Cardi B: “Nicki Minaj Is A Legend”

Published: Tuesday 22nd Aug 2017 by David

Cardi B has honoured her fellow New Yorker Nicki Minaj by calling her a legend in a recent interview set up to support her smash hit single ‘Bodak Yellow.’

Cardi made the remarks after both ladies sought to strike out claims their competition was anything other than friendly and as the ‘Foreva’ performer flies the flag for Atlantic Records, once home to Minaj’s multi-talented nemesis Lil’ Kim.

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  1. Stoney-Brie August 22, 2017

    That’s Sad

    • Lisa August 22, 2017


      • ??? August 22, 2017

        Lol so pressed….

      • Ronnie August 22, 2017

        Y’all need to shut up. what greatness has safaree done on his own as a rapper? Lmao better yet why isn’t he an established song writer by now if he truly was responsible for Nicki’s career

    • layonna February 20, 2018

      b**** you don’t know what you talking about with your stink ass p**** h** that why you ugly u mad ass b**** u want her life h**

  2. TingTing August 22, 2017

    FAR from a legend ..

  3. iCritic August 22, 2017

    Stumbling tryna find words to keep it cute. Still gon take ha spot. I’ve noticed this blog likes to spin the narrative of Cardi “picking Nicki’s side.” Nah, boo boo. The b**** shaded ha come up and showed fake love after ha success. Stop spinning! Queen Bee, the real living legend, still signed to Atlantic. Y’all tried it. Look out for that Ladies Night Pt 2 with Cardi, Kim and Rem!!

    • ??? August 22, 2017

      lol nobody know what da fuc a lil kim is lmao.

    • Caleb August 22, 2017

      IS kim really still signed???! Her last album was in 2005!

  4. rolly82__ August 22, 2017

    wtf nicki was never/never will be legendary to hip hop. not one classic in her songbook. cardi was caught off guard with this question frfr. we all know lil kim is the true legend since cardi was inspired by her and paid homage in her ‘wash poppin’ video

    • ??? August 22, 2017

      then why didn’t she mention that plastic surgery botched has been? lmao

  5. Charlieyoncé August 22, 2017

    A female artist empowering another female artsit!
    That’s how it should be. ??

  6. Brent Christopher August 22, 2017

    make no mistake about it, Cardi has been coached very specifically by her handlers and PR Team to verbally praise Nicki, as to keep the attention on this BODAK YELLOW single & to give Cardi leverage in any future ongoings or headlines where she can always say: “I big up’d Nicki from the very beginning of my success”. NOW…anything that Nicki says or suggests in contrast, will seem petty and very underhanded.

    I doubt Cardi authentically feels the way she just expressed. Its a media game. There is NOTHING legendary about Nicki Minaj.

    • ??? August 22, 2017

      why does nicki have you so presssed you writing essays and sh*t lmao

    • Erica August 22, 2017

      Exactly cardi is just playing the game right now

  7. Yolanda August 22, 2017

    If Nicki decides to collab with Cardi, does it mean that she thinks Cardi is more worthy than Latifah, Lyte, Salt/Pepa, Lil Kim, and other icons? What statement would Nicki make?

    • Ronnie August 22, 2017

      Why single Nicki out? Who is making music with those same people you listed? Nicki wanted to work with Remy and Foxy, so I’m sure if the right song came along and if it made sense she wouldn’t be against working with them besides Kim of course.

  8. Meme August 22, 2017

    Yassssss! This is what I’m talking about. This girl is smart, unlike the others

  9. ThatGuy August 22, 2017

    Nicki will remain a staple. All y’all can say is “she’s fake” meanwhile the only surgeries she’s ever had were her b****** and b***. She’ always had light skin so the bleaching rumors are played ?.. I met Nicki years ago before she became famous (on 165th st, jamaica queens, back when she used to sell her mixtapes) and guess what? She looks exactly the same! Just a bigger a**. Regardless, you still can’t deny Nicki’s impact, she’s broken numerous records and she put female rap back on the map. You can’t deny Nicks work ethic, it’s A1! Just for that alone she is a legend.

    Big ups to Cardi B, I would love to see her and Nick collab like the two NY Queens that they are!

    • JuicyPrune August 22, 2017

      P. R. E. A. C. H.??‍♂️

    • Ciah’s Turtle August 22, 2017

      THISSSSS.. These dumb bxtches above are really trying it as if Cardi can’t feel as though Nicki is legendary for female rap, which she is !

  10. ??? August 22, 2017

    lol i find it hilarious that nicki haters talk about her surgery but say nothing about that lil kim and her knifed up plastic filled botched surgery asss looking like the damn joker lmao.

