Khia Sinks Claws Into Remy Ma & Lil Kim Over ‘Breakfast Club’ Jab

Published: Saturday 11th Nov 2017 by Sam

It’s been 15 years since Khia scored her sole hit ‘My Neck, My Back.’ But by some unique happenstance, she’s still…here.

Less renown for her music these days, the ratchet connoisseur has found some semblance of online relevance by roasting charting artists.

Recently, Remy Ma has been in her firing line.

And now Khia is turning up the heat even more – thanks to a Breakfast Club interview.

See what we mean below…

When Remy stopped by the show this week to plug new single ‘Wake Me Up’ featuring Lil Kim, co-host Charlamagne quizzed her on Khia’s earlier comments. To which Remy pulled a Mariah re J.Lo:

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This irked the one-hit-wonder the more, who took to her online show with TS Madison to launch a scathing verbal attack on Remy and Kim:

Khia is a kii – primarily because she sits there roasting names who even at their worst are doing better than her at her best.

The odd thing is that she seems wholly aware of this and is totally in on the irony. She just seems keen scrape whatever relevance she can. Something she’s been doing for the longest…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kim.Kesha& Pam November 11, 2017

    Khia roasted so many people, yet this blog specifically points out Remy & Kim. So whack!

    • RihNaj November 11, 2017

      Yassss khia roast these tired has beens haha nah I choked she so Litty ? she needs to put out a diss record to remous and Kim lil ??

      • ?? + ✈ = ? November 11, 2017

        Why are you Getting of black Woman go against each girl you have just shown how sad your life is that you need to get off on other people life. #nofriendstochillwith gurl you have shown how much of a loser lowlife scum you are.

  2. HELLO 1942 November 11, 2017

    Remy didn’t even throw shade smh. Khia should worry about her irrelevant career and stick to her iPhone production music video’s…Kim may have f***** up het face BUT you can not take away het impact. Nicki fans at do annoying, they want EVERYTHING to be about Nicki. Y’all should be worrying about making sure her brother doesn’t drop the soap…you know..the brother she supported even though he r**** a little girl.

  3. Roart November 11, 2017

    Hmmmmmm that YouTube link made my chuckle, but instead of Khia tearing these ladies down, show them some love and support to our black queens instead of degrading them because you don’t have the confidence to push yourself musically likely trying to do….

    • RihNaj November 11, 2017

      Like remous and Kim lil doing to nicki!?? Girl byeee no one gon kiss those two tired asses. They can’t make music without coming for the queen ?….goodnight

      • DanYiel Iman November 11, 2017

        Worry about paying for your brother molestation case & Lil’Kim has funds for day’s & you s***** Tricki Garbagh fans need to kiss ? Kimberly entire ASS!!??

  4. Achooo! November 11, 2017

    Khia is for entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously. She is utilizing her freedom speech to entertain her followers.

  5. Mimi November 11, 2017

    Kim’s face isn’t that even bad compared to most people who have had many plastic surgery…… get over the whole face thing it’s an old topic that doesn’t lead anywhere

  6. Fancy BISH November 11, 2017

    Khia is hilarious, but we all know Remy will smack the SOUL outta her in a fight! Khia might land a few stray ratchet thumps on Remy, but Remy will ultimately Mayweather her salty behind lol

    • November 11, 2017

      smack the soul out of who, Remy is convict nothing more nothing less. yall need to stop putting up these people like they are some bad @ss who will do what on what, you need to stop taking these lyrics of these peoples songs literally.

      • Fancy BISH November 11, 2017

        And you understand exactly WHAT Remy did to get locked UP, RIGHT? LIKE I SAID, we all know that Remy would smack the SOUL outta Kia, Khia, Kiawana, whoever! lol, I don’t just say things hunnie! Remy CONSTANTLY talks about how she battles with her inner “old” self vs. her new self! BYE!

  7. Myles November 11, 2017

    Khia is bored and clearly have to much time on her hands? Remy and Kim are Have more money then khia and still doin shows khia is just a long titty hater…facts?

    • Fancy BISH November 11, 2017

      Khia has that dread/braid/bird’s nest wrapped too tight LOL…Khia dissed Beyonce, Serena Williams, Remy, Kim, Trina and every woman she’s envious of in less than a year! She should take her comedy act on the road and stop acting like she’s Judge Judy with that raggedy asss gavel she stole from the local courthouse! My question is the same as TS Madison’s! Is the bish recording? lol

  8. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Me So Bad” Coming Out Soon) November 11, 2017

    Who is she?

