Beyonce & Ed Sheeran Score 5th Week At #1 On Hot 100

Published: Monday 8th Jan 2018 by Sam

Beyonce and Ed Sheeran are proving to have an enduring presence atop of the Billboard Hot 100.

Full story below…

The pair’s ‘Perfect’ duet extends its reign to five consecutive week at #1 on the official US count.

How did the song achieve the feat for this tracking week?

Here’s what the numbers look like: 109,000 digital downloads, 36.4 million streams, and a radio audience of 139 million.

While many felt the song’s success would be confined to the holidays, it’s showing its staying power.

Will it elongate its reign for a 6th week? With high-profile new releases from the likes of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake, as well as an album release boost from Camila Cabello incoming, the competition is heating up!

Your thoughts?

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  1. TrellBeyLike January 8, 2018

    She dont even care lol

  2. Jasmine January 8, 2018

    The song’s success is related to the holidays. I like Beyonce but I am ready to hear another solo number 1 like Single Ladies or Crazy In Love.

  3. truthtea January 8, 2018





    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      You jealous undercover nazis kill me . Racists trump crackers so shook that theQueen still sits on the throne that u gotta use All CAPs. (LOL-that’s mad funny,but you really SHOULD calm down, it’S NOT that serious. For HIM perhaps, since it’s only his 2nd time, but Bey’s been there 10 times & many more than that on the R&B hip hop charts. The reason this is such big news on the Beyonce front is because while she once dominated the singles market, due to her her association with Tidal, which stifles her ability to thrive as a singles artist most of her power has been focused in the album market in recent years. Ed Sheeran was a huge singles artist during tbis same period so a 2017 #1 is not a huge gamechanger, but thanks to jay-z it’s been awhile since the Queen was at #1 on the Pop side, and that’s why the emphasis is more on Her. Plus, let’s face it she’s a much bigger name in the industry. And as far as it’s it being HIS song, (LOL).. from the moment he begged BEYONCE to make it a “DUET” and then pulled it out at the last minute in a desperate attempt to stop his song from dying a slow death in the top 5,(knowing that the Beyonce factor would bring fresh excitement, cause there was no chance in hell he was gonna get past Rockstar & Havana on his own, with a sweet but old-fashioned love song, It became THEIR song. You dont get a megastar to duet with you to get your song to #1 and then get to call it YOUR song. If it’s HIS song then why didnt he stay singin’ it by himself ? Don’t project your Hate off on Eddie, i’m sure he is happy to fulfill a lifelong dream of sitting at #1 next to the Beautiful Beyonce, feeding the queen of Pop fat grapes FOR A FIFTH WEEK IN A ROW. (u mad) #theQueen unBothered #the hate isReaL #watchtheThrone*

      • Kevon January 9, 2018

        You gatto be a Beyonce r*****

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      But here’s a shocker. I DO agree with you on 1 thing. They really SHOULD use Both of their pictures. TGL* check yourself because it does seem like a calculated move to evoke maximum & totally unneccesary controversy, it did after all, start out as an Ed Sheeran record from His album, so to put up a solo picture of HER is something that might p*** ne off too if the situation was in Reverse. Congrats to Eddie & the Queen. and here’s to a world where we all love each other equally.♡

    • Kevon January 9, 2018

      Yes they all are racial …..they just want to see their blacks on top no other raise is better than them people is the most racial people ever

      • Kevon January 9, 2018

        I should say the black people here in America and some other parts

  4. Jake January 8, 2018

    This fake ass hit. We all know this isn’t anyone’s favorite song. Payola at its finest. Love Bey and Ed, but child boo.

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      Nice try boo, but no payola necessary here. You can’t fault the world for being starved for a pretty Love song to cut through the muck heap of offensive ghetto garbage being passed off as hit records these days. You might need payola to forcefeed violent daterape trapmusic horror like Rockstar down middle america’s throats. It was like coming up for fresh air when Perfect Duet FINALLY knocked that mess out of #1.