    • Ciah’s Turtle August 22, 2017

      lmao okay! At least nicki still looks GREAT

  11. THE REAL August 22, 2017

    THE LIES!!! *Rhoa Kandi voice*

    How can you be a legend with ZERO Grammy’s and you’ve been releasing albums for nearly a decade?
    How can you be a legendary artist with no NUMBER ONES?
    How can you be a legend when your whole entire shtick was impersonating/mimicking another REAL legend that came before you?
    How can you be a legend with no classic album or music video or live stage performance?

    Please help me understand.

    • August 22, 2017

      Bob Marley is a legend, Jimmy Hendrix, and others down that line and they have no Grammies. what if Nicki wins a Grammy what will you say then, find something else to down play her achievements right like the typical hater you are. fck you Nicki will alway be a legendary and a queen no matter how you shuffle.

      • THE REAL August 22, 2017

        So now you’re comparing Nicki Garbaj to actual MUSICIANS from the 60s and 70s that played their own instruments and actually wrote their own lyrics? That comparison doesn’t measure up. In no way does anyone with any real sense place Nicki Garbaj and Hendrix and Marley in the same breath EXCEPT a delusional Nicki stan. ??

    • August 22, 2017

      if you are real as you claim in your name you wouldn’t have written that bullsh!t.

    • ThatGuy August 22, 2017

      You do realize a number 1 single means absolutely nothing right? ? do you know how many has been’ s have number songs? Ie; Psy (gangnum style).

      Nicki has #1 albums to her name, several triple platinum certifications & is worth over 80 mill, just a few years into her career.

      Have you ever been to a Nicki concert? They’re actually pretty lit, she puts a lot of work into her shows & she sounds really good.

      The Kim comparisons are so tired, I’m a huge Kim fan & honestly the only correlation these to share are the wigs. And that pose that Nicki did back in 08 (which she was paying homage to kim)

      Every new female rapper out has been influenced by Kim to some degree even Cardi, so let’s not single Nick out here.

      Grammies don’t mean sh*t either these days infact most of my favorite artists don’t have grammies, such as Nas for example & I dare you to question his status as a legend! ?

      • THE REAL August 22, 2017

        Well at least you offered a somewhat reasonable explanation to my questions so I’ll respond by saying that you’re right about one thing, Grammy’s, No.1s, sales, etc should not be the only criteria that determine “legend” status. It is possible to obtain legend status by some artists just based on their influence or TALENT or originality. But Nicki has none of this going for her. At best, she is a decent rapper and actress capable of using different accents and mimicking/copying other performers. Lil Kim’s talent is also questionable but at least she can lay claim to being somewhat original at the time she came out. If anything, Nicki is a RAP ICON, nothing more or less.
        In conclusion, Nicki Garbaj is not the Queen of Rap, not a Legend, and as of 2017, no longer relevant.

      • ThatGuy August 22, 2017

        I have to interject, If Nicki was no longer relevant than we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Is Nicki the most talented person in the universe? By no means, however she is extremely intelligent, quick witted & hard working . I’m not gonna lie, sometimes her bars are a lil questionable at times but even then, it’s still better than 98% the dudes out now & she usually ALWAYS has the stand out verse. The thing is everyone thinks they have to put down Nicki in order to lift up another female rapper and that’s just not the case. They can all coexist just like the 1000’s of wack male rappers out right now.

        I want them all to win! Nicki, Cardi, Tink, Rem, Azealia Banks, Malibu Mitch (I love her!!!).. there’s room for them all.

        You can’t knock Nicks hustle, she is hands down one of the hardest working rappers out period (male or female) & hard work pays off. She didn’t get he’re by luck or privilege.

  12. BOOBIE August 22, 2017

    You gays on this website swear y’all know about the music business. If y’all did y’all would know Nicki Minaj is the most successful female rapper of all time. She may not be the best female rapper but she IS the most successful one. And she did it with no #1 record no Grammy and while beefing with pretty much every other female rapper in the process. She hasn’t released an album in 3 years and everyone is still talking about her. Not everyone can do that.

    • Tammah August 22, 2017


  13. Ronnie August 22, 2017

    Some of you are truly sad individuals ? Nicki must have done something personal to you the way you’re bothered by another female giving her props. There’s no need for that much hate.

  14. Antonio August 22, 2017

    It doesn’t matter if the real Queen Bee hasn’t released official new music my b**** will always and still be legendary. No female rapper will ever come near Kim. These now and day rap b****** all they do is kiss eachothers ass. Show some respect where respect is due.

  15. Draé Jerome Johnson August 22, 2017

    Yay!! I Love Cardi thanks for acknowledging the queen ?

  16. Yoyoyooo August 23, 2017

    When she get a #1 single and a Grammy, then we can talk being a legend. Cardi may get it before her. ? ? ?

    • Fran Cisco August 26, 2017

      U don’t need a #1 or a Grammy to be legend wtf?? lil kim Is a legend and Nicki is an icon. No disrespect cause I f*** with Nicki. Legendary status is determined on longevity and impact.

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