Oh No! Remy Ma’s ‘Melanin Magic’ Vanishes From The iTunes Chart

Published: Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 by David

Remy Ma‘s comeback has been, for the most part, successful.

Powered by the smash hit cut ‘All the Way Up’, the Hip-Hop titan made major gains on Hip-Hop’s live music circuit and as the new star of VH1’s ‘Love and Hip Hop New York.’

Unfortunately, as Cardi B’s commercial star rises, she is forced to watch hers crash and burn.

Why? Her fans’ reluctance to purchase her music.

What this spells? Trouble on the iTunes chart.

The rapper’s new single ‘Melanin Magic’ was released on January 19th 2018 and received praise for its sincere celebration of black women.

Unfortunately, the empowering jam has been rejected by the star’s supporters who have opted not to buy it making the blame for the fact that the song has been booted out of the iTunes Top 100.

Worrying, as it means it may be selling under one thousand copies with each passing day.

The track’s sales are so low that it is currently being outperformed by Coldplay‘s ‘Paradise’ (released in 2011) and Rachel Platten‘s ‘Fight Song’ which dropped in 2015.

Frustrating news, as the upbeat and unifying ‘Magic‘ was launched to pave the way for the star’s long-awaited comeback album ‘Seven Winters, Six Summers.’



Our take on Ma’s commercial predicament?

Well, as it’s now clear that Ma’s loyalists aren’t as loyal as she needs them to be as far as the charts concerned, her focus should be remoulding herself into a live act who prioritises tour tickets over album sales.

Do you agree?


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  1. RihNaj February 28, 2018

    Hahahaha hahahaha poor Remus flopping left right and Center as expected ????

  2. pat February 28, 2018

    she’ll do better to go ahead and get pregnant and promote black love and a baby line…. this album is about to be the biggest flop of the year

    • RihNaj February 28, 2018

      Girl better drop the album now that nicki’s Away ??

  3. Meme February 28, 2018

    Career finish, not that it ever started. She can’t rap…and once the smoke cleared ppl are starting to realize it. 90% of her “fans” weren’t ever fans, they were Nicki Haters.

    • Danzou is back! February 28, 2018

      She can rap better then Rihanna can sing and thats a fact… Go listen to hero!

    • Fancy BISH February 28, 2018

      Meme is having none of it lol…she definitely needs to move on from the song! She needs to be careful about her next two single choices….or should I say her last two chances to rescue this era! I don’t understand why she isn’t releasing street pop like Cardi…Lean Back was street pop! She should forget Melania Magic lol ? This was a deep album cut/ bonus track for Target at best! ?

  4. Remy Nah February 28, 2018

    That’s embarrassing. I don’t know why someone would give her a record deal. Remy can’t rap and has no flow, facts. She was more worried about Nicki when she should’ve been focused on building up her career. She should stick to reality tv. Her time is up.

  5. Remy is trash February 28, 2018

    She really thought shether would make her famous. She’s still a grade D celebrity ???

  6. Love and hip flop February 28, 2018

    Nicki is the queen of rap #BagStopped

    • DanYiel Iman February 28, 2018

      Tricki Garbagh is the Princess of Pop/Rap!!

      • Love and hip flop February 28, 2018

        You know you sing every word to rake it up when it comes on in the club. Nicki’s been making hit after hit for 8 years. If she was trash like you say, she’d be washed up like iggy. GTFOHWTBS

  7. Ashanti February 28, 2018

    Another day another story nicki paid TGJ to post.

    • Faf February 28, 2018

      Why would she have to do that the facts are the facts

  8. Cinnamon Girl February 28, 2018

    She’s too violent, rough and aggressive. She’s just not marketable.

  9. John L. Anderson V February 28, 2018

    I think her single choices haven’t been the best. In fact a lot of her singles have had a dated sound to them.

  10. jec2 February 28, 2018

    She just isn’t that good. period. The numbers speak for themselves.

  11. Mastermind February 28, 2018

    She probably should have had her mud duck husband poopoo write her sh it so it could have sounded witty as the first diss track.

