Bow Wow: “My Mind Is Telling Me I Won’t See 35”

Published: Thursday 29th Mar 2018 by Sam

Concerns continue to grow for rapper Bow Wow.

For, just days after publicly questioning his existence, the 31-year-old has now revealed on social media that he doesn’t believe he’ll make it to 35.

His worrying words below…

When asked by a fan where he sees himself in the future, the star replied:

Not far. Because my mind telling me i wont see 35 … my whole life i been paranoid like someone out to get me. Which is crazy. I used to think id die in la when i was younger because of big and pac. I use to be terrified as a child. Crazy thoughts

What followed was a stream of angry tweets aimed at “haters” and “bloggers.” When quizzed on why he was popping off now, he said:

Bored w life. Tired of all this sh*t. Tired of n*ggas talking sh*t. Always w my name in they mouth so ima stay with this energy right here. Not taking no sh*t

Further explaining his frustrations, Bow – real name Shad Moss – complained:

Its anger. Its what yall turned me into. The media. The bloggers. The people. This is what yall wanted. I was the red and blue spiderman. Now im the all black spider man. ?

When assured by one fan that he has support, he clapped back with:

Wher MY FANS be at when n*ggas be chopping me up and the media go in on me? F*cking w every little thing i do? I dont see nobody defending bow. Aint no army for bow. But you love me right? Yeaah ok.. im this goat right? Yeah ok.

Intermittently, Bow also stressed that he’s low on faith.

We wish him the best.

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  1. Meme March 29, 2018

    Praying for him. Ironically, the writers in this trash blog be the very same ones dogging artist on everyone post. Writing big headlines highlighting low sales and people failures.

    • Suicide Blonde March 29, 2018

      Trick don’t be talking but my baby daddy like that. He is all that and then some ho.

    • DanYiel Iman March 29, 2018

      Reminds me of your fave flat alto singer Ri-Whine-A!!✌??

  2. Latoya Stevens March 29, 2018

    Bye Felicia!

    • IAMME March 29, 2018

      Y;ll have no heart!

  3. Achooo! March 29, 2018

    He is weak minded and have been exposed. Bow Wow need to quit the celebrity life and go to school to fulfill he intellectual curiosity.

  4. IAMME March 29, 2018


  5. QueenShade March 29, 2018

    This is what happens when u try to live a double life…. it’s like being in the closet… just come out already n say ur broke b**** we already know nobody cares … u and Sean Kingston need help

  6. Toni Shorty March 29, 2018

    You look to the world for help bit God is your help. You need to turn towards God that is where all your answer is God will turn and take your life n make you a whole new person.

  7. Casual March 29, 2018

    Depression is real. Many child stars have these issues when the limelight fades. Plus, the explosion in new internet technology and social media over the past 10 years has made living with dimming fame more brutal than ever. I hope he gets help.

  8. BANGBANG123 March 29, 2018

    Go see a shrink attention seeker! People who still have their wits and are in mental anguish go and seek help form a professional! His ass is the black Sinead o Conner!

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