Stream: Tamar Braxton’s Final Album ‘Bluebird of Happiness’

Published: Thursday 28th Sep 2017 by Rashad

All roads have led to September 29th for R&B songbird Tamar Braxton.

After 20+ years in the music business in varying capacities, the singer/songwriter’s prized achievements have been the critical success afforded her three solo albums ‘Tamar’ (2000), ‘Love & War’ (2013), and ‘Calling All Lovers’ (2015).  We expect no different from her fourth LP, ‘Bluebird of Happiness.’

Branded her by Braxton herself as her  ‘last album’ and ‘best work yet,’ ‘Bluebird’ showcases her oft-envied, crystal clear belts in ways like never before – proof that time has been nothing but kind to the singer’s vocal chops.  Will that kindness be reflected commercially as fans (affectionately coined #Tamartians) cling to the last entry on their fave’s discography?

Time will tell.  Until then, hear the new album from Tamar Braxton inside:


Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine September 28, 2017


    • Blue Ivy September 28, 2017

      You are The flop !the album is everything and amazing ???

      • Jasmine September 28, 2017

        LOL I don’t have an album out so who could I flop dumb @zz? The album is only “everything” and “amazing” to that ugly drag queen’s broke fans who say a bunch of BS but don’t support their fav when it comes to actually buying the album. Go buy the album broke h**. I know you can scrounge up a little money to support her.

      • Blue Ivy September 28, 2017

        U dont know me b**** i support her and i already bought his album Thats why îm hère but u why are u there?for the hate i see u are the first to comment its sad no life no friend no Man back off and suck a d*** to shout ur mouth evil b****

      • Jasmine September 29, 2017

        Bye broke b|tch. I said it is a Flop and I literally meant just that. You are the one who is pressed and in your feelings because I wrote some reality about your fav. Get a life.

  2. Kaz September 28, 2017

    I’m loving it so far ! Vocals for days. Production is good. Song content is good. She’s delivering. “The Makings of You” (feat. Gladys Knight) is AWESOME. As well as “Heart In My Hands”, “How I Fell”, “Blind”, and “Empty Boxes” !! YES Tamar.

  3. DanYiel Iman September 29, 2017

    I’m not a typical fan of Tamar because she’s too dramatic & it’s a turn off for me, but “Blind & Another Man” are nice songs!!

  4. WhiteNigga101 September 29, 2017

    has-been…… everybody is so tired nof her s*it music…. flop

  5. WhiteNigga101 September 29, 2017


    • Rosy September 29, 2017

      Tired of hearing these sad music broken heart stuff enough already her attitude turns me off from her music she is a bully and have a nasty attitude just like azalea banks these women think they entitle to everything just because they black with they stink attitude that’s why rih and bey keeps winning be humble cardi has a great personality I’m glad rih is supportive of Her people call cardi b stripper but the girl living the American dream azalea will always be a bottom feeding c*** roach angry black woman

  6. Dom September 29, 2017

    The Vocals on Tamars album are EVERYTHING.

    Lol you guys are funny, calling her a Flop? She went #1 in R&B albums with 30 minutes and is currently number 3 in itunes chart overall only behind Miley and Shania’s new album and is even placing in front of Demi Lovato’s release today.

    So keep your negativity over there lol. Positive vibes in this camp, LETS GO TAMAR!!
    You soar on this album.

    And congrats to all the other ladies as well, cant wait to listen to each album.

    As for Tamar’s “broke” fans lol please get out of our accounts, not broke (heffa), and definitely pre-ordered the album so get your entire life.

    – The Administration

    • Rohan September 29, 2017

      Tamar can keep her studio album that is the only place she can sing them, lol it easy for anyone to top r n b chart. Tamar fake fans only know to argue on Twitter but they don’t support either…ijs

  7. Resa October 1, 2017

    It ok in my opinion. Love in war was better. That first track was so dead . If this pose be last album it should of been better . She got married problem we gone fine out Vince is behind all this damn sis this is deep no man should take you away from your passion and she never got to make that pop r n b album bye girl

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