Adele Earns $59,000 A Day

Published: Friday 27th Oct 2017 by David

Sales of Adele-fuelled goods and products have seen her pocket a fascinating $59,000 a day!

Good news below…

Sales of her latest album ‘25′ propelled her earnings in 2015 after it shifted 20 million copies worldwide.

This placed $21,582,000 in her pocket at the end of 2016…that’s $59,000 a day.

A source close to the star shared…

It’s an incredible amount of money, more than you’d think she’d ever need.

And she has always been very careful with her earnings so there’s no chance she’ll ever waste any of it.

It just proves she’s one of the biggest stars, if not the biggest, in her industry.

What would you do with that much cash?

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  1. Corwin Rhynes October 27, 2017

    one word…SLAY
    like I’m actually gonna start reading a book about music economics and theres a chapter called adelenomics like figuring out her marketing campaign, PR and placement and creating a new artist with that same demand would be so legendary

    • Meme October 27, 2017

      2 words: white privilege

  2. Meme October 27, 2017

    And the crazy thing is she’s never in the public eye, never on social media, and barely even works. She just sits back and watch all the money and accolades roll in. That white privileged is real. Meanwhile Beyonce, who is the most talented artist in world has to work 10x harder, while keep her body and image perfect, and slay every stage just to Get half of what lazy white artist like Adele and Taylor gets.

    Just like everyday black people in the work place. We have to work 10x harder and be 10x better than our white peers just to get half of the recognition whites get.

    Do you guys really think if Adele was a over weight lazy black woman she would be where she is right now? Hell nah. All the major black female artist have to be extremely beautiful and small before they can even be considered.

    Sorry for my rant by I feel for our ladies. I can only image what other striving artist must go thru to look at Adele lazy a$$ just sitting and being fat while they get even get a chance when they are just as talented and have the image.

    • JanStan October 27, 2017

      Get over it. The fact that you call her lazy and fat makes anything you have to say irrelevant.

      • Meme October 27, 2017

        Was only speaking facts boo. adele is fat, facts. And extremely lazy, other fact. Talented but lazy. We hardly ever see her. I can’t be a fan of someone who just sits in her house. Rihanna and Beyonce are always doing something, working hard, grinding. They don’t have the luxury of sitting back, being fat and watching the money roll. Rihanna gained 20lbz and people made a huge deal about it.

      • Jasmine October 27, 2017

        Ignore Meme. That stupid troll knows Adele has nothing to do with Beyonce or Rihanna. That troll also knows people who like Adele’s music and style are NOT the same people who listen to the elementary rhymes Beyonce talk-sings or the more youthful monotone voice of Rihanna. Different strokes for different folks. Anyone that cannot comprehend that is re-tarded.

    • Kerry Johnson October 27, 2017

      Amen !!!!

    • Kevon October 27, 2017

      You are so racist..

    • DanYiel Iman October 27, 2017

      Actually agree with you for sure!! It’s a sad sad world ?….

      • LostOne October 27, 2017

        No u r sad to agree with someone that disrespect someone cus of their weight. Yes Adele is Fat but she makes music that’s appealing to everyone. Beyonce n Rihanna market their music to younger n certain black people.

    • LostOne October 27, 2017

      U should go seek help. How can a lady that writes all of her music n even produce some is lazy? I mean U brought up Beyonce n Rihanna, those ladies music are given to them while Adele have to create her’s from scratch. Not Because u don’t see her doesn’t mean she’s NOT working. Beyonce and Rihanna love the limelight hence why they put their names on everything. Adele doesn’t believe in selling her soul for fame. She don’t do endorsements so how do u expect to see her on billboards. Y’all black folks love to cry white privileges for everything in this case it doesn’t work. HIP HOP is the making the most money out of all the genre of music n guess what hip hop is 99% black artists. Oh by the way I’m black and I’m sick n tired of y’all Beyonce n Rihanna fans hating on Adele n Taylor for The simple fact that their fans rather buy their music than stream it.

      • Meme October 27, 2017

        You still didn’t answer my question. If Adele was a fat black woman, would she still be “Adele”? Argument over, point made. White privilege.

    • fatusankoh October 27, 2017

      Omg you said it all I was thinking the same thing thanksLostOne

    • JOHNVIDAL October 27, 2017

      Meme you are really wrong this time. Beyonce has to work a lot because teh type of music and audience she does/has requires so. Adele´s type of music and career doesn´t. She has to work on music and then get out there to promote when the album comes out. Like it used to be really. Maybe if all those supposed superstars you mentioned did teh same thing their music would be more mature and UNIVERSAL and could achieve Adele´s success 🙂 Overall few people have got the universal appeal. Adele got it, Whitney, Celine, Mariah got it. Rihanna and Beyonce didn´t. That´s all.

    • Jasmine October 27, 2017

      @ Meme You are not speaking “Facts”. It is just your negative clouded idiotic opinion. There is a big difference between “white priveledge” and having a more popularity / consumer loyalty in your favor. If Adele’s fans are more loyal and spend more money on her brand than Beyonce’s fan that is NOT “white priveledge”. That is just straightforward popularity / consumer loyalty. NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO MAKE MORE MONEY THAN SOMEONE ELSE. I am a woman of color and I have purchased all of Adele’s albums but NO Beyonce albums. Does that make me racist? HELL NO. I have the RIGHT to buy whatever I LIKE.

  3. Theman October 27, 2017

    But Rihann/Beyonce’s image is way different from Adele’s.. Adele didn’t play on her image. So wrong.. Adele is beautiful. She doesn’t overexpose herself. She doesn’t have to. She’s a completely different artist from the other two.. It’s apples & oranges.. That’s not being lazy. She works when she works & falls back when she isn’t..

