Beyonce & JAY-Z Readying New Tour Together?

Published: Wednesday 24th Jan 2018 by Sam

Are Beyonce and JAY-Z about to hit the road together again?

According to Hot 97, that may well be the case — and an announcement could be imminent.

Full story below…

Moments ago on Ebro In The Morning, co-host Laura Stylez reported that The Carters are prepping a tour together and that the announcement could come as soon as NBA All-Star Weekend (Feb 16th-18th).

Peep the segment:

If indeed the case, the trek would mark the second time the power couple have joined forces to rock the live circuit. The first was 2014’s wildly successful ‘On The Run Tour.’

At just 21 dates (comprised exclusively of US cities and Paris), the stadium jaunt generated $109 million.



Here’s the thing, no one anywhere has been touting that “rumor.” As such, this could well be a deliberately seeded reveal designed to generate buzz ahead of “the” official announcement.

And, in many ways, while it’s not what we’re wanting for Bey, it’d be logical and practical move.

Sure they’re showbiz superstars, but the reality is that the couple’s twins Rumi & Sir are only seven months old and, as a family of five, being apart for long stretches may not be conducive anymore. Indeed, the entire clan travelled together for Jay’s recent ‘4:44 Tour’ of North America.

Of course, this naturally throws up several questions – most of which pertain to Bey’s next move.

If the tour proves to be a thing, is she dropping a new album before, after, or perhaps to coincide? Or maybe this is a short “just because” venture for her ala ‘On The Run’?

Again, it’s not our preferred route for Bey, but if it’s a must then it’d be great if it were paired with new music.

Enough of our rambling, though. What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ??? January 24, 2018

    lmao keep it. nobody cares except the insect world, they got their asses kicked in the ratings by spongebob the last time they did this lmfaoooo.

    • Oliver January 24, 2018

      Check tour box office .. check tickets sold .. no one cares but your mom and dad will be the first to break their neck to get tickets . Black power .. on the run tour money money .. do ur part time job hater and make my king n queen relevant ..

    • TrellBeyLike January 24, 2018

      Please lets not talk about tours considering the fact that yall dont even go to yall favs tour but will stream a free single in a heartbeat LOL clown.

  2. Trose January 24, 2018

    They’ll prob use this tour to launch that.rumored joint albun

  3. A Bey Thang January 24, 2018

    How many years will this woman carry this man for?!!!! Please, the last tour didn’t do much for anybody so put this idea in the trash where it belongs.

    • Oliver January 24, 2018

      U mean the last tour that fckin gross ….. haters and crickets don’t let me start ok .. u have no idea what u talking about . If they tour together u know it’s gonna be the hottest one right . Queen is coming

  4. BC January 24, 2018

    Please no, so tired of Beyoncé keeping this camals career alive :/

  5. TeaOnly January 24, 2018

    Coming to gross $200m this time! But I honestly don’t know how that would works. She will be working on The Lion King and recording the soundtrack. She about to fall out on stage if she releases an album and does a tour. She will be exhausted.

    • Anne January 24, 2018

      Maybe she has already started on the Lion King soundtrack. The joint album was probably completed a long time ago. It may seem like the projects are too much to handle all at once but in reality the work will probably be alloted over a lengthy time period.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 24, 2018

        Why would she be exhausted? She hasn´t really done much in months now. And way older a listers don´t stop working a single month throughout the year, year after year. Plus one of her supposed forces is stamina. She should be more than ok.

  6. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 24, 2018

    “What’s better than one billionaire? Two (two) ‘Specially if they’re from the same hue as you.” ✊✊✊

    • DanYiel Iman January 25, 2018

      Amen 🙏🏽 🗣I CAN’T!! ✌🏽😂

  7. pat January 24, 2018

    she knows her fan base and coming for those govt refund checks…. if it aint broke dont fix it

    • ??? January 25, 2018

      lmao and she knows she cant make a move without her pimp lmfaooo

  8. RoyalKev January 24, 2018

    No thanks! We just got a collaboration from them 2 on Jay’s last project! I need Bey’s solo album and tour to be the focus now! I know they have a joint album sitting in the wings! Let Bey have another go at it and then pair up and do a joint tour to promote their joint album!

  9. fatusankoh January 24, 2018

    This is a no for me joint tour no only Bey tour

  10. Bravo!! January 24, 2018

    The joint albums coming!

  11. A Bey Thang January 24, 2018

    Nobody wants this! Nobody wants this and it’s high time she accepts that he’s dragging her down. She kept Lemonade on tidal out of loyalty but did he do the same with 4:44? Wake up people ! He’s a leech.

    • Oliver January 24, 2018

      Dude u have no idea about business just running mouth . Lemonade is still on tidal but already 2x platinum and it’s still at full price in the shelves after 2 years . Jay-Z the other hand need to put his music on other outlet because he can’t sell as his wife . Dummy it calls being smart .. ppl who loves beyonce will go to tidal and find her music .. that’s what relationships is about .. use your logic and do research before you say any non sense ..

      • A Bey Thang January 24, 2018

        The only dummy here is you. The whole point of Tidal is to encourage fans of its shareholders to use them over other streaming sites. Jay is the only one who hasn’t been brave enough to keep his content there exclusively despite being the owner. Rihanna’s last album flopped because she gave it so many exclusives and burned her relationship with Spotify and Apple while he jumped ship and gave his album to them a week after it came out. What kind of leader is that? I’m convinced that Sony has to be seething about the fact that they lost money on streaming from Lemonade just because Bey is so blindly loyal.

  12. Blak January 24, 2018

    I’m just here for the comments! i’m falling out on the comments!

  13. RealNegro January 24, 2018

    I don’t care if we are on the run, baby as long as I’m next to you. And if loving you is a crime, tell me why do I bring out the best in you.

  14. Sandy January 24, 2018

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE come to CANADA🤟🙏😇❤️.🇨🇦❤️‘S👑🐝❌⭕️💋

  15. DanYiel Iman January 25, 2018

    Why not everyone else is touring & making those coins!! HOPEFULLY “OTR DVD 📀 IS AVAILABLE AS WELL!! Beyoncé!! 👀

  16. ??? January 25, 2018

    lmao coming for 780K in the ratings? LMFAOOOO

  17. ??? January 25, 2018

    lmao its clear that roach cant make a single move without her pimp’s approval, only her roaches are too stupid to admit it lmfaooo.

  18. Deanna January 26, 2018

    The on the run tour consisted of us cities, two Canadian cities, and Paris. Get your facts straight or don’t post about it

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