New Video: Omarion – ‘Word 4 Word’

Published: Sunday 9th Jul 2017 by Sam

Omarion has journeyed to Japan for his latest musical adventure, which he chronicles in the video for new single ‘Word 4 Word.’

Jointly directed by the singer and Deji LaRay, the slick visual is the latest to be lifted from ‘Reasons’ – the crooner’s fifth solo offering.

Though initially set for release almost a month ago (June 16th), its arrival date is now somewhat of a mystery.

Still, O aims to tide folk over with this high-octane clip.

Check it out below…

Easily one of O’s better offerings of late. Sure, his style of choreo feels a touch dated, but kudos to him for pressing on. The song is sonically on par with what’s hot and the visual fits the bill too.


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  1. JustSaying July 9, 2017

    His style of dance is classic and all about precision. The nonsense people call dance now is overrated. The video is one of his best lately, for sure.

  2. Your Mother July 9, 2017

    This is Distance Part 2, in a new country, which is not a bad thing. I like every song on the upcoming so far. Too bad R&B is dead to the masses.

  3. Tim Brown July 9, 2017

    Nothing wrong with his dancing smh!!! Its clean and technical! He is always ahead of the curve! I appreciate his artistic growth! Go O!!

  4. Lbooogie July 9, 2017


  5. SMH July 9, 2017

    He still making music?

    • Caleb July 9, 2017


  6. eric July 9, 2017

    Now if a white artist like Justin Timberlake went to South Africa and made a video like this, people would be talking about how culturally offensive he is, but I guess Omarion gets an appropriation pass because he’s black.

    • Your Mother July 9, 2017

      Justin Timberlake has had a fabulous career and lifelong fans. Omarion is boring and a reality TV desperado. I actually like his music lately but no one else is checking 4 his boring ass.

    • Jasmine July 9, 2017

      Do you ever get tired of your desperate whining about fictitious reverse racism. You continue to prove yourself to be the gutter trash you really are. Go crawl back in the sewer where you belong. I bet your mother regrets something like you slithered out of her…gay…whiny…and racist. This about the MUSIC not your race baiting agenda. Paul Simon made videos in South Africa along with a critically acclaimed / award winning concert there that is loved my most. Music is love!

      • eric July 9, 2017

        @Jasmine. First you have to be educated enough to know that reverse racism is not a term that applies to what I stated. My comment is relevant, as just the other week people here were looking at Katy Perry over the same issue. I’m asking for fairness and awareness of bias. If it’s not OK for Katy, it’s not OK for Omarion. Nowhere in that am I showing discrimination, unlike in the words that you continually express in this post. Do us all a favor and please start paying attention in school!

      • Jasmine July 10, 2017

        @eric I stand behind everything I said. You proved yourself to be a gay, whiny, racist desperately trying to race bait. I do not have to “school” you or call you out on it on it because it very very obvious you are very aware of what you are doing. Go crawl back in dumpster where you belong. You might find a Katy Perry CD in there you can play with since you desperately want to bring her up on a post that has ZERO to do with her. Everyone sees through your racist agenda gutter b|tch

  7. Jasmine July 9, 2017

    He looks gay and moves his hips like a woman.

  8. Shera July 9, 2017

    Shyt his a*** can still DANCE, those moves were Fiya honey

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