Donald Glover Drags Lady Gaga & The Grammys

Published: Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 by Sam

Donald Glover has always been one to say his mind, a trait which has extended into his work.

However, during a promo interview for the upcoming season of his show ‘Atlanta,’ the musician/actor rustled a few feathers. Especially those of Lady Gaga fans and organisers of the Grammys.

Full story below…

Speaking with the New Yorker, the 35-year-old veered into the debate around race and how he’s been affected by it in the business

Peep an excerpt:

He continued, “I went to school with white people who had less talent than me—because I’m talented as ****—and they’re doing way better than me. I went to N.Y.U. with Lady Gaga.” There was a burst of laughter and applause from the den.“Now, CBS ran Grammys ads this week, and I’m one of the hotter acts, and they had a visual of the performers on the show: Lady Gaga, Pink, and me. Only they showed some black kid from a fan video—it’s not even me. I was, like, **** this, **** them, I’m not going to do the show!” After a moment, he added, quietly, “The sad thing is I’m going to do it, because black people don’t get that chance very often.”


Do you agree with him or nah?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme February 28, 2018

    He does have a wide range of talent, id give him that. But he kinda doesn’t master any of them. His music in particular is very lackluster. And self validation is never a good thing.

    Boy bye with your corny self.

  2. ? + ✈ = ? February 28, 2018

    He didn’t drag anyone! Why are you so desperate for stories Samantha?

  3. Suicide Blonde February 28, 2018

    I like him, he’s talented but being arrogant is never a good thing, I hate when talented artists praise themselves, btw, Gaga is the least person he should be dragging since she’s equally talented, if not more than he is.

  4. China February 28, 2018

    It seems like the Industry Men of color act like WOMEN. How all these STRAIGHT men so catty. Mr. Glover stopping being a “FISH”, get ya money and stop BEING OVER EMOTIONAL, your lucky to be on TV with your unconventional looks and High pitched singing voice…..Girl Bye. No Fan of GAGA but she is multi-talented and FIERCE…….

    • VENIS PAGINA March 1, 2018

      Like women, you say? Hahaha males are the most noisy and entitled idiots in the world, attacking everything and everyone who does not submit to their delusions, many times violently.

  5. Everything is racist February 28, 2018

    Sounds delusional, like Kanye

  6. Fact Checker February 28, 2018

    First he’s definitely more talented than Lady Gaga secondly he didn’t say this in the negative connotation it’s being sensationalized as, not to mention Black Artists and Black Art is often treated as secondary while it influences every aspect of Culture. FACTS!

    • Dee February 28, 2018

      How is he more. They both artists. I mean Gaga can sing , dance ,act , songwriter, producer, can play multiple instruments. C’mon this hating simple. He is very talented. No doubt but to say she is lesser. I disagree.

      • Sandra February 28, 2018

        I’m guessing he said that because he can do all those things plus write/produce a (hit) show.

  7. Dee February 28, 2018

    He is talented but so is Lady Gaga. I understand what he is trying to say but Pink and Lady Gaga are majorly talented.

  8. DanYiel Iman February 28, 2018

    Caucasian folks #ANNOY me, it’s written in history any POC or who isn’t CAUCASIAN has to work 10x harder to get 10% of what those artist receive!!

  9. Danzou is back! February 28, 2018

    My career isn’t going where it should be going, I know I’ll drop the race card… It’s so played out now!

  10. John L. Anderson V February 28, 2018

    I see what he is saying but lady Gaga was a bad example, because she is immensely talented.

  11. gio88 February 28, 2018

    i’m tired of this racial thing there are A LOT of super successful black actors/actress , singers, models ecc… stop making it sound like white people have all the spotlight and the black community even with talent doesn’t get’s not true we are in 2018, not 1980! i’m tired of all these kind of interviews , he is a successful actor and singer-songwriter , like many others , why they never talk about that?!

  12. Aboutme February 28, 2018

    Gaga is really talented (sings,writes,dances,plays different instruments) so the point is moot. Gaga worked hard to get to where she is today. He’s talented but I dislike people who have to bring down others to elevate themselves. Although, I will say I understand his points about racism in the industry. Just wished he focused more on that cause people are gonna take this out of context and drag him.

  13. to ny February 28, 2018

    I get his point, but thats the Grammy fault for not knowing who he is! Dont talk crazy now man! you are very talented but Shut up with thee race card! Colored man here and i dont whine and cry i just work harder and harder! Be a man and just Work dont act P****

  14. debbie February 28, 2018

    boo hoo….and who the he’ll is he…..

  15. Jasmine February 28, 2018

    Men that hold drinks with their pinky finger out are gay or have way too much b|tch in them. #FACTS

  16. Michael March 1, 2018

    I agree with Don it is tough in the business. It’s not about talent anymore but more about who you know. Race does have a factor. Its sad.

  17. The. Bigger cheese March 1, 2018

    Who is he ???? boy gaga is way more talented than you period if not she is one most talented artist ever the girl can do it all

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