Hot Shots: Madonna Hits The Studio For New Album Ahead Of 60th Birthday

Published: Saturday 10th Mar 2018 by Sam

Madonna is back in the lab!

The Pop queen hasn’t released an album since 2015’s ‘Rebel Heart’– which, despite spurning a blockbuster tour, serves as her lowest selling album to date.

Hoping to put the commercially tanking of that project in rear-view, her Madgesty is hard at work on her next body of work.

With her 60th birthday rapidly approaching, could the titan be looking to release as a tie-in?

The established evidence suggests that wouldn’t be far-fetched.

She’s teased an imminent tour and has made clear she’s taking a back to basics approach with her recording this go round.

Now, she’s showing the masses that she’s ready to roll.

Peep studio pics and clips below…

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Yep……….🎶🎤🎼🔥 #wait

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Good Tired 🖤

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  1. RebelBoy March 10, 2018

    Hey “Sam”…she’s no one’s “POP Queen”…she IS THE QUEEN OF POP. Thanx.

    • Lanafan1 March 10, 2018

      Janet Jackson is also a Queen of Pop!

  2. TY March 10, 2018


  3. Sean March 10, 2018

    Not the greatest vocalist (like Bowie, Lennon, Springsteen etc) but the GREATEST female pop star of All time. Slay us Queen Madge!

  4. Jasmine March 10, 2018

    If she were the queen of pop then she would have more than 3 comments on here like Janet and Beyonce posts get. Madge is NOT the queen of pop. In the 80s and early 90s it was Whitney who held that title. Janet held that title too in the late 80s and the 90s. By the late 90s it was so many deserving artists holding that title there was no 1 person with that title. Early 2000s old lady Madge had it for a split second with Ray of light but that was only while Janet took a break after her successful all for you tour. Mid 2000s to present Beyonce holds that title and she has the industry accolades and album sales to back up her relevance. Thus, Old Lady Madge is not the queen of pop.

    • JustSayin’ March 10, 2018

      Yet many still consider Michael Jackson to be THE one and only King of POP despite, while being alive, not having a hit waaaay before his death. Your point holds no wait. Madonna may not be consistently racking #1’s like she once did but her sales, impact and records cements her to always be THE Queen of Pop. You may not like her but that also really doesn’t affect her legacy. The end.

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        Girl bye. Don’t assume who I like and dislike. Throwing MJ in this is useless and illustrates how uninformed you are. By 2003 MJ had already lost that title with age, pefo allegations, and a quiet self-retirement. Many would argue he was the self-proclaimed king because he had no competition on his level in the 80s and 90s and they would be correct. MJ had real talent that was unmatched. He could sing and dance extremely well! Now old lady Madge cannot do anything extremely well besides deep throat d.ick real good so don’t go pushing your idol off as some queen to other people because she truly has nothing special or unique about her and played her white privilege card to the max coupled with f.u king for hot tracks! She is a old basic white ho that was not as influential as Whitney was vocally and no at influential a dancer as Janet is/was. The only thing she taught women how to do is spread their legs for money but that is something any ho already knows!

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        Whitney is the Queen of Pop (Vocally). Janet is the Queen of Pop (Dancing). Madonna is the Queen of Pop because?????????? See there is no special reason old lady Madge should be given the sole title as Queen of Pop when she is a lessor singer than Whitney and lessor entertainer than Janet.

    • Caleb March 10, 2018

      This is stupid. She is the best selling female artist of all time, has the most top 10 hits, etc. Who cares how many comments a post about her on this blog gets?

      • JustSayin’ March 10, 2018

        “Jasmine”… the way you address her seems to pretty much imply that you don’t like her. So there’s that. 2nd… her stats and accomplishments speak for themselves. There’s really no point in attempting to prove her legacy to you or anyone else. You know very well who SHE is and will ALWAYS be. Good riddance little one. You’re boring.

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        Justsaying stay in your place ho. You responded to my comment and i put you in check. Case closed ho. You got your learn!

