Beyonce Prepping Alter Ego For New Music?

Published: Monday 5th Mar 2018 by Sam

With a surprise collaboration dominating the charts and a rumored joint album + tour around the corner, Beyonce‘s name has been inescapable of late.

However, it seems Queen Bey may be looking to switch things up on that front.

See what we mean below…

It’s well established that The BeyHive are detectives like no other and one member of the clan seems to have stumbled on an interesting development.

On TIDAL, ‘Top Off’ (DJ Khaled‘s latest jam with Bey, JAY-Z, and Future) is no longer tagged on the “appears on” section of her page anymore. Instead, an artist named “B” is tagged. No other song than ‘Top Off’ feature on said act’s page.

What’s more, the song still appears on Khaled, Jay, and Future’s respective pages.


Could an alter ego be on its way?

It wouldn’t be the first time Mrs Carter has dabbled with the concept (see: Sasha Fierce).

Perhaps she’s veering the Rap route, given the bars she effortlessly spits on ‘Top Off’? Or maybe that’s the slant they’re taking with this rumored collabo album (J and B)?


Your thoughts?

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  1. Just_blaze March 5, 2018

    Yasss im here for it. Shes ready to eat i can hear it now.
    Beyonce slay us real quick. F it up then leave again.

  2. Marcel March 5, 2018

    “With a surprise collaboration dominating the charts”
    You mean the same collab that’s already free falling on iTunes?

    • Meme March 5, 2018

      Lolol. Dominating which charts exacting. I can promise you that song will not crap the top 10 on billboard.

  3. Mary March 5, 2018

    Sam, y’all are so far up Beyonce’s ass, it’s pathetic!!!!! Sad!!!!!

    • Mary March 5, 2018

      Beyonce is the queen of what? She can’t even win album of the year. LoL!!!!! She never will.

      • Chile Please!!! March 5, 2018

        Yessss okay! People worship the ground she walks on like she’s the best to have EVER done it! FOH! Rihanna shyts on fleayonce with album sales & number 1’s!

  4. Suicide Blonde March 5, 2018

    Is this the same Stan who claimed Sweet dreams was being re-released just because it appeared on tidal as a new remix? If you want to know if an artist is about to release a new album then check the publishing databases and see if there are are bunch of new songs (BMI, ASCAP, etc). Duh. Roach fans stay dumb.

    • Suicide Blonde March 5, 2018

      Mmm there’s only one person on this site who uses that word to refer to Beyoncé, I think I know who you are, have fun pretending to be me, I guess, when you’re so insipid that even on the web you have to pretend to be others in order to get people’s attention, sad.

      • Suicide Blonde March 5, 2018

        You are insipid for trolling me you basic pretender.

  5. Tori March 5, 2018

    I knew nobody BUT Sam would wake up this morning and pulled some 3 day old b******* out his ass like this. I hope Bey hurry up with new music because this sissy is thirsty. I though ACTUAL news was available about Bey7, Sam please don’t mess it up for those of us who are actually waiting for new music with all your “Stan” b*******! That s*** is annoying, isn’t this site supposed to be 28% professional?

  6. Meme March 5, 2018

    Of course she is…

    I’m a Beyonce hater as they call me. So yeah you know I have to call it as it is. Beyonce can never release music the traditional way. She has to come up with tactics and gimmicks each time to roll out her music. Surprise releases, HBO specials, 100 videos, performing her entire album at awards shows for no reason. The list comes on.

    This is for someone who is the most talented artist of our generation. Why does she always feel the need to overdo everything? Why can’t she just release her singles and albums the traditional way like other heavy hitters Adele and Taylor.

    Legit question…

    • Haters Gon’ Hate March 5, 2018

      And you answered your own question. Beyoncé is BEYONCÉ – she has earned the right to do things her way – taking non traditional release strategies and AND GRINDIN’ TILL’ SHE OWNS IT ? She doesn’t need to copy Adele or Taylor, she’s been there and done that – she has enough control to deliver her music the way she wants it because the label are her collaborators not her handlers. She’s makes 100 videos because that’s what SHE wants to do – the label aren’t forcing her to do jack s***. It’s called being a BOSS.

      • Light March 5, 2018

        Exactly! Let that hating ass clown who stands for the likes of talentless Camila Cabello know.

      • Xanadu March 5, 2018

        You’d better read that Beyonce’ hating bish for filth!!!..BRAVO!..I’m sick of that tired pedestrian a** queen coming for Bey!!!!

      • ??? March 5, 2018

        lmao its called FLOPPING, cuz taylor & adele can outsell roach within hours & without any extra effort, unlike Roach who has to roll out all the bells & whistles from neverneverland just to sell a fraction of what adele does within minutes lmfaoooo.

    • iamdiego March 5, 2018

      Because she’s not basic. They are her singles and her albums so she can do what she wants. I have a question. If Bey releasing her material (the way she wants too) makes you so mad why the need to comment or even click on the article?

      • Meme March 5, 2018

        Because I am a music fan in general and I once was a very very strong Beyonce supporter. I am still a fan but I don’t agree with much of what she does anymore.

        Thanks for all the response but I think the real answer is she doesn’t all that to make up for where her music lacks. She knows she can’t rely on just the music because…well the music just isn’t that good and will perform even more poorly than it does with she doesn’t pull out the tricks.

        I really think she just needs to focus on making better music period and worry less about visuals.

  7. DanYiel Iman March 5, 2018

    Beyoncé haters come far & wide to do just that with love & JOY!! Anything regarding flat tones Ri-Whine-A they’re all up her ass!! ✌??

  8. NOPE March 5, 2018

    This trick and her endless gimmicks. And when did “the best vocalist” turn into a rapper?

  9. Jasmine (The Original Princess) March 5, 2018

    Beyonce is, old, washed up, ugly and so are her kids

    • Case March 5, 2018

      Nice try Suicide Feces. Seriously, leave Jasmine alone.

  10. Abel Minaj March 5, 2018

    Dominating the charts ???
    And y’all said shining was a hit too ?????

  11. Alex March 5, 2018

    People know they hate on the Queen! Top off is smashing the iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and is rising at least 5 spots everyday on radio as we speak. This will be a top 10 and y’all can stay mad. If you’re not a fan, oh well. Shut the hell up and worry about your basic, high cholesterol having faves! Good day! Lmao!!

    • ??? March 5, 2018

      lmao on mars maybe, here on earth its flopping harder than shining did. silly roach lmfaooooo

      • Alex March 5, 2018

        Worry about your old maid of a fave struggling to crack the top 40! Lmao!!

  12. Bich March 5, 2018

    So Sasha fierce coming back or nah?

  13. 4U2SEE March 5, 2018

    I guess the fuss is she’ll be calling it Bardi B. Bawwhahahahahahhaha When will this corny s*** will end?? When?

  14. Liam March 5, 2018

    Well this isn’t new territory for her…. she was doing that sing talking rap thing even during destiny’s child days I think she would slay and I’m not even fan but she does have the skills to rap on a couple joints

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