    • LostOne October 27, 2017

      Exactly Beyonce n Rihanna market themselves with their over the top sexual images. While Adele just focus on her talent.

    • Meme October 27, 2017

      She doesn’t have to over exposed herself because she’s white. She can just back and watch the money roll. No black female artist have that luxury. Rihanna and Beyonce are only where they are because they have to “over expose” themselves.

      • Jasmine October 27, 2017

        Meme stop commenting on here. You sound like a crazy stupid stan! There are thousands of artists out there besides Rihanna and Beyonce dummy. Artists like Beyonce and Rihanna are doing great. Just appreciate their work for what it is. If an artist that is NOT overexposing themself to the masses is earning more money than a couple artists that are overexposing themselfs perhaps more consumers prefer less overexposure. For example, artists like Janet, Whitney, Lauryn Hill, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, etc all sold record-breaking millions of records in their primes before ever having to overexpose themselves. Most people in the 80s and 90s never new Janet had a nice body with a phatty during her prime because she was covered up. When all you work with is your talent and you make the focus about your talent then you are attracting fans that love your talent more than your overexposure. If you still don’t understand then you are lost lost lost girl. Time for you to grow up and live a little outside of stanning for Beyonce and Rihanna.

      • ? + ✈ = ? October 27, 2017

        Those blacks choose to expose them selfs that’s their gimmick. Whitney, TLC and Alicia keys kept her clothes on and were HUGE!

  4. Kel October 27, 2017

    All these comments are essays. Its simple Adele filled a void that was missing from music. Reliability and realness. Beyonce had set a trend with her career but it was too up there, and fake for working class people to relate to. Adele tapped into a market that was once owned by Celine, Whitney etc. Those working class people with money to buy physical copies of albums.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 27, 2017

      Exactly. Universal appeal that the others mentioned in this post don´t posses. It´s not about color. Whitney did it .)

    • ThatMessJuice.Flop October 27, 2017

      You do know there are many black musicians who sing soul music but aren’t selling anything…and they were there before Adele. Her being white is one of the reasons she’s successful. That’s something you shouldn’t argue against because it’s real and true.

      • Meme October 27, 2017

        Thank you for you realist response. That’s all I was trying to say. If Adele was black she would not be “Adele”.

      • Jasmine October 27, 2017

        That simply is NOT true. Why does everyone keep making this a racial issue? This is a popularity issue. Comparing Adele to Rihanna or Beyonce is NONSENSE. We live in a reality world and social media type society. People buy music that makes them feel good from artists they can relate to. If more black people bought R&B music then artists like Jazmine Sullivan (the ONLY current artist that is similar to Adele in physical appearance and style) would be on top of the charts right now! I consider myself a sophisticated woman of color and I do not relate to Beyonce or Rihanna’s style, immature lyrics, or overtly s e x u a l appearance. I relate more to talented women that project a subtle s e x u a l appearance like Toni Braxton, Chante Moore, Adele, Jazmine Sullivan, SZA, etc.

        Lyrics like Beyonce’s 711 make my ears hurt so NO I would never buy that ish and I do not have to.:
        “Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air
        Legs movin’ side to side, smack it in the air
        Legs movin’ side to side, smack you in the air
        Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air
        Smack it, smack it in the air
        Legs movin’ side to side, smack it, smack it in the air
        Smack it, smack it in the air

        Lyrics like that are only relatable to immature people and idiots.

      • Electrikblue October 28, 2017

        Hers Jasmine with her lies lmao

      • ThatMessJuice.Flop October 28, 2017

        Lol Jasmine. You only have to look at it this way….Taylor Swift sells more than any black musician right now. The most basic pop star who can’t even perform well is outselling everyone out there…then go back in history and tell me which basic black person has ever dominated the landscape like that. Name just 1

      • Jasmine October 28, 2017

        Sales come from consumers. Consumers have the RIGHT and CHOICE to buy whatever music they like. There are thousands of artists that flop every week regardless of race. To understand why people like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Adele, and Beyonce are at the top you should analyze consumer spending habits and the importamce of brand marketing. It is easy / lazy to say “white privelege” here but that certainly is NOT the case. No one can dictate how people spend their own money!

      • Jasmine October 28, 2017

        @ThatMessJuice.Flop The answer to your question is simple dear. Believe it or not you answered your own question subliminally. 🙂 The key word is history. Taylor Swift is only “outselling” black artists because there are no talented black artists to outshine her right now. If you add a new version of Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and a James Brown in the mix then you repeat history and people like Taylor Swift will sell much much less. The problem here is a lack of black talent in the mumsic industry and the current top less-talented black artists do not take any downtime to let other black artists shine. People like Beyonce and Rihanna rely heavily on their looks but lack the vocal talent of Whitney or dancing moves of Michael Jackson. Same goes for Chris Brown. Thus, Taylor Swift is competing with no one but has a large country and pop audience that likes her brand. Consumers relate and identify with Taylor.

  5. Love_always October 27, 2017

    Meme is a Russian troll!!! they are all over the place trying to sow division. Be careful out there!!

  6. Fact Checker October 28, 2017

    To be honest compared to how much she sold in the last year she should be getting more. Perhaps her next album contract sees her take Home a larger portion of the Lie. When you think about the type of artist she is her expense budget can’t be that high. Her videos are minimal. I get that she doesn’t go the endorsement route like most celebs but she should be netting a little more on the dollar and I’m sure she will on her next album.

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