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        Cale Nobody asked u for your opinion. None of what you said matters because it does not refute that Whitney and Janet held the same title Queen of Pop at the same time as old lady Madge. Madge holds the solo title of Queen of Top though cause she can d********* like no other. She even widened that gap in between her teeth for it.

      • NajSinger March 10, 2018

        Actually, Barbra Streisand is….

    • Me March 10, 2018

      Madonna is the one and only Queen of Pop, the only reason the title even exists. B****, shut the f*** up.

      • Jasmine March 11, 2018

        There is no one Queen of Pop. Period. #Facts. I will not let you disrespect and disregard Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey like that B****. NOW SHUT THE F U C K UP AND DEAL HO.

    • Darren March 11, 2018

      Not queen of pop? That is such a funny statement, Madonna has been a hit maker since the early 80’s and is still touring with sell out crowds, her competition is either dead or no longer making music. Long live the Queen of pop. 1} Elvis Presley 2} The Beatles 3} Michael Jackson and #4} Madonna!

      • Jasmine March 11, 2018

        There is no one Queen of Pop. Period. #Facts. I will not let you disrespect and disregard Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey like that B|tch. NOW SHUT THE F U C K UP AND DEAL HO.

    • christopher m metivier May 3, 2018

      Let us pray shall we, that you get some perspective. I like ALL the artists that you mentioned, but Janet Jackson who I truly adore is not even close to Madonna in any degree of measurement. Madonna has released 15 albums, not including soundtrack albums and remix albums like Who’s That Girl, You Can Dance and 4 or 5 live albums. She has the biggest selling Hits album “The Immaculate Collection” than any other solo artist in history male or female. She’s amassed 38 top ten songs over a period of 25 years (including a dozen #1’s)from first to last and has the top grossing tour by a female artist. In the mid 80’s it was Madonna who sold out football stadiums, Janet has never been able to do this. There simply is only one Madonna. Beyonce` is mightily talented but my gosh how you can put her in the same league is truly astonishing. The title “Queen of Pop” encompasses more than just your chart record. It includes staying power, cultural influence, fashion, music videos, live performance and overall artistry. Your analysis is way off!!!! What you are correct about is that Janet Jackson was peaking during a lull period of Madonna’s career. When Rhythm Nation came out Madonna was in the twilight of her Like A Prayer album and one of her biggest ever “Vogue” came out the following spring when Rhythm Nation was “the album” to own. Janet’s peak was 86-93 her first three albums were Monsters! Let us not forget that Madonna’s peak was 85-92 and in the same 7 year period released three Monster albums of her own Like A Virgin, True Blue and Like A Prayer and was capped off with a greatest hits package that is the envy of any artist. Move to the late nineties and what do you have? Madonna had back to back albums post-Janet’s “Velvet Rope” album which both outsold that 1997 record of hers. Janet’s “All for You album” was the last one that did any sales really in 2001. After the flop “American Life” Madonna released her “Confessions Album” and that was an enormous worldwide hit. Which brings me to the final component of this analysis of yours. Madonna has been a HUGE star around the world much bigger than Mariah, Janet, Britney or any other female artist that you could think of. If you don’t believe me, do the research. So yes it’s arguable perhaps to an extent if you are only using the U.S. as the barometer, but that would be silly to do now wouldn’t it? Compare world album sales and there is no competition really.

  5. Caleb March 10, 2018

    Lol. “Ahead of her 60th birthday” like it’s right around the corner or something. Her birthday isn’t until August.

    • Julian March 11, 2018

      Sam always does that, misleadlingly try to connect two to completely unrelated events just to throw a little shade 🙄 It really gets old (insert Madonna joke here).

  6. Your Man Swallows March 10, 2018

    Is Madonna planning on doing a Song with Migoes and Plan B (Cardi B) I hope not look how well Katy Perry did when she featured those mumble rappers

  7. TheNewKidOnTheGrape March 11, 2018

    I just love the “pop queen” title you gave to her. Ahahahaha

  8. Suicide Blonde March 11, 2018

    I’m over Madonna. Queen Rihanna all the way!

  9. DanYiel Iman March 12, 2018

    I’ll continue to pass on this message!!

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