Hollywood Halloween 2017: Who Had the Best Costume? [Photos]

Published: Sunday 29th Oct 2017 by Rashad
(Kim Kardashian as Aaliyah)

Hollywood’s biggest and brightest celebrated Halloween 2017 in spooky style and we’re loving every bit of it!

From Kim Kardashian donning three different costumes as Cher, Aaliyah, & Madonna to Demi Lovato turning heads as late Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla and many more, celebrities all over the world took to different events to flaunt their “festive” fashions.

As many of them were sure to capture moments from their wild nights out, we’ve collected some of our favorite moments from this year’s holiday.  Check them out inside and tell us your favorite:




Jason Derulo 


Aubrey O’Day


Rita Ora

Kandi Burruss


Samuel L. Jackson


Kim & Kourtney Kardashian


Naomi Campbell





Kim Kardashian


Your thoughts?

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  1. jackx October 29, 2017


    • Bam October 29, 2017

      I’ve become a true fan of hers this era.

      • 310 Shake October 30, 2017

        Doesn’t alter the fact that she can’t sing though.

      • Bam October 30, 2017

        Can’t sing? Lol get your ears fixed she’s been nailing all her performances this era even if she is stiff as f*€k. Matter of fact she sang more on this album than most females are doing lately including Beyoncé.

      • Isabelle October 30, 2017

        That’s not singing dear. That’s screaming.

      • MAW October 30, 2017

        For those who say she doesn’t sing, y’all obviously just don’t know how to sing. SO, revise your judgement, take some lessons and then you will realise how stupid your comments were.

      • Bam October 30, 2017

        They’ve been brainwashed by this mumbling/talk singing era. I miss the days when artist especially females used their full voices and sang. Nowadays even Whitney or Mariah in their primes would be accused of “telling”.

      • Bam October 30, 2017


  2. Meme October 29, 2017

    Kim must of had a lot of parties to go to. Her Cher look was the dopest but that Aaliyah look looks like drag. Her plastic surgery really shows there.

    • Fancy BISH October 29, 2017

      Kim knew that Aaliyah look was iffy, that’s why she felt the need to make a video playing Try Again! If only she listened to the words of the song lol…she really tried tho!

      • Meme October 30, 2017

        Hollering! Lool

  3. audreyherbsburn October 29, 2017

    halloween ain’t halloween no more…

  4. DanYiel Iman October 29, 2017

    I understand Kim went to a few parties but is every damn site about her plastic surgery assisted assets?!! ??‍♂️

  5. Fancy BISH October 29, 2017

    Kourtney nailed a mini MJ, but she could have slayed Bruno Mars…get it? lol

  6. Casual-T October 29, 2017

    The Kardashians as MJ and Madge FTW.

  7. Jasmine October 29, 2017

    I think Kanye West had the best costume on because he was not there

  8. cocobutta October 30, 2017

    Demi the MVP but love Kim and Kourts MJ & Madge. Kandi was dope. I actually loved Kim paying homage to “Babygirl, better known as Aaliyah.
    Jason executed also. Trey’s Freddy was cool.

  9. Ousha-Marie October 30, 2017

    Kim K murdered all her costumes and Kourtney is an adorable MJ ????

  10. eric October 30, 2017

    I like Nas’s costume and Kim as Aaliyah.

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