Cardi B Gives Update On Delayed Album

Published: Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 by David

The pressure is on Cardi B to deliver a chart-blazing debut album.

Almost a year removed from Bodak Yellow‘s release, the entertainer is now tasked with releasing a set that’ll move impressive pure sales and streaming data alike and drop singles just as grand as the aforementioned smash.

How the rapper is responding to calls from fans to drop the album within the next few weeks?

Watch below…

Yall love hating but steady asking about the album ??? @iamcardib

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Why do you think the rising star is yet to drop her set?

Let us know below…

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  1. Tori February 28, 2018

    I say she could get away with a surprise release with the right promo, single, and video. She’s pretty hot right, it could do pretty good numbers and people will eat it up just to swear that Nicki is “seething” or “shook”.

    • Meme February 28, 2018

      I agree. She should just drop it with no announcement.

      • Yan February 28, 2018

        Also think a surprise release would bring her bigger numbers, especially after this long wait/delay.

    • Fancy BISH February 28, 2018

      This! Tori, Meme and Yan ✅✅✅?

  2. Ughhh February 28, 2018

    Her, Nicki and Remi are literally just waiting for each other to drop their album first.

    • RihNaj February 28, 2018

      Basically I can’t anymore ? they should all just drop it on the same day….we all know who gon do the most numbers tho ?

      • Ashanti #1 Fan February 28, 2018

        That’s what I said

    • trulyworthyqueen February 28, 2018

      Remi is not a part of the discussion i knew she would flop when Wendy Williams liked her Wendy hates all succesful people

  3. Truthtea February 28, 2018

    Because Cardi is a one hit wonder

  4. DanYiel Iman February 28, 2018

    She’s better than me, her talent isn’t the best & neither is Tricki Garbagh as well!! Taking other folks way of life SUCKS IN GENERAL!!

  5. binx February 28, 2018

    She should’ve released it when Bodak was hot. I feel like Atlantic are making her wait until Nicki drops, but it could end up hurting her.

  6. trulyworthyqueen February 28, 2018

    we all know she has no songs, she got lucky with BODAK Yellow. And there it is people are so busy hating on NICKI they will give ANYONE undue props shes the same thing as iggy just the black version.

  7. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez February 28, 2018

    One hit wonder, all her songs sound the same, no hooks, no warmth, no airplay, no sales – she can’t make an album out of one beat.

  8. Slick February 28, 2018

    Say what you want about this chick, but shes effen hilarious. She said nothing but the truth. But her fans are waiting and that’s the thing.

  9. TAMMAH February 28, 2018

    I Really Think Cardi Can Pull Off An Album Release With No Warning! I Will Love To See Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, & Cardi B Drop An Album All At The Same Time! You Know How Big That Will Be? Releasin’ An Album With No Warning At The Same Time Will Determine Who Got The Numbers & It Will Be A Big Competition Like 50 Cent Vs. Kanye West.

    • TAMMAH February 28, 2018

      Ppl Always Pin Girls Against Each Other, Why Not Give The Ppl What They Want? Tht Moment Will Be Talked About For A Very Long Time.

  10. GurlWepa1989 February 28, 2018

    OK let’s get his clear, Remy is not even in the same league with Nicki or Cardi and I’m keeping it factual. No one cares or checking for Remy, if are or were, that -ish would if charted already. I’m a big fan of Cardi and my girl is mad hilarious and had been putting out some serious bangerS these past months but where is the album at ma…we are waiting. !!??

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