Leona Lewis Hits The Studio With Major Mariah Carey Hitmaker

Published: Sunday 9th Jul 2017 by Sam

When Leona Lewis debuted a decade ago, immediate comparisons were drawn between the songbird and legendary diva Mariah Carey.

Beyond their big voices, Lewis’ early material seemed to echo Carey’s earlier offerings.

In the years since, the Londoner’s narrative has taken on a different path and steered away from the big ballads that defined her astronomical ascend.

Now, it’s looking as though Lewis may be returning to said sound. Because she’s currently logging in studio time with the mighty Walter Afanasieff.

The composer is renown for his work with Mimi, crafting classics such ‘Hero’ and ‘Butterfly.’ He’s also proven so popular amongst’s Carey’s Lamb-base that they’ve been campaigning for a reunion between the two.

For now though, he’s working with Ms. Lewis, who confirmed the news recently on Twitter:


It’s not the first time Lewis and Afanasieff have collaborated (see: ‘Here I Am’). However, the timing of this run is rather noteworthy.

Leona, having not fared as well with the underrated ‘I Am,’ is now tasked with staging a “comeback.” And teaming with a talent as respected as Afanasieff is a smart place to start.

Do you see it for Leona? Let us know below…

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  1. audreyherbsburn July 9, 2017

    She ha talent and beauty. She just needs to be interesting, as bad as that sounds. She has to capture people’s interest and then hold it with great music. Rooting for her.

  2. Lisa July 9, 2017

    She still running around COPYING MARIAH and not having a personality all her own THATS WHY SHE SELLS ZERO RECORDS

    • Fran July 9, 2017

      Lmao seriously, leona is not copying mariah in anyway. you better try to know her better and listen to her music before saying that.

      • tommy July 9, 2017

        Yet, Leona herself stated her debut was crafted after Mariah and even copied Mariah’s debut cd cover. Get out of your fake bubble.

  3. Francis July 9, 2017

    ”I Am” was a good album, I don’t care if it flopped.

    Unfortunately, the GP doesn’t care about big ballads anymore.

    • Fancy BISH July 9, 2017

      Hello says HELLO lol…but I see what you’re saying

      • Francis July 9, 2017

        I thought of Adele, but she’s an exception.

        Gone are the days ballads dominated the charts, I love Mariah, Whitney and Celine, but their ballads wouldn’t chart in today’s climate (unfortunately).

  4. Fancy BISH July 9, 2017

    Walter Afanasieff is truly amazing…he even wrote and produced Can You Stop The Rain by Peabo Bryson…CLASSIC…of course Beauty And The Beast, One Sweet Slay, Hero, My Heart Will Go On, A Whole New World, All I Want For Christmas…crazy…Mariah needs to get her booty to his studio and SNATCH DEM TRACKS lol

    • WoooPAH! July 9, 2017

      LMFAO @ One Sweet Slay.

  5. ugo July 9, 2017

    Yes,yes,yes,God answers prayers. I really wanna see this beauty shine,she is so gifted,she just needs quality radio friendly material.

  6. Jamie July 9, 2017

    And she’s doing this why may I ask?

  7. truthteller July 9, 2017

    All three of the vocal trinity (Celine, Mariah and Whitney) had/have personality and Leona is lacking in that area. She’s had plenty of opportunities to overcome this and it hasn’t happened

  8. Slayriana Grande July 9, 2017

    Label politics is the reason Leona has not been popping in years. I hope things change during her next album era. She deserves more shine than Adele and TAylor.

    • Citi July 9, 2017

      Agreed! This girl got blacklisted by Simon during her second album era and thats what ruined her (Happy wasn’t a a good single choice either). I love “I Am” and rooting hard for Leona.

  9. eric July 9, 2017

    I hope the work they’re doing takes her where she needs to be. I like her.

