for life!!

  4. BOOBIE July 28, 2017

    Don’t drag Justin Timberlake like that. I don’t understand the hate for him on THIS particular website from the comments and the blog posts. He’s put in hard work and all of his albums are bangers. Yes 20/20 part 1 and 2 were dry disappointments and made zero impact but they were the first disappointments of his career and they were still successful.

    You can’t say he’s not influential to people like Bieber, Chris Brown, Omarion, Liam Payne, Zayn etc. they make music just like his Justified album. And thanks to Timbalands production, FutureSex/LoveSounds set off a trend of new age funk based pop that MY BAE Bruno Mars is so known for nowadays.

    • Bam July 28, 2017

      Eh, Brandys Afrodisiac was the precursor to Timberlakes Future, S**, Lovesounds. Problem is only 400,000 people heard it so it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Timberlake in general is an overrated mess but hey white boys doing urban music almost always grabs mainstream medias attention no matter who’s breast he exposes on tv.

      • Credits July 28, 2017

        *i don’t wanna lose my focus but it’s bound to leave, everytime you come running into me* -Focus (Brandy, 2004)

      • THE REAL July 28, 2017

        Omfg Afrodisiac is such a f****** classic front to back.

        The closet JT ever came to that level of artistic greatness was on Justified and even calling that album a classic is a huge stretch.

  5. Jamon July 28, 2017

    I’m looking for Ashanti!

  6. Brent Christopher July 28, 2017

    I am a major Christina Aguilera fan, but she has totally alienated her core fan base over the past 7 years since the release of BIONIC. That project, though stellar in material, did not receive the appropriate attention or push that both the retail & deluxe edition singles deserved. Christina does not appeal to the same airhead audiences that support Katy, Britney & Taylor. HOWEVER, If Christina would release a single that she is determined to actually PUSH on every major daytime talk show, primetime platform, morning show series, youtube ad commercial, awards show circuit, christmas season special, etc., then she could truly secure a WINNER. I just dont think Christina is committed to going on a major promo trail to regain her fanbase or to attract new listeners and lovers of her music. The PASSION simply isnt there, unfortunately.

    • Ronnoc July 28, 2017

      She now prefers being a mom to a successful artist. Which is understandable, but it’s a shame she keeps stringing us along and giving false hope every 6 months or so

      • THE REAL July 28, 2017

        Who is this successful artist she’s mothering? Oh, nevermind… you meant ‘She now prefers being a mom INSTEAD of a successful artist.’ Gotchu.

      • Ronnoc July 28, 2017

        Correcting people’s grammar on a gossip site? Your life sounds thrilling.

  7. iCritic July 28, 2017

    Nicki has nothing to rap about anymore. I’m more interested in seeing what Remy has to offer with #7W6S.

    • BOOBIE July 28, 2017

      But how do you know what she has to rap about? Lmao if she doesn’t have anything to rap about anymore, neither does Remy. No shade but I never even heard of #7W6S

      • Tori July 28, 2017

        #7W6S- 7 Winters 6 Summers, it’s wasn’t a line in one of the biggest rap songs last year…you’ve heard of it!

  8. Tori July 28, 2017

    Nicki… y’all waiting on Nicki to release an album? Why? Her endless features has killed any hype she had before because they were all horrid and flopped like hell. Nobody’s really checking for Justin or Mariah either, not in a bad way just like…we didn’t notice they had albums in the work. Xtina should get 13-15 KILLER songs and combine the first two singles in a bomb ass 10 minute concept video and surprise release. She’s been saying “it’s coming” for song just stfu and put it out. With the right promo and buzz, she’ll kill. Kelly has re-recorded her album at least 5 times but that’s okay, every time she re-recorded it was because of a change in her life so I know the quality will be her best because now more than ever she has something to say. I really think she independent as well so she’s probably doing so many side projects to pay for promo and touring, band and dancers, distribution…all that.

