Report: Rihanna Plotting Return To Pop After So-So Sales Of ‘ANTI’

Published: Thursday 29th Mar 2018 by Sam

Once a proud proponent of the “album a year” model, Rihanna has in recent years steered in a different direction.

But that hasn’t been without bumps along the way.

Indeed, her last album ‘ANTI’ was marred by multi-year delays and spurned several “lead singles” before eventually striking gold with Drake collaboration ‘Work.’

And while the 2016 set would go on to birth other moderate hits such as ‘Needed Me’ and ‘Love On The Brain,’ it didn’t deliver smashes in the manner she’s accustomed to. A reality some say caused the LP’s like-titled tour to routinely play to half-empty venues.

To remedy this, RiRi is reportedly looking to embrace a more mainstream sound on her next go round.

Details below…

Via The List:

Rihanna is going back to her roots on her next album. The hitmaker is reportedly planning to record songs in the style of her fifth studio LP, 2010’s, ‘Loud’, which spawned the hits ‘Love the Way You Lie’, ‘Cheers (Drink to That)’ and ‘Only Girl (In the World)’, rather than 2016’s R&B-orientated ‘Anti’.

Citing an insider, the report went on to add that:

“Rihanna loved ‘Anti’ but knows it wasn’t anywhere as successful as her previous albums. “She sat down with management and decided she needs to go back to what people love.”


Insiders come a dime a dozen, as such the proof will be in her next musical pudding.

That said, there are pros and cons should she really be looking to go “POP” again.

On the one hand, by serving up McMusic for the masses, she earned herself a broad fanbase who look to her for quick fix hits that allow for momentary escapism. Say what folk will, but that model worked and it’s what helped establish RiRi as a viable and sustainable alternative to the acts who presented themselves “seriously.” Put simply, despite not earning the Bajan belle much respect, it gave her a lane that was unequivocally hers.

On the other, (with ‘ANTI’) she garnered respect from select corners of the culture for serving up an album that – though devoid of “endless hits” – was cohesive. It’s also a project that has aged well. 

So where does that leave her?

For us, we feel a healthy mix of the mainstream and the edgy would be most advantageous.

She shouldn’t abandon the darker tones of ‘ANTI,’ as she made legitimate artistic strides. Yet, that era proved that she’s not fully equipped to take that concept all the way. Indeed, to date, she’s still yet to relay what ‘ANTI’ – as an album or movement – even means. For, as deep as the attempt “tried” to be, the messaging and delivery were hollow.

As such, we’d love to see her keep it light, bright, and club-focal with the occasional sprinkles of ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Kiss It Better’ for good measure.

But no need for the overt, try-hard seriousness. Because there are other artists doing that bigger and better already.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Laughing March 29, 2018

    Who in the world wrote this? My thoughts of you, are not of high standards!

    • Bam March 29, 2018

      I saw Sam wrote it and just skipped made I saw it after I clicked or I wouldn’t have even given him views.


    This website is very jealous and envious of the success and beauty of Rihanna,.,,,,

    • Laughing March 29, 2018

      It’s ridiculous at times.

    • Meme March 29, 2018

      Agreed. I would love to see them write an honest critique of Beyoncé’s music like this. She is the ones who really needs it as her music has been lacking for over 10 yrs now. Beyonce performs well based on her name and her name alone because we all know her music is not it.

      Rihanna delivers time after time again. And they still pick her apart while every singles their favs released flop, everyone. She depends on videos and hbo specials to full in for where her music lacks drastically.

      • joanne March 29, 2018

        This! 1000 x times. I’ve been saying this for years!

      • Phyl March 31, 2018

        I totally agree!!!!!!!

  3. Meme March 29, 2018

    NEVER. Rihanna will never make “pop” music anymore. She’s been off that for forever and honestly it isn’t consistent with her brand anymore. That moody urban r&b is her thing and clearly she’s sticking with it, hence collabing with H.E.R.

    Rihanna has never been a massive album seller, so I’m pretty she’s not chasing album sales at this point in her career. The girl is filthy rich. You really think she cares about album sales?

