The Numbers Are In!: Eminem’s ‘Revival’ Sold…

Published: Friday 22nd Dec 2017 by Rashad

Eminem officially threw his hat into the fourth quarter race this week with the release of new album, ‘Revival.’ 

The project, which serves as Slim Shady’s 9th studio effort and his most star-studded yet, features a plethora of power players including Beyonce, Pink, and Ed Sheeran – the latter of whom guests on the set’s reported next single, ‘River’ [click here to hear it].

A chart titan historically, did Em (despite his lowest predicted sales to date) live up to said billing this go round?

The preliminary first week number are in and the answer awaits below…

Per Hits Daily Double, preliminary closing figures tallied suggest ‘Revival’ will open with the following:


[Sales Plus Streaming]



[Pure Sales]


While the numbers are respectable given the sales climate and guarantee a #1 placement, they undeniably represent quite the dip for the rapper.  As we previously reported, ‘Revival’ becomes Em’s first major label release to sell less than 600,00 first full week.  In fact, his last offering, 2013’s ‘Marshall Mathers II,’ opened with more than double these current digits (792k).

Sure, that was 4 years ago, but the reality is that Mr. Mathers occupies a spot amongst an upper echelon of artists who, in many ways, are considered bulletproof to the dwindling sales rocking the industry year in and year out.

He’s easily snatched the top spot for next week’s chart, but it’ll be interesting to see which strategy he’ll employ to give the project legs for a long-term run. A hit single and a video to support it would’ve been a smart play, given that song streams now count towards sales. Touring, something he’s avoided on a mass scale in recent years, is also looking like a must too.

Enough of our ranting, though. As we await Rashad’s ‘Chart Check’ next week with Billboard/Nielsen’s official/final reported count, tell us:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gee December 22, 2017

    I knew he was guaranteed to sell at least 250K just surprised that his pure sales was less than 200K. Something tells me him speaking out against Trump while some of his fans are true Trump supporters really hurt him besides not having a hit single to lead off the project.

  2. Stephy December 22, 2017

    He should’ve never spoken out against the Trumpet…. Most of his fans are white deranged males (who are not much older) that ARE big Trump supporters. A lot of Fem’s fans are undercover racists psychopath white males with sociopath mindsets. And is VERY pro-white power. The other half are now retired former white male psychopaths, who are now older and living as fake “conservatives” … but still love Fem bc he reminds them of their sociopath “childhoods/wild days” & are lowkey very much still pro-white power racists. They only really liked him b/c he’s a white dude dominating in a very BLACK genre. And is actually one of the best. But he f***** up by speaking out against white supremacy – instead of just ignoring it and acting like it doesn’t exist —- aka Taylor Swift. Also, his debut single sucked. In order to get back on track, he’ll need to leach onto Rihanna or Adele to gain interest from the younger pop generation.

    • Suicide Blonde December 22, 2017

      You learned a lot in the mental asylum.

      • Stephy December 22, 2017

        Go suck a d*** Pauly

    • Video December 23, 2017

      ??Reeeeeead Stephy, read!! Facts spoken!

    • Mike January 12, 2018

      So how do you know all this? Did you do a poll or did you get this unsubstantiated crap from the news? I guess it’s the year of attacking white males that’s not racist at all. So tired of weak minded fools speaking as if what they say is truth when in fact it’s far from it. I hate Trump & have many Trump supporting red neck friends and NONE of them are racist.

      You even tell people what others are thinking are you a physic? If anyone is racist it’s you and I don’t need a poll to tell me that.

  3. ??? December 22, 2017

    Lmao i knew roach was gonna make him flop. he should have did the song with Adele instead, roach can’t chart her own hits lmfaooo ??

  4. Bounce Back December 22, 2017

    The Trump Effect….
    Eminem didn’t even get the satisfaction of a Twitter feud, Trump ignored him….lol

    • Caleb December 23, 2017

      Apparently the “Trump effect” isn’t very strong if he still got that #1 selling album.

