Nicole Scherzinger Reignites Cheryl Cole Feud?

Published: Monday 31st Jul 2017 by David

During Cheryl‘s time in the Brit-Pop group Girls Aloud she spoke openly about her feelings towards her rival Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.

Forever linked by their ties to the ‘X Factor’, the ladies now find that their long-running cold war is heating up after Scherzinger found a friend in Cheryl’s ex-husband/ enemy Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini.


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Fans took to social media to claim that their friendly coupling was built to spite Cheryl.


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Cheryl had this to say about the first time she met Nicole back in 2012.

The first time I met Nicole was when she was performing on The X Factor in London.

She started singing ‘Promise This’ to me, and I swear to God the woman sang the whole song, to my face. It was just so awkward, and every time I stood next to her she started singing it again.”

I thought how that would be like me going up to Britney and singing the whole of ‘Baby, One More Time’ in her face. Can you imagine how weird that would be?

What do you think of the drama?

Weigh in below…

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  1. LISA July 31, 2017

    Dear Nicole: We can’t forget you SNATCHING the mic from that contestant and being a total B_ITCH. RUDE

    • Milica July 31, 2017

      omg pls see why she did that. And why are her and Jahmeme still friends if she stole the mic from him? smh

  2. NT July 31, 2017

    Nicole having diva antics but not diva like creditials is not ok.

    • Sam July 31, 2017

      Damn been in the game since 01 and still ain’t got her license or a permit to be actin like that. She got a dope voice but no solo star power.

  3. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ July 31, 2017

    Two irrelevant people trying to become relevant through a paper feud.

  4. DanYiel Iman July 31, 2017

    Can’t believe people still take Nicole’s voice seriously, I still laugh at when she tried to sing Whitney Houston live to prove she had it to Simon Cowell that episode on tv…✌??

  5. Indie July 31, 2017

    Nicole didn’t;t do anything but bump into Cheryl\s ec at an event and took photo’s that she did not post!! Why is no one cursing him out for being messy Nicole didn’t;t post them! This industry is small and Cheryl has a child with another man now so who cares if Nicole is friends with her ex!

  6. jay July 31, 2017

    Nicole has more talent in her little finger than Cheryl Tweedy. Might look good in a designer gown but boring. Her singing is not good. So so boring on X Factor. Cannot make a decision without looking at Simon Cowell for approval first. Danni Minogue was much better. All Cheryl fans automatically hate Nicole because Cheryl does. Sad.

  7. …I HATE WHITE B******. AND ….. BLACK BIT..,,,HES…both. Not ish.. August 1, 2017

    Some say oh she hot….no she is not…diddy made her a hit..and she is not that pretty with her horrid nose job…some love the Eddie munster look on females .

  8. Blahz August 4, 2017

    Term Sherzy!

  9. Jasmine September 12, 2017


  10. Jasmine September 12, 2017
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