  10. Boosie July 9, 2017

    This has been mentioned here already, but I’ll say it again. Leona has a voice, but lacks personality and rhythm and style and these days that is 80% – 90% present of the game you wanna be diva you have to act like one like all the greats and ones that think they are a diva. Leona was out here and let Rita Ora and all these other lesser vocalists get endorsements, by ahows and all of the things you should’ve tapped in to be a legend at this point. I’ve always said that (like Joss Stone) Leona needs a mentor to give her a lesson in soulfulness, a big heartbreak and decent tracks, if she worked vocally with Jasmin Sullivan, Fantasia and even Brandy it would up her game, damn even Tamar & TC

  11. Aj July 9, 2017

    They have some great dance/up tempo stuff with Leona that was great. Glassheart was a great album… Poor set up and promo, plus losing “we found love” was a major mistake

  12. DanYiel Iman July 9, 2017

    Hopefully she belts out a tune with her soprano I still love “Bleeding Love? ❤️

  13. Mar July 9, 2017

    Walter Afanasieff does the most beautiful ballads. As a kid I dreamed of working with him. “Whenever You Call” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

  14. Justafan July 9, 2017

    His success also depends on the artists themselves

  15. Mariah Carey July 10, 2017

    I don’t really know either of them

  16. PATRICIA JOHNSON July 10, 2017


  17. NowWaitAMinute July 11, 2017

    Leona is truly gifted, her debut album debuted at No.1 along with her No.1 smash Bleeding Love, she has sold millions of albums worldwide. She is critically acclaimed, worked with the best, she was even nominated for a Golden Globe for Avatars I see You. She is one the sought after stars in U.K, Europe and Asia. Although her recent album did not dominate US charts, she now is represented by Whillamina modelling agency. She is one of the only vocalist that has a high octave range as well as being able to sing in full operatic voice. The reason for her album not fairing well was due to Simon Cowell blacklisting her from mainstream radio after she left his label. This is not the first time she has worked with Walter, he wrote some of the epic Spirit numbers. She has tonnes of personality, she is classy, and represents integrity, ethics and humanity. She is a true role model. Now if you have anything else to say, listen to Ave Maria by Leona and take a seat. Bye.

  18. Jon July 12, 2017

    Even though she’s tremendously beautiful and talented, she’s not very successful because thisworld loves vulgar things these days and that’s definitely not Leona…

  19. A FAN SINCE X-FACTOR JOURNEY October 19, 2017

    Can I just say that 80% of music listener/buyers care only about “current pop culture”
    that’s why Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande etc have good record sales.

    “Female singers” reaching age 30 are “guaranteed flop material” e.g
    PINK, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera
    But these singers above have huge success in their 20’s

    While Leona?
    Can’t remember her exact age but I assume around 25-26 when she released Spirit, and received MASSIVE SUCCESS for less than 2 year.
    After ECHO released, #Happy FLOPPED hard, I am so angry they didn’t release Outta My Head as lead single.

    1. Taylor Swift sucks at singing (vocally) but amazing songwriter
    2. Ariana Grande (decent vocal) but good icon for teenagers. She is cute, energetic and refreshing
    3. Katy Perry sucks at singing, but released great charted songs
    4. Rihanna (bad vocal) but in studio her voice blends amazingly 90% of her songs.

    I myself appreciate singers who can also write their own songs. But does it do justice to fame?
    I would take decent vocal with great songs chosen any days.

    See what happened to Jessie J and Leona Lewis?
    Amazing talent but failed to maintain music materials to current pop culture.

    Look at Little Mix, they can sing well and PERFORM well.
    It’s boring to see “diva-ish” singers just standing and singing without good interaction to fans/audience.
    Leona lacks the quirks and personality, and she rarely do crazy stuff or at least make people gossip about her.

    Taylor Swift being promiscuous / changing BF’s?
    And yet she sells more albums than the more (vocally) talented singers.

    I love Leona so much but sorry to say that she blew her chances, she is over 30 now. Music listener (especially in USA) only care about younger generation musicians. Unless Leona manage to create GREAT tracks with Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Calvin Harris, or featuring Nicki Minaj / Iggy Azalea.. to make her “current” to pop culture.

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