      • Caleb December 23, 2017

        And p.s. #AmericaWasNeverGreat

    • Chris December 23, 2017

      So you picked up the fact that Em’s ego was bruised because Trump didn’t acknowledge him, yet support Trump, who thirsts for more acknowledgement than anyone to fuel his fragile ego.

  5. Caribbean Native December 22, 2017

    Now if only Taylor non talent ass would decline

    • Kevon December 23, 2017

      Your a bitter black person who only want to see the white entertainer fall … While all the black only sing and raps about s** money cars h*** and having all them different innocent young girls out to spoil them … Dam waste in life

      • Caleb December 23, 2017

        What “different innocent young girls” are you talking about you racist fu ck.

  6. Suicide Blonde December 22, 2017

    A big flop for his standards, haters rejoice.

  7. TeaOnly December 23, 2017

    Flop!!! Lemonade and Beautiful Trauma outsold!!!! Taylor is flopping for her standards as well so her label inflated her SPS for that 3x platinum certification. ?☕ White artists are on the decline and were here for it. ?

    • Caleb December 23, 2017

      I can’t stand Taylor Swift but how can she be flopping when she sold all them millions in ‘pure sales’ in a matter of like 2 weeks?

  8. supafelipe December 23, 2017

    maybe its for no other reason but simply because hes irrelevant in the hip/hop scene. He no longer has a REASON to do this, like Kanye.. theyll always be good at what they do but its a new generation.. theyre just irrelevant.

  9. DanYiel Iman December 23, 2017

    Not a fan so didnt matter to me..

  10. Maya December 23, 2017

    Em messed up when he went on his rant. Nobody trying to hear a 45 year old man going off on a tantrum about the president, and those who are into that stuff probably don’t even buy his album. Hollywood, NFL, and the music industry struggling because who wants to hear that mess. I’m paying for entertainment, not to hear your rants. Good for his ass.

    • Chris December 23, 2017

      All depends on the rant. I agree that it was counterintuitive, since many of his supporters also support Trump, a 70 year old man who rants. They just prefer those rants. If Em rapped about building a wall to keep Mexicans out, they’d love that rant.

  11. MusicLovah December 23, 2017

    Like Steph and Gee so wisely recalled and factored in, the Em diss of his Trump Supporting Fanbase could be the true cause of his lowered sales debut. But for the music being so lack luster, we could have some conclusion in our assessment. Em has always been reckless and somewhat random with whom he chooses to diss. Although I understand the need to check his white fanbase, l disagree in the manner he had chosen. More Honey and less vinegar….

    The best thing that could come from this situation, is that rap fans will FINALLY get an album from him that primarily Hip-Hop as oppose to Hip-POP!!

  12. Caleb December 23, 2017

    I def wouldn’t have thought that Pink’s first sales week would end up being so much bigger than Eminem’s.

  13. JOHNVIDAL December 24, 2017

    That´s not much more real sales than Lady Gaga or Katy Perry´s first week sales. A total flop for his standards. Rappers sell the most in first week. Seeing how hardcore his psycho fanbase has always been, this is a flop. His first flop or whatever. About time. Yes of course it is a different climate. But those other pop stars were receiving a pretty big bashing campaign and the pop fanbases are not as faithful. He flopped.

  14. Bitohio206429 January 23, 2018

    guys, Trump, Taylor swift and white “deranged” males aren’t the issue. lets look at the facts. most of Eminem’s sales in the past was because of teens. they liked that hard gangster rap like Eminem use to be. now there into stupid music like “I spy” or “Do Re Me” that stuff isn’t rap but to teens(not me i actually like Eminem’s new album) Eminem and his rap isn’t like the hard rap i use to party to…and yes, i partied. but still point is black bear and people like that are taking over hip-hop. at some point in timespeople need to step down from the stand and let someone else take over. even legendary rappers.-RDL

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