Beyonce Salutes Lil Kim / Recreates Several Iconic Looks

Published: Friday 3rd Nov 2017 by Sam

Beyonce has always known how to make an entrance. Even when late.

Case in point her Halloween reveal.

Folk caught a glimpse of her Lil Kim ensemble, but few could have predicted what was next.

For, Queen Bey has tributed rap’s Queen Bee by recreating several of her iconic looks!

Sharing the epic snaps via her official site, the 36-year old wrote:

“Halloween 2017: Lil Kim Appreciation
Hip Hop would not be the same without our original Queen B”

See the slay snaps after the jump…

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

She nailed it!

Moreover, this was such a commendable gesture.

As the age old adage goes, give people their flowers when they’re here to smell them.

Bey’s salute reminds that it’s important to let people know what they mean while they’re here.

Update: Kim just reacted. She said:

👑 Bey x 👑🐝 😻 I’m still recovering from @beyonce‘s slayage from Halloween and then this happens…

The resemblance is crazy!! Match made in heaven 👯 Every single detail is on point! I love you to pieces Bey

I’m speechless and honored.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Slicc Loskii November 3, 2017

    Yall some shady ass b******. B**** KIM AINT DEAD WHY SAY THAT B******* BELOW!

    ” As the age old adage goes, give people their flowers when they’re here to smell them.

    Bey’s salute reminds that it’s important to let people know what the mean while they’re here.”

    • SdotB November 3, 2017

      Hence why they said “while they’re here”. Can you read??

      • MsBrazil November 3, 2017

        She really thought she was making a point 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • cocobutta November 4, 2017

      Oh wow. Issa failed comment really.
      Nevermind hun 😂🤣

    • Caleb November 4, 2017

      Um. They’re just saying it’s great to pay tribute while someone is still here, instead of dickriding them after they’re gone.

  2. Truth Dot Com November 3, 2017

    OKAY B’s!
    LOL! Beyonce looks so good here.
    And she got 3 kids…….hush AMERICA!
    ….CARRY THE F**K ON!

  3. Meme November 3, 2017

    This is everything. Everyone was Kim this Halloween. It’s good to she a real icon like Kim we recognized and saluted. I can’t imagine what she must have been going thru watching a newbie like Nicki, who is CLEARLY inspired by Kim, have all this success and trash her and her legacy. I wish things had been different for the 2 because I honestly feel Nicki loves lil Kim but she has too much pride.

    • Justincredible November 3, 2017

      My sentiments exactly but it’s so interesting how you peep game and still choose to praise Nicki. You gotta pick a side, sis. She’s a fraud and her damage to Kim’s legacy is irreversible.

      • Meme November 3, 2017

        Unlike most stans/fans I always see both sides. I can’t help that I like nicki, and I think nicki is very talented.

      • MsBrazil November 3, 2017

        No the f*** she don’t
        That be ya new era shii
        Too dramatic
        I can like two female rapper
        that ain’t my beef
        And in all honesty ,
        If it wasn’t for Kim it wouldn’t be no Nicki

  4. The Realest November 3, 2017

    A real queen recognizes another real queen when she sees one.

  5. Ashanti #1 Fan November 3, 2017

    She did that and I love it. Team BeeHive for the original QUEEN Bee

  6. Ms JA November 3, 2017

    LOVE this! This is how you pay homage from one legend to another legend. Love them both. Kim needs her fashion award for contribution to pop culture.

    • Meme November 3, 2017

      Who is the first legend? I know Kim is one but who is the other sis?

      • I can’t November 3, 2017

        Lil Kim

      • Whoops November 3, 2017

        ^^^It’s Beyonce. Homecoming queen. Head cheerleader. Part time model.

  7. Tori November 3, 2017

    The FACT she called them “petty images” and smiled during her own Lil Kim spread! But Nic…let me stop cause I’m going p*** some people but CLEARLY they need to be!

  8. Lake Erie November 3, 2017

    OMG!!!! I am sooo ooo happy to see this!!!! Bey definitely nailed it and KILLED IT! Lil Kim really is a LANDMARK in hip hop.. PERIOD. You can’t reminisce on history in hip hop WITHOUT bringing her up. This also really goes to show that NUMBERS aren’t everything….. Yes, Lil kim broke records, got plagues, sold millions, but SHE , HER ,LIL KIM’s impact and WHAT she did for hip hop is talked about way more… some would even say ONLY for real. Yea, some of these other girls are reinventing stuff but at the end of the day, you always and have to refer back to the blueprints…. .. and Lil kim is a pivotal one.

  9. TAMMAH November 3, 2017


    • Rosy November 3, 2017

      And nicki wept

  10. RIHANNA & BEYONCÉ November 3, 2017

    The whole industry mostly the females are on a mention to dead Nicki minaj and I am here for it. Nicki f*** up when she was hot she was so selfish and did every other female rapper wrong. Beyoncé you shady Queen.

  11. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES November 3, 2017

    Beyoncé did that. Lil’ Kim is legendary. Beyoncé has undone everything that HOnika has been trying to do to the legacy of the Queen Bee with one photo spread.

    HOnika must be at home seething. She wanted to destroy Lil’ Kim for no reason other than jealousy. She is a hateful woman who karma will destroy.

    • Len November 4, 2017

      Lol yessss!!!

  12. Justafan November 3, 2017

    Nicki Floparge is fuming somewhere tho

  13. I can’t November 3, 2017

    I Liiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvveeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The Wig Snatcher November 3, 2017

    HOnika must be throwing fits and being talked off a ledge right now…lol

  15. MsBrazil November 3, 2017

    While nicki stans scream
    Beyoncé said Nicki the Queen of Rap
    But uh this here says different 😂😂

  16. Ayla P November 4, 2017

    From one Queen to another

    Lil Kim had looks hunty

  17. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler November 4, 2017

    My b**** looks good!!!!

  18. DanYiel Iman November 4, 2017

    Beyoncé saluted the real Queen Bee 👑🐝!!!

  19. WhiteNigga101 November 4, 2017

    Nicki Minaj is so pressed right now………. Lol

  20. cocobutta November 4, 2017

    Kim mentioned how she wanted to see the photo properly from Halloween and as if like Bey heard her came and SLAYED THESE LOOKS.
    To Queen Bee from Queen Bey…

  21. JOHNVIDAL November 4, 2017

    Why do these girls look like p*** stars? Music has gone to the pits.

  22. Ajm265 November 4, 2017

    So many delusional people in the comments…..

    • Its me gowrl November 4, 2017

      Bi tch

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