    • DanYiel Iman July 28, 2017


  9. Trose July 28, 2017

    Where is QUEEN KERI I am waiting its been 7 years!!

    • Okayyyy July 28, 2017


  10. Credits July 28, 2017

    KERI HILSON! That is all.

  11. DanYiel Iman July 28, 2017

    Awaiting Destiny Child latest album & Tenitra Michelle William’s album anyone from Destiny’s Child!! X-Tina is a vocalist I’m waiting for also…

  12. Jeezy July 28, 2017

    Nicki killed the hype from her own album. Unfortunately the album was done but was more pop centered that it was rap. After she was shethered, then her 3 singles flopped and the streets started talking she went back to the drawing board to put down a more hardcore album. But I’m definitely not waiting for that s***.

    The fact that Mariah is still on this list goes to her own credit of remaining relevant even after everything she has gone through. Mariah is damn near 50 and for a female to still be relevant in the game at that age is beyond incredible. Aint nobody was waiting for a diana, patti, aretha or gladys album when they were this age. But I do wish she would clean house, get new management, get vocal rest and training after this tour is done to restrengthen what made her who she is. Her voice!

    Christina….bye feleicia.

    Kelly….hey why not….even though none of you gonna buy it!

    Justin….sure why not!

    • CW July 28, 2017

      This entire post though ??

    • Bam July 28, 2017

      True about Mariah, but we were waiting for Whitney though!

      And true about Kelly although she really only hurts herself with pushbacks and poor/late singles. Imagine if Can’t Nobody was released as her first single with a full dance crew and tell me that wouldn’t have been big for her. What if she would’ve released Work (a world wide hit) as she was going to instead of the good but not quite banger Like This or even Gotsta Go which is a banger. Motivation was a great choice as it was sultry and erotic before even Beyoncé was, but then she waited till fall to release a follow up to an April single.

  13. @Asapicon July 28, 2017

    Justin Timberfalls can keep it, But insert Janet & Missy Elliott.

  14. THE REAL July 28, 2017

    If anything, JT should be No.1 on the list of most anticipated albums of 2017. He scored a (awful) smash hit last year on Cant Stop The MJ Rip Off’ and he’s a white male famous for making black music. Also, female driven pop music is dead in 2017. It reigned from about 08-2013. Now it’s the men and (awful) male driven trap rap and EDM dominating. Mark my words, JT will find more success this time around than he did on 20/20 just based on the era/climate he’s releasing it in. *Sigh*

  15. Fancy BISH July 28, 2017

    Who is Nicki Minure?

  16. Cali July 28, 2017

    Ugly Timberlake can keep it. The rest i’m here for.

  17. Janriah Houston-Blige July 28, 2017

    My list:

    1. Mariah Carey
    2. Brandy
    3. Christina Aguilera
    4. Sade
    5. D’Angelo
    Honorable Mentions: MNEK, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole, P!nk, Taylor Swift (curiosity, not a fan), Kanye West

  18. Kim Kesha & Pam July 28, 2017

    Xtina has so much promise. It’s so sad to watch her stall like this..

  19. Theman July 28, 2017

    Mariah/Pink & Justin! Justin is awesome. Give him his credit. He had some great records on his last album. His album will be huge.. Ponk’s probably will be as well. She’s another amazing artist/performer.. Mariah is super iconic.. For her to have this type of longevity & reach is outstanding. She is a super great artist. She’s been doing pretty good on tour..

  20. Theman July 28, 2017

    Pink*.. All Mariah needs is an amazing album..

  21. meteorite July 28, 2017

    I’m about fed up with Christina to be honest.
    like I don’t even know what to say.

  22. Sam July 28, 2017

    I’m looking forward to Fantasia, Jasmine Sullivan, Brandy, Jessie Ware (midnight is slaying) Christina would be interesting… Never looking forward to Justin or Nicki

  23. Junior in Jamaica July 30, 2017

    Aint nobody waiting to hear from Mimi.

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