Redemption?! Mariah Carey To Perform at Dick Clark’s ‘NYE’ Special Again

Published: Friday 22nd Dec 2017 by Rashad

No backlash, social media ridicule, or all out war with network producers will get in the way of redemption for Mariah Carey.  And, let’s face it…who knows a comeback story better than Mariah Carey?

The pop diva, whose illustrious career has seen her counted out many-a-time over its 27-year tenure, is ready to show detractors once and for all.  That’s right;  taking to Instagram minutes ago, Carey announced she will grace the Dick Clark ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ stage again for a redemptive performance after delivering her worst televised performance to date on that very platform this time last year [click here to relive the horror].

See the announcement inside:

Take 2. #RockinEve #NYE ??

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Yes…and no!  On one hand, we have to admit the announcement is a surprise and one we’re (overall) here for.  Mariah – the queen of comeback – has certainly seen her back against the wall a time or two in her career and always comes out on top.  We hope this time is no different.  And, her willingness to return to the platform is evidence that a) she’s smoothed things out with the show’s producers & co. and b) her team is confident enough in her ability as a performer to redeem herself.

The scary part of this all is that it has to be perfect!  The ridicule she suffered at the hands of last year’s tech glitches and simply not giving-a-f*ck set a poor tone for her entire year.  Truthfully, with a new management deal and inevitable new album to follow, she cannot afford (for this next era’s sake) to kick off another year – a successive one at that – the way 2017 was launched.

Here’s hoping Mimi brings her absolute A-game and reminds everyone yet again why she is triumphant.


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  1. Stephy December 22, 2017

    I’ma pray for ha …

  2. TheOne December 22, 2017

    Mariah is Queen and will slay this performance!!

    • Meme December 22, 2017

      More like slay the playback and stiff 2 steps

    • JOHNVIDAL December 24, 2017

      Meme are you serious? Any live vocal performance amidst the pre.recorded cuts she does in any of her concerts (this very same December) are better than any Rihanna vocal moment in her entire career. You must be joking. Better ask Rihanna why her ultra basic to sing songs have always backing tracks to help her with her lazy live vocals. Despite being in her 20s. Better ask her that. People obviously still respect Mariah and she´ll live forever.

  3. Meme December 22, 2017

    No thank you. I don’t need lazy vocals over 90% playback. Entirely keep it.

    • Stephy December 22, 2017

      The IRONY! I know damn well you’re not talking about lazy vocals when you stan for Rihanna Fenty.

    • Jasmine December 22, 2017

      Just when you expect Mariah to put on a bad show she will always slay. That is just how Mariah’s voice works.

    • LB December 23, 2017

      Rihanna is the definition of lazy. You need to be more worried about Rihanna’s lack of creativity and her inability to write songs.

  4. IG : mixedboy December 22, 2017

    Hearn Mariah mentally (in her mind) has something to prove, she has and will time and time again. Slay Mariah ?

    • IG : mixedboy December 22, 2017


  5. Teflon Boy December 22, 2017

    I hope for her sake she delivers, she’s Mariah so she’ll forever be relevant to the world of contemporary music but I would love to see a bit more determination to put on a good job when agreeing to these televised slots.

  6. Suicide Blonde December 22, 2017

    This could end up being a good redemption or a total disaster. I don’t know why she put herself in these kind of situations, some people wants to see her fail, and that’s exactly why she should avoid this, she has nothing to prove, but she might feels she does, this is how these artists’s egos work, they either care to prove haters wrong or dgaf at all.

  7. Arthus & Nico December 22, 2017

    She did great performances lately with the Christmas show, she is going to slay !

  8. Bismarck December 23, 2017

    About to be another flop performance

  9. Lmfao_Hoe December 23, 2017

    Lord, all she needs to do is WARM UP THAT VOICE grab a cup of tea, stay well rested, Attend all rehearsals, CHECK 1 CHECK 2 that microphone and Mimi will prove she still that Songbird.

  10. justafan December 23, 2017

    never count a Queen off

  11. DanYiel Iman December 23, 2017

    I don’t mind the lip singing some performers whole careers are surviving through that technique!!

    • Caleb December 23, 2017

      But clearly last year it was not even prerecorded vocals. They were just playing the damn album and she didn’t even try to sing along with it lol.

  12. Jason December 23, 2017

    For some reason, I think she’s about to slay! I’m completely here for it! But nervous, too! Lol Go Mimi!

  13. Lake Erie December 23, 2017

    Ok MC! And PLEASE NO PREGAME before the show! I honestly think that played a BIG part in her performance last year becoming a disaster. But like always, I’m rooting for you!

  14. Caleb December 23, 2017

    I’m sure her lip syncing will be on point this time!

  15. JOHNVIDAL December 24, 2017

    TGJ always wrong. She can definitely AFFORD whatever thing. Haven´t you seen All I want growing and growing regardless of everything year after year? She´ll be eternal no matter what now.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 24, 2017

      Singing in the freezing cold in New York in winter is never a good choice for an artist like her though. I don´t know why she keeps doing it. I suppose she´ll lip and they have managed to secure nothing fails? I don´t know. At the end of the day half of the artists lip in these shows. Absolutely normal.

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