  4. Jamon March 29, 2018

    Haters gonna hate i.e. Sam!! Anti was a big success, something she’s been accustomed to, since her 2nd album. “Moderate hits”?? Needed me was a big hit, that spent 16 weeks in the top 10!! a Love on the Brain was top 5 on the hot 100, WITHOUT VIDEO!! Those songs reached higher and had longevity over songs you called hits, by artist you praise!!
    Again SAMSUNG purchased 1 million copies of Anti and gave them away for free!! But when Sprint purchased 1 million copies of Jay-Z 4:44, it was a smart business move and counted towards his sales ?
    Can we get an article on Sam’s obsession/jealously of Rihanna, his self-proclaimed model with a ?
    Did she refuse to do one of your lame interviews? Are you on other artists payroll? Do you want her life?

    My advice is to be like any real, professional journalist and stick to the facts!! You can state you opinions afterwards. You come off real lame and make it hard to take any of you post seriously. For awhile now, I’ve needed other sources

    • Mashyu March 29, 2018

      Dizzzzzaaaaaammmnnnnn!!! Speak that s*** sis.

    • Meme March 29, 2018

      Yassss! You better read these ho3$.

    • Vaughn March 29, 2018

      This is clearly her thing, writing biased reviews on Rihanna. Any idiot can tell Samantha that Anti is clearly anti-rihanna, against the grain, outside of the norm that is Rihanna. I mean, its not that difficult to deduce.

    • Phyl March 31, 2018


  5. Ughhh March 29, 2018

    Bitter Betty with the salty àss article again. You can tell when people aren’t happy or not doing well by the way they speak of others success

  6. Meme March 29, 2018

    What I would like to see y’all write is an honest unbias critique of Beyonce and her music:

    1. We would love to see her make an non visual album and let music shine without 100 mill videos.
    2. We would love to see her release her album the traditional way with 1 lead single followed by a 2 single 2 months later and not 5 singles and 5 videos at once hopin 1 stick.
    3. GET ACTUAL WRITERS. We would love to see her get good seasonal writers that would give her age appropriate legendary material, so she can stop singing about f’in it up, and being the queen bish, and slaying, and having hot sauce in her bag. All that lil kids ish has to go!
    4. Keep you clothes on, your approaching legendary status. Stop trying to keep up with the lil girls.
    5. Stop with the gimmicks, we don’t need HBO specials, surprise release dates, tidal release and delete tricks etc. just give us a release date and release your music.
    6. Actually sing. Stop rapping and mumbling. Stop trying to be good. Just sing like you use to.

    • The truth March 29, 2018

      You ironically summed up your own talentless fav ?

      • Meme March 29, 2018

        None of the 6 mentions above pertains to rihanna. Not 1. Rihanna has amazingly written songs, she release her singles 1 at a time, some of her singles doesn’t even have music videos, she wears fashion and isn’t always naked, she doesn’t depend on gimmicks and videos to sell her singles. FOH.

      • The truth March 29, 2018

        LMAO @meme if that makes you feel better.

    • Keith March 29, 2018

      While im here for a more “pop” Rhianna, THERE WERE NO LIES in this about Beyonce. Perhaps people will wake up one day soon…

    • Jasmine March 29, 2018

      Mariah, Diana, Aretha, Whitney, Janet, Chaka were all dressing s*** WELLLLLLLL into their 30’s and they’re all light years more talented than Rihanna, babe. Stop trying to compare your personal fav to an actually true organic talent who gets respect from the greats for her superior talent, not just her popularity amongst millennialz

      • DanYiel Iman March 29, 2018

        EXACTLY RI-Whine-A SUCKS VOCALLY & her song writers are tired of her lame alto TONES!!

    • joanne March 29, 2018

      You are speaking my mind today! Beyonce’s image is all smoke and mirrors. She definitely wouldn’t be as popular as she is today if her career began with the music she currently makes.

  7. China March 29, 2018

    LOUD was perfection: The image. The music. The Gloss videos. The Red Hair.

  8. G7Pat March 29, 2018

    Shut up

  9. blue March 29, 2018

    so ANTI – 5M is so-so
    Lemonade 4M success!?

    ANTI tour 90% attendance average is half empty?
    and 110M box office tour total is a flop?

    do u guys even have any grip on reality anymore?

    1 delay = multiple delays?

    NM and LOTB aren’t mega hits?

