Behind The Scenes: Remy Ma & Chris Brown – ‘Melanin Magic’ Video

Published: Wednesday 21st Feb 2018 by Sam

Remy Ma sprinkled a little ‘Melanin Magic’ on the masses when she debuted her newest single last month.

The Chris Brown assisted jam is the latest to be lifted from the rapper’s long-awaited sophomore album ‘Seven Winters & Six Summers.’

With its slick video receiving glowing reviews for its celebration of the brown hue, Remy takes the masses behind the scenes to see how the clip (which she co-directed) was pieced together.

Check it out below…

Loving this song and video and hope it garners to the success it deserves.

Hindsight is 20/20, but it would have been such a slay if she had this ready to drop in the immediate aftermath of ‘Shether.’ Pausing to take in the applause saw her spend a lot of her momentum without a product to benefit from it.

Now, she’s kind of has an uphill journey ahead of her.

Still, the material is on par. She just needs to hit the promo trail and fast.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bey Is Grown February 21, 2018

    Love how her singles are not even impacting the Billboard hot 100 By the way, when is her album dropping, no idea right! You know why, because they’re all waiting for the real queen of rap to drop and capitalize on that, I don’t care for how much y’all hate Nicki but this right here is true tea. She’s their Alpha and Omega and everything in between.

    • Justincredible February 21, 2018

      Lmaaaaooooo!! Nicki on hiatus just to PLOT and it will be the DEATH of ha. Paying all these blogs to scheme, even so far as to try to run game on the Queen’s Court to spread her evil. The real queen of rap?? With NO RAP CLASSICS?? 👀🤡 Remy fills the void the female rap game lacked for 8 years; Black love, female rap unity. I’ll take a “Melanin Magic, brown skin poppin” over “These nappy heads h*** need a perminator” ANY DAY. Without Remy REAL rap is DEAD and that’s facts. You gentrification headass f*cks love y’all charts. Well charts don’t speak for the culture so foh. 😂

      • Bey Is Grown February 21, 2018

        You are clearly delusional, what void has remy filled. Go sit your mad ass somewhere next to remy and glorify your delusions to each other.

      • Justincredible February 22, 2018

        Like I said “I’ll take a Melanin magic, brown skin poppin” over “these nappy headed h*** need a perminator” racist self-hate lyrics ANY DAY. It’s very easy to sh!t all over Nicki and the sunken place society she calls Barbs. Stay unwoke fighting for the world to respect your fraud fave. The hate ain’t lettin up, you gon die trying! 🤣👸🏾#QueenRemy

      • Bey Is Grown February 22, 2018

        And you call yourself ‘woke’ bih stop.

  2. Truth Be Told February 21, 2018

    Voice too aggressive, history too violent, flow too old school… I’ll pass

  3. Your Name February 21, 2018

    What happened to all of the Remy supporters? Lil Kim fans? Why no support for “Wake Me Up”? I keep saying it, and I’ll say it again… REMY DOESN’T HAVE FANS; NICKI HAS HATERS. This song will go NOWHERE! Although the video is visually appeasing, her flow is garbage and she’s corny as hell. The song probably would’ve made some sort of impact if another female rapper made it. Stick to Love and Hip Hop sis.

    • binx February 22, 2018

      spill that tea sis

    • SdotB February 22, 2018

      It’s so funny how all you youngins got so used to mumble rap trap music, that someone like Remy, who has a classic gangsta NY hip hop flow, is considered “garbage & trash”. Just goes to show you the true state of music today. You kids just want nonsensical disposable noise with no substance. That’s the type of noise that makes absolutely no impact on the culture. It’s “hot” today, but forgotten tomorrow. Keep it up, it’ll truly save hip hop.

  4. Justincredible February 21, 2018

    What happened to nicki’s respect in being for the culture? 🤔 why is nicki still compared to Lil Kim after being so successful with middle America? 👀 Why is blackness celebrated with black panther but not with melanin magic? 🤔 why did nicki our down her black sisters instead of uplift them with songs like melanin magic? 🤔Ask Real questions instead of trolling Billy bob 👨🏼

  5. Kayla February 22, 2018

    Its stil a FLOP

    • Bey Is Grown February 22, 2018

      Remy’s whole career is a flop?.

  6. Ocean February 22, 2018

    Guys .. seriously .. this song is rubbish .. can we also point out that Remy said all her videos for he album was done. Yet she’s still in the studio recording songs for the completed album.

    I wanna know what she was writing all those winters and summers when she was locked up.

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