    • Abel Minaj November 11, 2017

      Someone with a certified album, Tunashe can’t relate

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Me So Bad” Coming Out Soon) November 11, 2017

        A certified gold album that took 5 years to happen… Lol hehe nice try boo boo 😉 xo

      • Abel Minaj November 11, 2017

        How many years will it take tuna fish

  9. James November 11, 2017

    THIS POST IS STUPID AND SO CONTRADICTORY OF ITSELF ..KHIA has a whopping TEN albums and the first having outsold remys first and her single next caller was able to hit the itunes hip hop charts without a LABEL! Shes so irrelevant that people continue to post about her on blogs and bring her up in premium interview outlets!! Seemingly getting more attention for personality alone than said “charting acts” the fact that her “ONE HIT” came out a decade ago and yet shes still managed to be “HERE” is a feat all in itself. WHY YALL ARE SO QUICK TO POST H*** LIKE BLACK CHYNA AND GIVE CREDIT TO INDUSTRY PLANTS LIKE CARDI IS SO FUNNY TO ME.

    • Tim Brown November 12, 2017

      Khia is that you sis?

      • ImaMessyBitch November 12, 2017

        Screaming!!!!! I said the same thing

  10. Abel Minaj November 11, 2017

    Khia has a gold album and was never on a label. My neck my back is iconic. Remus is a damn flop next to her

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler November 11, 2017

      Lean Back, All the Way Up>>>>
      Numbers dont lie even tho u do

      • BHYISI November 11, 2017

        Those are features. The fact is Remy doesn’t have a Top 40 solo. Plus you’re one of the main ones who shades Nicki for features now you’re using them to shade another artist? Plus all the way up didn’t actually sell 1 Million copies its stuck at around 400K+ in sells. Meanwhile My neck and back went gold off the strength of actual copies being sold. Lean Back isn’t her song. Why can’t Remy sell an album or get a hit with all this hype she has? More importantly why can’t she do it solo?

      • Abel Minaj November 11, 2017

        I thought H**++ were about album sales. With your logic, you’ve basically admitted Rihanna>>>>Beyonnaise (well known facts btw). Remus doesn’t have any solo hits and her albums flopped. Try again.

  11. Smh November 11, 2017

    This blog is the worst! Lol!

    • Fancy BISH November 11, 2017


  12. Lamonte November 11, 2017

    Khia who. Have you done anything other then one song. Not talking about writing for people or sitting on a show with a man who wanna be a woman. I need both of you clowns go sit the f*** down.

    • ImaMessyBitch November 12, 2017

      TS Mad Dawg 20/20 look like a football player

  13. Electrikblue November 11, 2017

    Khia has a new song called Next Caller it’s actualky a bop. She even makes fun of herself on the song “Khia who buying your albums gworl” lol

  14. Qu3_pid November 11, 2017

    Honestly KHIA speaks ALOT OF FACTS!! regardless of her relevance to mainstream

    • Fancy BISH November 11, 2017

      No relevance at all *Alexis Carrington voice* lol

  15. RoyalBey November 12, 2017

    “We stopped f****ng with you, when you started f****ng with your face”
    *F****** SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!*

  16. AnonymousTruth November 12, 2017

    Yaaaas Khia I’m here for it girl , talk up di ting ! – Issa truth ??‍♂️ Remy Ma is pathetic and sounds stupid AF , always commenting on Nicki , she a bitter b****.. she so contradictory in everything she says as well , don’t get me started.

    And Lil Kim’s face IS entirely jacked the hell up ! … her hot 97 interview was uncomfortable to watch , talking about all the dudes that have a ‘crush’ on her horrific looking a$$, girl please . You look like a Halloween mask . Ain’t nobody checking for you . She is completely a different person , and it’s clear she never wrote nothing that popped , otherwise she’d still be popping at least a little.

  17. Mitchell Cobb November 12, 2017

    Why ya’ll mad??? Khia spoke the truth tho

  18. DS November 12, 2017

    More shenanigans by Ratchet Toast Crunch… aka Crispy Khia.

  19. Jay November 12, 2017

    Poor Kaia. Stuck on YouTube while her contemporaries ink million dollar deals.

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