JAY-Z Producer: Beyonce Was Very Involved In ‘4:44’ Creation

Published: Monday 3rd Jul 2017 by Sam

JAY-Z set social media alight upon the release of his new album ‘4:44’ last week.

Easily Jigga’s most truth-baring offering yet, the 10-song set saw him wax honest about his infidelity failings, family secrets, and much more.

The candidness of the LP made for immediate connections to his wife Beyonce‘s 2016 release ‘Lemonade,’ which explored similar themes – from the perspective of the wronged woman.

It also saw many sympathize with her plight and celebrate her strength, on the assumption that everything Jay rapped about was fact.

If indeed so, Mrs. Carter certainly is as strong as they come. Especially, as the executive producer of ‘4:44’ has revealed she was heavily involved in the project.

Speaking to the New York Times, No I.D said:

I always call Bey our de facto A&R. Pillow talk is the strongest conversation on the planet. Every song has to get past her ears, in my eyes. She came by a lot and played a good part in helping us get over hurdles on certain records. Of course she’s genius-level with that.

Given the content on ‘4:44,’ it is somewhat surprising to see Beyonce able to approach the record from a purely professional perspective rather than personal.

That said, as a billion dollar empire, a lot of thought clearly goes into the “Carter” brand.

Once built on the premise of “perfection,” the years since “elevator-gate” have seen a shift towards the willing projection of their flaws and fractures. The by-product f which has seen folk become even more fascinated by music’s first family.

Viewed this way, it’d almost be odd if Bey wasn’t involved in ‘4:44’ somehow. It’s their collective life story and, given their artistic chemistry and respect for one another, it figures why she’d be consulted in some capacity.

Anyway, enough of our ranting. What are…

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  1. Linda July 3, 2017


  2. Meme July 3, 2017

    Another pointless article for y’all to brag about Beyoncé. Question, is anyone really still into jayz? I’m not even slightly interested in listening to this album. Is it even available on all platforms?

    • DanYiel Iman July 3, 2017

      Knew you’d be the first to comment because it runs deep in your soul to HATE!! ✌??

  3. Jeans July 3, 2017

    Of course she was heavily involved. Lemonade and 4;44 were both conceived and concocted as a business ploy to suck us all in. They won! It’s all business!

  4. Brent Christpher July 3, 2017

    Beyonce isn’t nearly as intelligent, musically inclined or involved in her projects or anyone else’s the ways in which the media is forced to project. It’s clear to anyone with a logical viewpoint that Beyonce’s brain power & raw creativity are not at all as present as her ability to simply look pretty, sing & perform. STOP THIS b******* about her being the type of artist who can sit down with a blank pallet & create. NO… she really cannot.

    • Suicide Blonde July 3, 2017

      Thank you.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2017

      Thank you from my part too. She is obviously as basic as Rihanna on that front.

  5. fatusankoh July 3, 2017

    Yes queen Bey the one and only proud of you god continue to bless you and your family for life good health for the Twines

  6. Tori July 3, 2017

    And THIS is where s*** start to look fake and suspicious. Now I question was this project really genuine or a business ploy, the same question for “Lemonade”.

  7. Your Mother July 3, 2017

    Who cares!!!!

  8. Suicide Blonde July 3, 2017

    They want to make us believe that she’s a musician so bad, reading these stories (Every song has to get past her ears) is actually funny ?

    • BYHISI July 3, 2017

      She’s certainly more musician than the mediocre and often overrated WHITE artist you so love to bring up in your tired rants. You seriously think someone who crafts her style of concerts and has been in the industry for more than 20 years hasn’t learned her craft at this stage? Hop off that pedestal and go sit down somewhere. You know even less about music than she does, you and the b****** hating up top.I’ll take industry insiders account of things over a racist white guy who frequents black sites any damn day of the week! Why does No ID of all people have a reason to lie. Beyonce haters are often illogical but damn you’re just bitter.

      • lucy-fur July 3, 2017

        shut up monkey

    • Fancy BISH July 3, 2017

      You sound pressed like church clothes…but keep going boo boo lol

  9. Boosie July 3, 2017

    Of course she was (side eye) the comments on here are giving me life because this statement just seems contrived and falsified trying to give us this in house power couple that do everything themselves.
    I never brought it before and I’m still not buying it.

  10. JustMy2Cents July 3, 2017

    If Jay couldn’t make any money off of Bey, he’d treat her worst than he does now (he already cheats which exposes Bey to nasty STDs, calls her a b**** in his songs, leaves her to raise newborns while he goes on tour, has her renting instead of owning a home in LA (I thought Jay was a billionaire, why can’t he buy Queen Bey a house? Maybe those pesky lawsuits he keeps catching is preventing a purchase), Jay’s body language many times with Bey signals disinterested (always got her in a choke hold or walks way ahead of her). Y’all better be praying for Beyonce & hope she gets out.

    Bey is damaging her feminism brand with this Lemonade & 4:44 mess. A woman with monetary means, family support, and common sense would not stay in a cheating relationship that puts her life in danger (A*** & STDs), exposes her kids to parental fights (even if Bey & Jay don’t argue in front of the kids, kids can sense the tension between the parents. I hope Blu don’t face bullies over this since it’s being played out in the media). Bey saw what her mom went thru, why does she want to go thru this? Why is Tina just sitting by watching this? Is the money and perks of Jay’s fame so good that Tina and Solange will continue to look away while Bey suffers emotionally. You can’t tell me Bey ain’t emotional over this cheating & her career ain’t like it use to be.

    Bey’s career hasn’t been as good as when her dad was her manager. Now she’s selling vegan food instead of diamonds, pimping out her personal life, and no #1 Billboard hits in years. With Jay, Bey is only living off of touring and social media PR stories. Shes not getting good endorsements. Bey’s career would be better if she left Jay. She’d be Tina Turner 2.0. Tina Turner did a whole lot better without Ike.

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