Tamar Braxton Drama: Vince Herbert Arrested For Spousal Assault – On Christmas Day

Published: Saturday 30th Dec 2017 by Sam

The fallout from Tamar Braxton‘s split from Vince Herbert is growing more contentious by the day.

As reported earlier, the R&B singer took to Instagram this morning to claim that the music manager has impregnated another woman.

Now, it’s emerged that whatever the present issue is more than one taking place on social media.

For, a new report confirms Vince spent a portion of Christmas Day in jail.

Full story below…

According to TMZ, Vince was arrested this past Monday for spousal assault – although it’s not immediately clear what went down.

What is confirmed is that he is no longer behind bars, after being released on $20,000 bail.

Somehow we doubt this is the last we’ve heard from this ongoing saga.

‘Love & War’ indeed.

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  1. Mami December 30, 2017

    Chris Brown is shook…there’s a new woman beater in town.

    • likedbymany December 30, 2017

      i screamed.

    • TRUTH SERUM December 30, 2017

      Lmao.. lol… dead

    • Its me Gowrl December 30, 2017

      SCREAMING!! !! ! ?????? LOLOL

  2. Return to Sender December 30, 2017

    Ike Turner is spinning.

  3. Fancy BISH December 30, 2017


  4. Rih Rih Bangz December 30, 2017

    Chris Brown was found wigless.

  5. Faf December 30, 2017

    Lord i know it’s common but i never pegged Vince as an abuser

  6. Tori December 30, 2017

    You know she used to call him Ike Turner and people would laugh…never knew she was serious. They were actually cool that day and giving their son Christmas gifts and she was cooking dinner, what the hell happen.

  7. B2B December 30, 2017

    Why do you guys call Chris Brown a woman beater? This implies that he beats women and he doesn’t. He and Rihanna had an altercation, but is he a woman beater? No. CB gets so much hate, but Bruno is a full blown crack head, this we have proof of. If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship 16-22, arguments and fights are bound to happen because you’re really still a child. Not literally a child, but a child in the sense that you are not always going to use logic, instead of emotion in your actions. That’s all, let that man live.

    • Jamie December 30, 2017

      Because he’s the boy they love to hate yet listen and pleasure themselves to.

    • Rih Rih Bangz December 30, 2017

      Rihanna is a woman and he beat her. Therefore he is a woman beater. Let’s not forget Karrueche said he hit her too. The swine

      • SuxMyCockiness =o December 30, 2017

        Love Chris, but you took the words right out of my mouth. At least they are all better of now.

    • Bam December 30, 2017

      He beat Rihanna then it was revealed he beat karrueche. The idiot even left a voice mail that was played in court stating he was gonna bear her a$$. He is a woman beater.

    • Mark111 December 30, 2017

      Oh shut up, Chris Brownis a woman beater because he BEAT Rihanna and Karruhe, to the point that she had to get a restraining order. So was 25 year old and older Chris Brown a child then too?

      • TheOne December 30, 2017

        If a woman hits a man, is she a man beater?
        Or, does her sense e of logic which may be overcomed by emotion give her a pass because the “man” is viewed as physically stronger?
        Does it matter who initiates the physical altercation?

      • Mark111 December 30, 2017

        Random and deflecting. Chris Brown is a woman beater, the end.

  8. DanYiel Iman December 30, 2017

    Mind y’all these are Seniors doing this kiddy s***!! All for a failed reality show & a WeTv CHECK!! She’s not Beyoncé nor Mariah Carey or even Patti Labell!! ✌??

  9. Dingell jones December 30, 2017

    Tamar go the F u c k away please from social media and tv, give us time to miss you drama queen, she the type that scream it’s not my fault and always want to play victim and keep yes friend around her

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