    • Meme March 29, 2018

      Listen I’m so confused. Rihanna literally turned what EVERYONE thought would be a flop era into success with multiple mega hits, successful tour and solid sales and they still trash the era.

      So over it.

    • Gizmodo March 29, 2018

      Where did you get the stats? I was waiting and looking for this info for so long.

  10. Retribution March 29, 2018

    Rihanna’s ANTI era was a success and so was her tour. I don’t like how this site pumps up Beyonce non-stop and tries to tear down Rihanna. I like them both but Rihanna has more hits and a better catalogue, and Beyonce is the better singer/performer. Hating on Rihanna isn’t going to erase her massive success and appeal. She has earned her place.

  11. Jasmine March 29, 2018

    Rihanna is good but she’s nowhere near comparable to Beyonce. Beyonce is a great backed by talent and Rihanna is merely popular and a BASIC AŚS, forgettable live performer. No organic talent!!! There isn’t a comparison at all, I wish those 5 ppl who delusionally keep trying would stop. She’s not a great, she’s just commercially successful, big big difference.

    • Memo March 29, 2018

      When Beyoncé herself writes a whole album, we can talk.

  12. Jasmine March 29, 2018

    Did Rihanna have her baby yet? I hope so cause last time I saw her she looked like “‘music of the sun” miss piggy, before she had her nose job because she was so swollen. I hope her baby has hazel eyes

  13. Keynzie March 29, 2018

    This is the first time commenting on this site and will probably be my last visiting. Your blatant hate and unprofessionalism towards this lady is disgusting. You used to be a great blog with several comments under each post but people are seeing you for what you truly are. A Beyoncé obsessed fam that you can’t see past anyone who isn’t Bey. I love and respect Beyoncé but that doesn’t mean I have to hate on other artists. Get it right because your “formula” is what is killing this blog.

  14. The truth March 29, 2018

    Sam take the article down it has been reported you copied word from word smh

  15. carlenciaga March 29, 2018

    i personally thought anti was her best album. always a fan of hers but to see her really stay clear of the pop route was truly innovative to me.

  16. Section8DaGreat March 29, 2018

    After all these years ya’ll still manage to hate on her. She must have personally hurt one of ya’ll feelings in the past. Sissies gon be sissie I guess!

  17. Zava March 29, 2018

    This makes no sense. Why would she go back to pop when that’s barely selling these days? Anti was one of the best selling albums of 2016, even though it had moderate sales. She’s at the point in her career where she can do what she loves…and thats clearly urban contemporary/R&B music.

  18. Aaron March 29, 2018

    ANTI was by far Rihanna’s best album of her career to date. It was honest, cohesive, moody and personal. Those of us who are die hard fans will tell you that album was a fan favorite. However, yes I can see she did abandon an audience who depends on Rihanna for that “Urban Pop” sound, but those are the people or “fans” that will buy a single and not an album. Listen to ANTI from beginning to end, though not as commercially successful as her others, you can’t take away from the prodution, lyrical content and vocal slayage she gave us on ANTI.

    • Jasmine March 29, 2018

      Vocal slayage never have and never will go in the same sentence. She is not a vocal slayer not backed by industry vocalists

  19. Bakhile March 29, 2018

    There was nothing wrong with Anti, Rihanna is a growing artist and guess What,she is doing so with her fans. GRAPE JUICE needs a little more Jesus on the other hand. I LOVE US FOR REAL.

  20. C March 30, 2018

    Anti was my fave album she ever put out.. it w as the first that I loved everything on it.. because it felt like it was genuinely HER.. I would think going backwards to the pop s*** will drop her fan base

  21. James Lefty March 30, 2018

    Ooooooh y’all Shady!!

  22. Jay March 31, 2018

    Wow Anti has hella hits on that album. They really don’t like Rih

  23. Whalei April 1, 2018

    The gays of this blog are so dumb. They are black gays fellas who praise lady gaga and shade rihanna. They should be ashamed of being black gay guy thinking this eay

  24. MK April 3, 2018

    Anytime i see a Rihanna article written by Sam . I already LOL, you are not credible, you will never be credible all you will be is a kid behind a computer who hates on a successful women no matter what she does. NEXT!

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