Cardi B Blasts Into iTunes Top 5 With ‘Bartier Cardi’ [UPDATED]

Published: Friday 22nd Dec 2017 by Sam

Cardi B is proving unstoppable.

Fresh from becoming the first female rapper to place three consecutive singles in the US top 10, she may well be on her way to making that four.

Because, new offering ‘Bartier Cardi’ is already selling at a feverish rate.

Full story below…


As at writing, the track (which features 21 Savage) sits at #4 on the US iTunes chart.

[UPDATE: ‘Bartier Cardi’ now occupies the #2 spot – and is bested only by Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’]

A slay on many a front, it’s especially notable given how slow sales of new music typically are during the peak of the holidays.

With this out of the gate success and a video + promo to come, it appears Cardi could well have snatched her next smash.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tru.tea.badgyal.ldn December 22, 2017

    this is her 2nd US number 1 first album gonna have all top 10 smashes Cardi is a problem for every single female rapper except Minaji… as Minaj got her fans so shes good but Remy etc any others coming i feel for u female rappers coz shes light skin half latino hood and s*** as hell wow

    • Loskii December 22, 2017

      But Nicki has yet to grab a number one or even a Grammy nom recently so she is definitely a problem for Nicki as well!

      • tru.tea.badgyal.ldn December 22, 2017

        im not a nicki fan but do u know how hard it is to be poppin in music for 7 years…7 whole years nicki is in her own lane now… so Cardi has to be compared to her new peers on their first album…such as remy, and whichever female rapper releasing their first album next year. TBH its a better position to have about 3-4 top female black rappers as tbh black female singers are strugglin’ so this maybe another way to get more black females on top

      • ??? December 22, 2017

        lol nicki already has grammy noms under her belt stupid, and more charted hits than this corni chick lmfaooo

    • ??? December 22, 2017

      lmao b*tch shut up, this is itunes not the hot 100 dummy, and corni is not #1. nicki is still unbothered with her PLATINUM plaques for PURE SALES while corni is stuck on streaming lmfaoooo

    • Caleb December 22, 2017

      This song is not #1. It’s #4 on iTunes which doesn’t mean that much in the long run. We’ll see if it has staying power or not. I mean Remy Ma and Lil’ Kim’s joint was #1 on iTunes for a little bit but it wasn’t enough to actually make a dent on the hot 100.

      • jorjashithslesbianpumpumeater December 23, 2017

        ooooouch lol

  2. Suicide Blonde December 22, 2017

    I don’t get her appeal.

  3. G7Pat December 22, 2017

    It’s a changing of the guards. Happens every 15 years or so. Ur favs are now old… cardi is now what the current generation wants

    • tru.tea.badgyal.ldn December 22, 2017

      totally agree..cannot wait for the beyonce & rihanna replacements to come through soon…SZA dumb asss let Solange sabotage her video for the weekend..but iguess 2018/2019 beyonce and Rihanna’s replacement’s will be coming through hence why fenty launched the cosmetics line and is beginning the move into film beyonce strikes me as a madonna type the desperate aunty who wont know when her time is up

      • G7Pat December 22, 2017

        unfortunately no one sings any more n black music. Rap is what urban market will be known for. Bey n rih will need a cardi collab before she needs them. She’s officially the new bych. Hate it or love it

    • tru.tea.badgyal.ldn December 22, 2017

      u know what your smart as hell!! thats the new agenda…steal singing from black people…so all famous black artists are rappers..rap is male dominated so that massively reduces black female participation in a positive form & at all…as only black female rappers that sell s** blow up…then whites will continue to bite hip hop till its fully lost…then blacks pushed outta hip hop just like jazz..rock..blues r&b etc…other than SZA n Khalid 0 good new r&b acts this year. sad

  4. Brent Christopher December 22, 2017

    iTunes chart positions do NOT make a bit of damn difference in the larger scheme of chart placement. STOP always making ENTIRE articles about silly iTunes positions. IT DOES NOT MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

    • Dingaz December 22, 2017

      Nicki would know of that one for sure ,she loves to Instagram post iTunes chart placements and they also ends up flopping and she pay them dust

      • Brent Christopher December 22, 2017

        no… believe me, I am NO Nicki Minaj fan. can barely stand her. I posted this for them to read PERIOD. they make entire damn articles about what’s going on over in the iTunes Charts & it’s such a pedestrian accomplishment. they could simply tweet 75% of what they turn into full fledged articles on this site. I was not shading Cardi B. I loooove Cardi. I simply am tired of the pointless articles.

  5. Questions December 22, 2017

    TGJ is reaching most songs shoot up the iTunes chart day of release. These type of articles are to convince people of accolades that aren’t accolades. Nicki no frauds also shot up on iTunes the day of release no article.

    • Dingaz December 22, 2017

      Nicki would know of that one for sure ,she loves to Instagram post iTunes chart placements and they always ends up flopping and she pay them dust

  6. Dopecommentsbymarc242 December 22, 2017

    Boy Atlantic records surely doing they job cause that song is horrible

    • tru.tea.badgyal.ldn December 22, 2017

      i think the songs okay..what i wanna know is..if shes more vulgar than nicki in 15years are we gonna have pornstars rapping with the music videos being live p***? or concert with onstage s** show.. music industry really is lucifer’s playground for real

  7. Attack_It_From_the_Back_Miss_Kitty_Kat December 22, 2017

    She’s entertaining. Make your money moves Cardi!

  8. Imanibrown9 December 22, 2017

    Song sounds exactly the same as Tommy Gensis – Tommy she a fraud they need to sue her this time

  9. ??? December 22, 2017

    lmfao bye. shether went to NUMBER ONE on itunes and we all know how that story ended lmfaoooo

  10. DanYiel Iman December 22, 2017

    I don’t take her music seriously but if the crowd like it so be it!!

  11. Chasin Time December 22, 2017

    She stole this song from Tommy Genises- Tommy (is the song)

    • Essence_Of_Sean December 22, 2017

      Lmao a song none of you bought or brought up since it’s been released in September…

      So ima do what you barbs do when Nicki is accused of copying and stealing… CARDI DID IT BETTER AND THATS WHY SHE SLAYING! ?

  12. I hate b. And w bitchexzz December 22, 2017

    Horrible, ,she need to fcxk offset again for a feature with Nicki

    • Essence_Of_Sean December 22, 2017


      How is Plain Jane doing?

  13. MessyJessy December 22, 2017

    The fact that you guys think Beyonce or Rihanna are being replaced by rappers is hilarious. Lol this thread is funny…..haha.

  14. Arthus & Nico December 22, 2017

    I already love that song

    It entered Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits, it’s going to be big !

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