Watch: Justin Timberlake Performs Medley At BRIT Awards 2018

Published: Wednesday 21st Feb 2018 by Sam

After a lacklustre showing at the Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake aimed to please tonight at the 2018 BRIT Awards.

Hosted at London’s famed O2 Arena, the ceremony marked the first international stage JT has hit in support of new album ‘Man Of The Woods.’

With the set enjoying respectable but not blockbuster sales, the performance was an important one.

To assist his charge, the crooner called on collaborator Chris Stapleton for ‘Say Something’ – which was showcased after an introductory offering of ‘Midnight Summer Jam.’

How did Justin do? Find out below…


One of two things is happening with JT: he either has become exceptionally complacent and thus mediocre or was mediocre the entire time and we’re all just waking up to it. Maybe it’s both. Whatever the case is, it’s clear he’s not up to par with his competitors in today’s climate (see: Bruno Mars).

Your thoughts?

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  1. taustin13 February 21, 2018


  2. Maude February 21, 2018

    He sucks 19 different types of ass

  3. Linda Holding February 21, 2018

    That was beautiful! Thank. You thank. You thank. You.

  4. Xtina4life February 21, 2018

    Sorry Bruno will never match anything jt has done throughout his career. Bruno hasnt matched him in album sales at all. Keep hating in jt.

    • Meme February 22, 2018

      You’re right, Bruno will never match him because he’s far passed him. All Justin can cling too is sales which is all thanks to the released of music made by more talented black artist in climate where all A list pop stars sell in an abundance.

      Bruno is a real artist who contribute vastly to his music and doesn’t depend on super produce to create is sound. Unlike Justin who had a whole image and sound made up for him.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 22, 2018

        No one will ever take a Rihanna stan seriously so keep your comments to yourself sis. You obviously know nothing about anything musically actually you know nothing about anything your just a lost soul you should give up on life now.
        Btw I’m listening to Rihanna’s live vocal of her Mariah Carey’s Hero cover it’s so amazing…

    • ??? February 22, 2018

      lmao seethe bishh, King Bruno makes this boy b*tch look like the talentless queen he has always been lmfaoo.

  5. Light February 21, 2018

    LMAO. A mess.

  6. Coco February 21, 2018

    He was always rubbish

  7. Martaevia La’wayne February 21, 2018

    I don’t care …. the album is everything!!🙌🏿 I honestly think it’s his best work to date. Only a few would understand. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  8. Him❤️ February 21, 2018

    He never was the performer it was always JC, he was the cutie so y’all fooled yourself. 😉

  9. Theman February 21, 2018

    You are reaching. This was actually pretty good. You start every article off with hate.

  10. Bravo!! February 21, 2018

    He older what do you expect. You can’t compare him and Bruno mars. Justin put in work & did his time.. he established hiselve as an artist and will continue to gross million dollars tours, and he might get lucky and have a hit movie. His star will fade into the dark sky as star..

  11. Tino February 22, 2018

    Usher will still out perform jt and bruno anyday. Neither will never match Usher success and global impact. Check billboard and times greatest list btw bruno has already passed jt in #1 songs.

  12. Bruhman February 22, 2018

    Justin TImberlake simply doesnt have the magic that he once had during the Justified or FutureSex/LoveSounds era .He’s getting older and him flopping is not just about the new generation being woke but the main factor is It’s 2018 and in today’s music world there is no need for him anymore due to the fact that there are young and fresher male pop/r&b acts on the scene (Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber,Chris Brown) that have taken over the lane he & Usher once dominated back in the early 2000s. That’s why i hope Usher’s release this year doesn’t suffer the same faith that “Man Of The Wood” did. But with artist like Bruno or Breezy running male R&B game right now I wonder how he’ll fare. He’s going to have to bring it in order show these cats who their dad is.

  13. Tino February 22, 2018

    Agree with most except Chris lol. Bruno Beiber and Ed yes but Chris doesn’t even compare songs success and album sales wise. He’s not running anything lol

    • Bruhman February 22, 2018

      I agree that he could do better pop wise. But let’s not act like Chris is not doing pretty well right now with Heartbreak On A Fullmoon and continuing to having massive hits/features on urban radio. His new album just went platinum and every single on it either went gold or platinum. So yes in a way he is running the Male R&B game along with Bruno. He’s doing 20 Times better than Trey and the rest. He’s especially doing better than Usher right now ,someone he was influenced by. The reason I didn’t use Ed is because he’s not in the same lane as JT,Usher,Bruno,CB, or JB . He’s not a male pop/r&b artist that dances or deliver urban bops. The rest can or used too. I’m not usually the one to defend Chris but we shouldn’t act like he’s not one of the artist that is running male R&B atm or pretending he’s not one of the most popular male artist in the game right now. Most of the time on urban radio the only male r&b artist you hear nowadays is (Bruno Mars/CB/The Weekend). Usher needs to come back strong so he can break that cycle.

      • tyana February 22, 2018

        but he can’t thought.

  14. Suicide Blonde February 22, 2018

    To call this performance rubbish is just pure hate, if one thing people can’t deny to JT is the fact that he’s a great performer.

    • Light February 22, 2018

      Lol That superbowl performance said otherwise. He’s as talented a performer as Mandy Moore.

  15. Ka February 22, 2018

    He is holding on to meledies for life to push this less than acceptable album. Has to realise many more talented artist have shown up since last album and the adult contemporary mess isn’t flying.

  16. cocobutta February 22, 2018

    Usher hasn’t been about for him to steal some dance moves off.
    JT has got bops for days but not last couple albums. Stage presence lost its spark while he was acting.

  17. SMH February 22, 2018

    Just goes to show you, white privilege can only carry you but so far.

  18. Tino February 22, 2018

    @Bruhman Usher has been out since 1993 almost 30 years so of course Bruno and CB are more popular and successful right now. Usher has nothing to prove he’s already left his mark. Just like in the late 90’s and 00’s when Mj and Prince had been out 25 years and Usher was more popular and successful than them.

    • taustin13 February 22, 2018

      *not Michael Jackson. His lowest selling album was 13 million in the 2000s decade. . Everything esle is legit statement. Honestly MJ is the staple so comparing usher when Michael was still popping is not corrective here.

  19. Tino February 22, 2018

    Lol TRUE but it took that album years to sale that much first few months and years after its release the sales were way down compared to Mj prime years and that was his only album the entire decade. Usher sold 30 million plus and had 7 #1 songs in the 00’s which is why i said he was more popular and successful but Mj and Prince had nothing to prove they were already icos. Just like Usher right now

    • Tino February 22, 2018


  20. Bruhman February 22, 2018

    @tyana I don’t think you determine whether or not Usher could make a huge comeback. He had a huge radio hit in 2016 with No Limit so there is a possibility that he can. He and his team just have to properly handle this era with care and not do the utter blasphemous nonsense they did with Hard 2 Love. The good thing is he has a good ear for hits especially on urban radio. He just needs to bring it music wise/performance wise/style wise and promote this project to a 100% efficiency. I’m talking Award Shows, Radio Deals,TV Interviews/Performances, etc. like how he did during 8701,Confessions,and RVR he’ll be fine. He just has to act like he gives a damn because he was a shell of his former self in 2016. But I’ve seen huge improvements from 2017 til now from his live performances to his fashion (The U Chain is back), so he does have a chance. If i were Usher i would see these young cats like Bruno Mars or Chris Brown as motivation to get back to the top of the Male R&B scene cause his contemporary (Justin Timberlake) clearly cant keep up right now.

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