Tinashe: “People Are Always Trying To Put Me In A Box”

Published: Monday 22nd Jan 2018 by Sam

Tinashe made quite the re-entry last week with new single ‘No Drama.’

The Offset assisted jam serves as one of three fresh tracks lifted from the R&B belle’s long-awaited second album ‘Joyride.’

And while its pulsating beat should ensure club and radio play, the 24-year-old star seems keen to spotlight its lyric punchiness too.

In an interview with Genius, the California native expands on some of what the cut is trying to get across.

Details below…

Speaking on the line “tried to be myself, but they want AKA me” she said:

“Y’all can say I’m not doing this or I’m falling off or I’m not gonna be around. They wanna kill me off. They won’t JFK me. Not today. Not today [laughs]”

She continued on, adding:

“People are always trying to, I feel like, fit me into a particular box and say “oh you’re this” or “you’re that” or “we can put a label on you.” And I genuinely feel I don’t fit into any of these boxes and I’m just legitimately always just trying to be myself.”

We “get” her frustration, but ultimately she’s tasked with keeping it pushing and carving out her lane. Here’s hoping the ‘Joyride’ era sees her establish the artistic identity she wants the masses to see.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH January 22, 2018

    GIRL, what was that? lol, who did she think she was when she said all of that? Janet Jackson or somebody? Hunnie, it’s not that serious…JFK? GIRL STOP ?

    • Meme January 22, 2018

      Right? Lolol. I had the same read. Like girl you think you’re way bigger than you actually are.

      • Fancy BISH January 22, 2018

        Exactly! The whole interview was cringe too..she needs to fire her team for real lol…she looked so silly ?

  2. arjun January 22, 2018

    girl please …….grown up
    everytime she always put blame on people, it’salways the same thing, people want to put me on the box, people want me to be in concurrence with other girl, people want me to be inconcurrence with rihanna or beyonce,bla bla bla
    girl it’s shw busness ,if u dnt know that its Hollywood everyone are put in the box just few are not and they are very strong and talented for that
    ok we are be-stolen-want-to-be-white-yonce,
    rih-black-mado-anna –
    everyone are put in the box and every singer are compare to other
    so if you do not want to be categorized in a box, then work better instead of always complaining, choose or write your songs better, choose your featurings better and make better clips it’s all here and show us the real you because there you must assume you copy here and there, a little beyonce, a little rihanna, a little aaliyah then stop complaining

  3. yc18 January 22, 2018

    she should have left that wig in the box

    • Fancy BISH January 22, 2018

      LMAO ?

  4. Meme January 22, 2018

    Girl bye. The general public don’t even know who you are.

    • Fancy BISH January 22, 2018

    • Hmmm… January 22, 2018

      Lmao. I was about to comment this. Girl, people don’t care enough to try to put you in a box. They don’t know who you are. ?

      • Meme January 22, 2018


  5. I hate Blacak. And Whiyte bitczhc January 22, 2018

    Put u in a box..Tshe .btch has attitude. . Beyonce would never say that Rihanna would never Nicki would never Aaliyah would never

  6. Ashanti January 22, 2018

    She has a bloated sense of ego and importance. she has accomplished NOTHING to have that attitude. Where is the new single on the charts? another day another Tinashe failed effort

  7. Jay January 22, 2018

    Wtf does she mean JFK Me? Girl you wanna be a rapper so bad! Bye! No one is putting you in a box sweetie.. the problem is, you keep attempting and your offers are not being expected by your audience! Plain & simple, you had a good run! Just perform 2 On at Sweet 16’s and Model fashion nova outfits on IG Sis. Move around! TF ?

    • Fancy BISH January 22, 2018

      SCREAMING ??

    • Meme January 22, 2018

      Watch me get put out my dentist office. LMFAO Lord y’all have me screaming. Fashionnova tho? A sister can’t even model guess or something? ??

  8. Ariel January 22, 2018

    She’s an idiot…..an artist NEEDS to have a set genre and carve their lane to create an identity and be a standout in their genre. The lack of dedication to each genre she dabbles in mirrors her music career. She’s so talented but I feel she’s difficult to work with. I still stand by what I said last week and believe she needs an urban pop album similar to Blackout, but a bit more urban. This would define her and after two solid album in this vein, she could experiment more and see if the public takes to it.

  9. Fancy BISH January 22, 2018

    Wasn’t this the girl that Rihanna sent a Fenty Beauty care package because she didn’t even get INTO the party? So who cares if she pulls up in a oooh la la or a Pinto? BISH you leaving real soon…like, keep the car running ? lol

  10. A&R January 22, 2018

    As a professional performing artist, there’s always the battle between staying completely true to your artistry while being a business owner. So I understand her sentiment but Tin needs to understand that art and business can exist apart or compromise to work together. If she wants to get paid for her performing art talent some comprising and sacrificing has to happen. As a new artist, you don’t know everything and definitely need to learn more about the biz / branding process. She, like many latter end millennials, have a HUGE sense of entitlement. Baby girl, people don’t have to like you nor accept everything you suggest. You still have work to do and some proving to do as well. Take your time and learn how to creatively be you while meeting the needs of your product consumers.