  12. Lisa bells February 28, 2018

    If no one is buying her single songs who do you think is going to buy the album? Or see her in person? I don’t even wanna hear her let alone actually see her??‍♀️

  13. binx February 28, 2018

    Remy doesn’t have fans, Nicki has haters.

  14. Jackx February 28, 2018

    Her flow is dated for 2018

  15. Your Name February 28, 2018

    Is this a surprise? Remy, you’re almost 40 with no type of legacy other than being in jail. Give it up sis, no one’s interested…

    • I HAte Whytht and. BLaAkc bitczzzz February 28, 2018

      No sis you’re wrong she should not give up…… there is a market for Remy Ma.

      • Your Name February 28, 2018

        Where is it? Nothing she releases sticks unless it has Fat Joe’s name attached to it. She’s DONE!

  16. trulyworthyqueen February 28, 2018

    She should have her baby with PAP, u cannot win when u play dirty & Karma is a b**** how dare she diss nicki on BET Stage, wild beast

  17. February 28, 2018

    Like I said before, no one really gives a damn about Remy. they were only gassing her because she just came out of jail, then turn around and took the gas and dis, Nicki Minaj. She was just a means to an end for the haters, but look at the end of the day Nicki is still here. No matter how the haters try to destroy her she still is persevering and do her thing, Banks warned her to leave Nicki the fck alone but no she didn’t hear she let the haters trick and used her, now what is going on with her negatively is all on her, they were moved on from her along time ago,they on cardi b’s dck now trying to use her to replace Nicki sigh so so sad.

    • Tru.tea.tales February 28, 2018

      Thats why i know Kash Doll is next even UK rapper Ms Banks stands a shot
      The trick is to kiss Nickis ass n be her friend thats how u will win u cannot be jealous and win Remy was Jealous that is why she is flopping Cardi is dumb and untalented the album will be awful she isnt musical and i feel sorry for her she wont be able to live up to the hype uks steflon don stands a shot she just has to be very careful and respectful of nicki at all times and let Remy be a lesson to all of em dont hate n think u will win… n if wendy williams likes u thats a bad sign as that woman is the most jealous woman on earth and she loves remy coz shes so jealous of nicki

      • Lovely Lana March 11, 2018

        You hit the nail with the biggest hammer I’ve heard ????????Big ole fact sus!!!!

  18. I HAte Whytht and. BLaAkc bitczzzz February 28, 2018

    She should have released a long time ago. …. she had all this heat. I didn’t release anything until this year six Summers was 20 years ago

  19. ~The Arcade~ February 28, 2018

    Terribly biased post … smh!

    • Lovely Lana March 11, 2018

      How is it biased they Complemented her through the whole article did you read what I read

  20. F*** yall February 28, 2018

    Raise your hand if your website is on Nicki Minaj’s payroll.

  21. kenyatta February 28, 2018

    Ya’ll can’t be this stupid. It’s not on top 100 BUT It’s on hip-hop chart as number 28 on iTunes. Idiots. Pay attention to the article!

  22. Cornbread February 28, 2018

    Melanin Magic actually has a nice beat and catchy hook. It has all the makings of a top 10 urban hit, but of course Remy ruins it with her horrible flow. A male rapper would’ve done the song justice.

  23. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY/STREAM “No Drama” Now Available Everywhere) February 28, 2018

    David couldn’t wait to write this. He is #TeamNicki all day.

  24. Fenty88 February 28, 2018

    Sorry remy but your not popping instead of her talking about bury nicki she needs to bury her self she thought that fake female unity was gonna to work and if cardi smart her ass betta hurry up and release album cause ppl already getting tired she going to let her own hyper die Lil Kim and nicki the only one that lasted

  25. Yourstruly March 1, 2018

    Karma is definitely working …

  26. Kim March 2, 2018

    She is a terrible rapper an she messed up trying to come 4 the Queen Nikki! Too Thuggish and Washed up! Bye Felicia & Lean Way Back and find another single

  27. Kim March 2, 2018

    Too Thuggish and Washed up! Bye Felicia & Lean Way Back and find another single

  28. BluMoon March 8, 2018

    All i want is some new Nicki music. I wanna hear what this album gonna sound like.

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