Bow Wow Sparks Concern After Questioning Own Existence On Social Media

Published: Saturday 24th Mar 2018 by Sam

Concern for the well-being of Bow Wow is intensifying today after the rapper took to social media to share a chilling message.

Full story below…

While he once sat at the apex of the teen Hip-Hop movement, recent years haven’t been the kindest to the star’s music career. Indeed, as at writing, it’s relatively non-existent.

He has, however, maintained relevance by way of TV ventures – including ‘Growing Up Hip-Hop,’ which he both stars in and executive produces.

And yet, the stress of the scrutiny he receives seems to be taking a toll on the 31-year-old father of one.

On Instagram, he posted the pic below with the caption:

Sometimes i REALLY wish i never existed… i can never do SHIT RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM DOING RIGHT! Im better off …..

The post comes after a clip of Bow, real name Shad Moss, surfaced showing him being punched. It also comes after he was mocked for seemingly faking the high-life with a staged snap aboard a “private jet.” He was, in reality, on a coach flight.


A cry for help or a ploy for attention? Who knows.

That said, we wish him the best.

Your thoughts?

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  1. foots March 24, 2018

    Well I’ll be damned!…. so don’t push him over the Edge. The Gossip you place here (by the way your doing a good job) you should give him a shout-out and tell him you love him. The word love can mean so many things and when people feel down it can be enlightment. I hope you feel better soon Bow-wow. I LOVE YOU. Remember what my Grandmother always told me and it makes me fight back. “The Devil is always busy”. Yeah he really will feel good if he could get you to act on those depressing thoughts. Don’t feel bad telling the Devil to take his a** somewhere else.? ¯? ~~~**foots**~~~?

    • Joyell Marks March 24, 2018


      • Jamie March 24, 2018

        Amen x 2. I’m never coming on here ever again. I’m disgusted by that “cry for help or cry for attention” comment. It was nice joking and having fun with my fellow commentors and you too suicide blonde, but I’m done.

  2. Tori March 24, 2018

    He needs help…seriously. I’ve been to the place he’s in where you question why you’re even on earth, it’s a very dark haunting time. This is not a joking matter, he needs some attention placed on him and his mental state.

  3. DanYiel Iman March 24, 2018

    He’s always up to something & I’m done!!

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