    First up.. HER PR TEAM needs to mute her ass. Her negative disposition smells and proceeds her talent. Beyonce had to gradually slow down interviewing to boost her career. I think Tinashe needs to scale back too. Just keep it positive and about the music. No one cares … and you’re not at a point to talk s*** about the people who are trying to decide if they’ll spend money on you. TF is wrong with this child?!

    Don’t make me stop liking the new video and song. S***!

  11. Hmmm… January 22, 2018

    Tinashe seems like one of those girls who thinks that everyone who criticizes her is jealous. People who want her to define who she is as an artist aren’t necessarily putting her in a box. And if she wants to sell she needs to do that because no one can be confident in buying a Tinashe album when they aren’t sure if it’s gonna sound like Flame or No Drama. She definitely has an inflated ego and thinks she’s more accomplished than she is.

    And she really needs to get out of this habit of always trying to accuse people and blame people for things. I’ll listen to it once, maybe twice, but enough. She’s always going on about, “people are doing this to me”, “people are trying to do this that to me”. Girl, shut up. People are trying to do stuff to everybody.

  12. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY/STREAM “No Drama” Now Available Everywhere) January 22, 2018

    Tinashe, We LOVE you!
    All the commentators above and soon… below me are spilling out there hearts to you with essays and novel reads for you because you stay on there mind! 🙂

    It’s certainly true to what she said though.
    Almost ALL her haters aka fans try to act like she doesn’t stay on their minds and lips since “2 On”. You would think at this rate people wouldn’t even be giving her the time in 2018. Tinashe commands ATTENTION and that is why they can’t stop talking about her. Like damn lol Justin Skye just came out with an album but yall rather talk about Tinashe, it’s flattering.
    HASHTAG: #IamLIVING #NoDrama 😉

    • Drinkmybussyjuice January 22, 2018

      You are really delusional. “Haters AKA fans” no. This young lady can dance. Thats where it ends. Nothing about her stands out besides that. Shes boring. And comes off as lifeless when she performs. Just because someone comments does not make them a hater cause i honestly am indifferent to her. I dont car if she flops or suceeds. Thats how little i care.

      • Superstar! January 22, 2018

        @Drink…- LMAO at “This young lady can dance. Thats where it ends.”

  13. Mark111 January 22, 2018

    There’s a difference between putting you in a box and you having a target audience to cater to. This girl is all over the place with each single. She goes from the afro soul to trap/Crunk to random cheap pop songs. One minute she’s Akio, next she’s Ciara and then she’s Britney Spears.

    • The Alpha January 22, 2018

      SO TRUE!!!

  14. Elio January 22, 2018

    Lol, #poortea

  15. Nate January 22, 2018

    What ox? There is no box even established for her. She’s a mixtape girl. Every artist has to establish their sound before they jump anywhere, or else no following to buy the material. This chick is out here really thinking she’s in the running, but gurrll…

  16. king z January 22, 2018

    i can’t take anybody 20-something year old seriously rockin’ Diahann carrol’s wig. i’m sorry.

    and hell even Diahann wasn’t rockin the shiiit in her dynasty days

    • Superstar! January 22, 2018

      @King Z – L-M-F-A-O!!!!!! to ALL that!

    • Fancy BISH January 22, 2018

      #Dead lol ?

  17. Dev January 22, 2018

    Gosh that interview was awful! And who’s trying to put her in a box? She made various styles of music and your “fans” have been expressing which they prefer.
    I personally find her tone generic, and although i liked all the previous work and some of Aquarius the music made her stand out but this Miquel-esq song (someone who has also taken the very commercial route) i can’t get with.
    I’m happy with whatever success people allow her to have but i’d be happy if i never had a to see another interview with her or song

  18. S****** Blonde January 22, 2018

    She’s so full of herself.

  19. 4U2SEE January 22, 2018

    She really don’t stand out. At the time where music is blah; you would think she could make it work. People don’t feel the love you have for something so natural. All skinfolks ain’t kinfolks. You tried, just bleach your skin with that wig and go over to pop, new manager and stay behind the scenes. The Only song I know is “Aquarius” and it seem like you were having some found self, relaxed and having fun.

  20. Your Name January 22, 2018

    No one cares about her. This site is the only one that posts about her. She’s a one hit wonder…

  21. DanYiel Iman January 22, 2018

    I actually purchased that song it’s a BANGER!!

  22. Ajm265 January 22, 2018

    Her style is reminiscent of zonique

  23. Aa January 23, 2018

    Come on Tinashe! Let’s every troll in the comments know they wont JFK you. The song is dope and oozes confidence. Solidify your career like ever artist had to.

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