Mariah Carey Faces Sexual Harassment Nazi Claims

Published: Wednesday 8th Nov 2017 by David

Mariah Carey‘s decision to pull the plug on her working relationship with Stella Bulochnivok seems to have opened a number of floodgates.

First, was a potentially baseless claim that she underwent weight loss surgery to beat the bulge.

The second? Allegations that she attempted to bed one of her security guards…after calling him a Nazi.

‘TMZ’ reports…

Michael Anello‘s lawyer has prepared a draft of a lawsuit, claiming his company worked for Mariah from June 2015 to May 2017 and got stiffed on the balance to the tune of $221,329.51. Anello claims he was promised another 2 years which would add $511,000 to the tab.

There’s more.

Anello also claims that Carey once made several attempts to jump his bones by committing wildly sexual acts in front of him to get his attention and once asked him to step into her room to help her move some luggage.

Alas, when he stepped into the room there was no luggage to be seen. What was there? Mariah…sporting a see-through negligee.

TMZ adds…

Anello says Mariah humiliated him and his colleague by referring to them as members of the hate groups.

Anello also claims Mariah “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.”

Mariah’s people tell us they were in touch with Anello’s lawyer Monday and were agreeable to pay certain invoices, but we’re told Anello is not satisfied with the amount.

Mariah’s people have no information on the sexual harassment claim.

The lawyer for Anello says the lawsuit is now on hold, presumably because they are in settlement negotiations.

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  1. Raden Kesuma November 8, 2017

    Another bunch of crap news they just want mariah money that all LOL!!!!!

  2. China November 8, 2017

    Lies. Mariah Carey walks around in her gown and he thinks that Sexual Harrassment? I answer the door in my half top and booty shorts is THAT HARRASSMENT. Sounds like a red-neck gone wrong. Mariah girl. Pay him his security fee and make him Ghost. MAKE THAT XMAS MONEY — but girl if you don’t sing Miss You Most at Xmas time………stop dodging the song

    • Jay November 9, 2017

      I love that song too. Miss you most at Christmas time. She should sing it at least once. Meanwhile this news is a load of BS.

  3. Suicide Blonde November 8, 2017

    LOL, I should sue half of TGJ commentators, I feel discriminated here 🤣

    • Jasmine November 8, 2017

      TGT moderators should block you racist f a g g o t. I’m suspect you are a writer for TGT an using a fake account to troll with in order to get clicks and replies. You are Gutter Trash .

  4. Girl November 8, 2017

    Sexual assault claims like this is why REAL sexual crimes aren’t taken seriously smh

    • DanYiel Iman November 8, 2017

      EXACTLY!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Jose Suarez November 8, 2017

    LOL Can you blame her. Who wants to be surrounded by those little pink d.i.c.k troglodytes. I need my security men big and black hunnie.

    • B**** please November 8, 2017

      It’s people like you that makes Donald Trump’s wall make sense.

    • Caleb November 9, 2017

      What do you need security men for though? U not famous.

  6. JOHNVIDAL November 8, 2017

    LOL Everything sounds like total nonsense. And of course TGJ had to report this non-news. As long as it is negative and Mariah…

  7. SMH November 8, 2017

    Lol wow that was quick. Someone did say we would start seeing negative stories about Mariah after Stella got the boot….

    • Fancy BISH November 8, 2017


    • Killian November 8, 2017

      My thoughts exactly… we see you stella

    • Jasmine November 8, 2017

      We were seeing worse negative stories while Stella was getting 15% of Mariah’s earnings and half of Mariah’s new business ventures though. Weight gain, nip slips, bad photoshopped photos, losing a billionaire fiance, dating a gay backup ‘dancer’, Royally F-ing up her NYE performance, losing Anthony Burell, and losing her relationship with her brother. I think Mariah meeting Stella was like meeting the Devil. That is one evil woman with literally no credentials to be anyone’s ‘manager’.

  8. Ocean November 8, 2017

    pahahaha … she can barely move let alone perform s** acts … behave

  9. The Wig Snatcher November 8, 2017

    They tried it…and FAILED.

  10. Shaquiiii November 9, 2017

    Such Bullsh*t.
    Third version of this story I’ve read today…

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