Camila Cabello Defends Fifth Harmony

Published: Thursday 22nd Feb 2018 by David

The amiable Pop princess Camila Cabello is determined to show love to her former Fifth Harmony bandmates.

What happened when a radio host pointed out how much better her career is faring since leaving the group?

A fresh look into the star’s sweet nature.

Hit the play button to see what went down below…


Camilla is currently in the United Kingdom promoting her self-titled debut album and its breakout jam ‘Havana’ which was recently certified Platinum in the market.

Unfortunately, sales of the album are still slim globally.

Will the unveiling of its follow-up ‘Never Be the Same’ help matters?

Weigh in below…


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  1. Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 22, 2018

    Wow she is so humble I love her.

  2. Tori February 22, 2018

    It seems like there’s a lot of hype behind her but there’s nothing really there to hype up…

    • IWISHABITCHWOULD February 22, 2018

      I SO AGREE! She had 1 sleeper hit and a bunch of buzz singles. They just keep her name in the press but she is not the breakout star of 5H AT ALL! #endofstory.

      • iamdiego February 23, 2018

        Normani says HI!

  3. Meme February 22, 2018

    Class act. This is why this girl is going places. She has a fabulous attitude. I guarantee you if it was the other way around and she was doing horrible they would be laughing at her tho.

  4. DanYiel Iman February 22, 2018

    Her tour? What music does she have to display for this tour?

    • Meme February 22, 2018

      She has an entire album that went number #1 and a bunch of other singles with other artist that did well.

      • ??? February 22, 2018

        lmao but how much did it sell tho? exactly lmfaooo

  5. BootzShza February 22, 2018

    Can someone include the minute mark where they talk about 5H? Tried listening but didn’t hear it.

    • Abel February 22, 2018

      Dude, is the first imbecile line the radio host say

  6. ??? February 22, 2018

    lmaoooi love how people act like shes selling millions more than 5h but the truth is her sales are flopping just like theirs, and no streams dont count idgaf lmfaooo

    • IWISHABITCHWOULD February 22, 2018


  7. XYZ February 22, 2018

    She needs a really good second album with one or two hits quick. As they did with Rihanna, she had a hit with pon de replay, her album did ok (based on the market in that time) and her second single didn’t do so well, so they just went over and produced another record with hits. They should do the same with Camilla, cause her album is quite boring to be honest. Though I doubt she will be as big as Rihanna, cause she is not as unique.

  8. Camila Cabello February 22, 2018

    All you h*** can say is sells, b**** even your faves are flunking in sales. Celebrate that number one single and album b****.

  9. Briana February 22, 2018

    I don’t know why people say she’s defending them. You people are so gullible and dumb and will believe whatever words come out of a celebrity’s mouth. Actions speak louder than words, and miss cabello stinks of taylor swift’s vindictive attitude. I mean that is her best friend…

    • iamdiego February 23, 2018

      I agree she knows how to put on the use her innocence to save face. I do believe she is a sweet person but there is a lot of smoke and mirrors.

  10. GurlWepa1989 February 22, 2018

    Love Camila and gotta love ghe subtle shade being thrown on this site. Her album and records are going places more than anything Fifth Harmony has ever done and she just got started. We’re going to see a lot of her trust!! Her first set of your is already sold within hours of release. We doesn’t need to strip or pop her p**** to sell record. She’s young, talented and beautiful that’s going to be around for a long time.

    • Chasity February 24, 2018

      That’s a rich comment. She still tries to ooze subtle s** appeal, but she will still be a downgraded version of Taylor Swift.

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