  5. Oliver January 8, 2018

    I want the haters to keep doing their job .. make the queen relevant bunch of f****** .. my queen is slaying and credited . Ed sheran ask the queen and the queen say yes .. next week they will be number one again

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      I love you, Oliver (*sigh).. you Too, Tyler-grandchildren of slaves***

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 9, 2018

        Are you dumb ? *remy ma*

      • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

        ..dat’s alright, i still love you.♡

  6. TAMMAH January 8, 2018

    Are You Guys Gonna Post This Every Week? I Understand On The 1st Week, 5th Week, & Until It Actually Drops, But EVERY WEEK THOUGH?

  7. TeaOnly January 8, 2018

    Lmao! I hate y’all for always putting her name first. Y’all do this for a reaction from her pressed a** haters and it works every time on their dumb a**es. 😂

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      Like a charm.

  8. Jason January 8, 2018

    I’m in the hive, but the way you put bey’s Name first gets funnier every week. Also, YALL NEED TO MISS ME WITH THE GIFT CARD POPUPS!!! 🙄 I’m loyal, but ain’t nobody got time for that!!

    • DanYiel Iman January 8, 2018


  9. Ropeburn January 8, 2018

    Congratulations to Ed Sheeran and his background singer!

    • Jason January 8, 2018

      Background singers don’t get verses.. But, thanks for trying!

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      Does ed sheeran ALWAYS beg his backup singers to do full blown duets with him to help him go to #1 ?

  10. DanYiel Iman January 8, 2018

    Ok folks we get it Beyoncé name is spelled with a B which is why her names first instead of Ed Sherran…✌🏽😞

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      Because God forbid there’d be ANOTHER reason why a black woman’s name would be in front of a white man’s name. When u choose a much bigger star to sing on your record u run the risk of being overshadowed. But he wanted that #1, and he GOT it. Eddie aint mad. So ask yourself, “Why are YOU ?” (LMAO!!) #when the children fall Silent.*

  11. Elio January 9, 2018

    Haters gon’say it’s fake, so real

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      Wow that didn’t take long. White pop media-Ho culture-vulture Throneseeker-stans drunk off dat fiLthy JT koolaid Already! #sumbody knock on the penthouse door & tell dem lovebirds eddie & the Queen they been up there Long enuff ,Justin’s back fresh out the woods sayin’ he wonts dat spot! (Apparently Bruno Mars & Camilla Cabello didn’t get that memo.)* #white folks are sweatin’°°°

      • Elio January 9, 2018

        I don’t understand what ya sayin

      • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

        That’s because you been in the woods too long with Justin. #A mind is a terrible thing to waste.*

  12. Kevon January 9, 2018

    Somebody is paying for #1spots on billboard now

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      Ooo please find out who dat is because after listening to the friday night premiere of his new song, you might need to hook justin timbalake up.

  13. JOHNVIDAL January 9, 2018

    TGJ is a joke. They know damn well they should always put Beyonce´s name first when talking about this song. I suppose they were that desperate for Beyonce to take part in a hit. It still isn´t her song and it still had been #1 with any other first rate collaborator.

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      Well i guess we can now add JOHN VIDAL to the TGJ neo-nazi hall of fame. ..alongside Brent Christopher, Suicide Blonde aka Latina Chick,’s a sad but growing list of racist internet trolls who live to prop up white artists and love to discredit black icons. Oh well at least with all the lies he just told at least he acknowledged that Bey IS a “first-rate” collaborator. #Racists watch the throne, Too.*♡

  14. StarXavi January 9, 2018

    I’ve hear the Perfect song on radio twice this week and neither time was Beyonce singing on the track. I think this is a bit misleading. Beyonce may be getting credit for this number 1 but when listening to the radio….her voice is nowhere to be heard.

    • Strawberry. January 9, 2018

      That is because the particular radio station you were listening to was playing the solo version of perfect, which was already a hit BEFORE he released the duet. There are five different versions & billboard is based on (even moreso than radio) digital sales & streams. But it was the public embrace of the Beyonce duet version that took the world by storm & took the song to #1. And that’s why she is credited. Radio may play either version, but radio is no longer the dominant chart medium, streaming & sales are, that is why so many rap songs are high up on the hot 100 whether u hear them in the radio or not. So if you dont hear the duet version on the station you’re listening to, you can can download it like everybody else, but regardless it was the Beyonce version that made this song #1. #know the facts*

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