Finally! Teyana Taylor Meets Janet Jackson

Published: Sunday 29th Oct 2017 by Sam

Teyana Taylor finally got her “moment” with idol Janet Jackson.

As widely reported, the 26-year-old initially missed her chance to meet the icon when a flight delay saw her concert plans thrown into disarray.

A consolation of sorts occurred when Janet’s team caught wind and arranged a Facetime call.

Still, determined to meet her fave, Taylor flew in to Detroit to see the diva at the latest stop of her State Of The World Tour.

After the curtain call, the pair caught up backstage.

See what went down below…

It happened! #TeyanaTaylor finally met her idol #JanetJackson! πŸ’œ[πŸ“Έ: @ghsduldulao]

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It’s so warming to see rising stars showing respect to those who paved the way and for said legends to embrace. Salute to them both!

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  1. Michael Bosket October 30, 2017

    Janet Jackson is so f****** legendary πŸ˜”

  2. NT October 30, 2017

    Teyana was crying when she FaceTimed Janet I know she was elated to be face to face with Janet The Legend Jackson

  3. G7Pat October 30, 2017

    I live need major awards show performance in 2018. Janet. Nice moment

  4. Coolio October 30, 2017

    Awwww congrads
    Yo janet looks tf good

  5. ka October 30, 2017

    That’s sweet of Janet to make that dream come true!

  6. Boytoy1814 October 30, 2017

    Epic moment!!!!!

  7. cocobutta October 30, 2017

    I lovrrrrrr the slaying boomerang. Glad my girl Mo is god mother to Junie as well. Janet is such a beautiful soul πŸ’—.
    Tey is bomb.

  8. Emory Carl Sims October 30, 2017

    Janet may not realize it, but she is sort of making history like the last Chinese Emperors of China. She is the last final closing act of Motown, an era that is passing away before our eyes with Janet. She is the last and final curtain call. Music has changed so much in its quality and true meaning until I no longer listen to R&B anymore because the rap and hip-hop generation has completely destroyed the quality and the good meaning of black music. I think The quality of black entertainers like Janet has gone way down, and so many of the ones who were the true icons back in the sixties and seventies have all passed away. Maybe it is a sign I am getting old because I just can’t relate to the music that is coming out. So, maybe I have also changed with my taste in music. But I think that Janet is the final and last curtain call on the Motown era. Historically, she is like the Last Emperor of the Forbidden City of China, a musical era with the last curtain call with Janet.

    • Tim Brown October 30, 2017

      I know this is random, but I have now assumed some of the most popular R&B songs are coming from white artist like Charlie Puth whilst being labeled pop. It breaks my heart that some of the younger black urban acts dont want to sing good clean music anymore nor invest in learning an instrument…its all profanity and a two-step! Everyone can’t be the new Aaliyah! I appreceiate the acts like Fantasia and suchβ€”put I am referring to the younger ones… πŸ™

  9. Mariah Carey October 30, 2017

    If only Miss Amanda Grande (or whatever her name is dahhling!)would show me this type of respect!
    Anyway, don’t forget to download and stream my new festive single β€œThe Star”. Love you much Lambs! 😘

    • Electrikblue October 30, 2017


  10. Meme October 30, 2017

    Y’all need to post that clip of her walking and imitating Janet. Epic!

  11. Jeans October 30, 2017

    That made me cry. So sweet

  12. Keith October 30, 2017


  13. Fancy BISH October 30, 2017

    Teyana has that IT factor, in my opinion…has she tried working with Timbaland?

  14. Sandyb November 14, 2017

    See this is one of the reasons why I love teyana taylor sooooo soooo much

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