Janet Jackson Meets H.E.R / Showers Singer With Praise

Published: Saturday 10th Mar 2018 by Sam

Janet Jackson may be one of the biggest stars on the planet, but she’s never been afraid to prop up other artists – especially rising talent.

Case in point soulful songstress H.E.R. 

The alt-R&B singer is currently on tour in London and it turns out one of the city’s newest residents – Ms. Jackson – is a huge fan.

Full story below…

Sharing the snap above on Instagram moments ago, the 51-year-old diva wrote:

“You are a sweet and talented soul. Congratulations on your first sold out show in London! I couldn’t help but sing along with you, I knew every single word. I’m excited for your journey, never change who you are. ❤#LightsOnTour

Got to love the love Janet shows to youngsters.

Indeed, while other divas tend to shun those on the come-up, JJ has consistently been supportive. A true gem.

Now, can we get a collaboration please?!

We love H.E.R and feel their sounds would mesh deliciously.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I.D. March 10, 2018

    ‘Focus’ is the one!!!!

    • Vaughn March 10, 2018

      She is LYFE honey her album is Butter! Her songs “U” “Free” and “let me in” Basically the whole album is fiya but those 3 are outstanding! I will def being checking her concert rotation

  2. Jasmine March 10, 2018

    Message to Janet: Are you going to do the overseas tour or Nah? Also, change up the hair style girl. That hair style was cute but it is time for a change. Also, stop wearing black all the time. Now that you are in shape wear cute outfits to show it off.

    • Mark Davidson March 10, 2018

      #1 black is her favorite color #2 she don’t have to do s h i t with her hair #3 she’s unbothered

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        Girl don’t be so defensive. My comment clearly says “Message to Janet”. It was written out of love and jest.

    • Smh March 10, 2018

      I agree (with love JJ), but in terms of all the black she is wearing…..well that’s part of the divorce process in Muslim culture. She is required to wear black for 1 year and it’s a year in April.

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        Thank you Smh. That was a very intelligent response. I forgot about that but it makes sense.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 10, 2018

        So is she still a Muslim?

      • NOW CONTROL THIS. March 10, 2018

        Please lets stop spreading false rumours! Wear black for a year LOL?, shes been wearing other colours on tour and out and about…

        Secondly, Janet loves BLACK and that is what she likes to wear since the 80s… she is clearly unbothered, otherwise simply could have got her team to glam her up. This is what you call letting others light shine… she’s HUMBLE and understood this was about H.E.R not her.

        This isn’t meant to come off rude in anyway so please don’t misread me.. 🙂

  3. Joy Of The World March 10, 2018

    Janet Jackson is so damn legendary she always embrace the generations after her what a true icon 😘

  4. Jasmine March 10, 2018

    My law firm is helping Ms Jackson during her divorce and we are trying to coax her into using our music management company too- Jazzy Jazz:Da Baddest Bih entertainment 💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️

    • Jasmine March 10, 2018

      Stop it Suicide F A G G O T Blonde aka Latina Chick. Nobody needs tyour racist stereotypes and I am going to always put you in your proper place everytime I catch you impersonating me on here you distguisting F A G.

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        You want to be me, Jazzy Da Baddest, soooooo bad.

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        Look little white boy. Stop impersonating me. You sound stupid. Women of color do not speak like that. You are white trash who knows nothing about black culture. Get Lost.

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        But you’re Asian. We already clocked you and found out your govt name is Shaniqua Ming Lee Ho… so don’t try it miss thing. We know who you are, and it ain’t Jasmine. I’m the only REAL Jasmine.

      • Jasmine March 10, 2018

        Yeah and your mom named you Suicide because that is what she felt like doing when your ugly asss slithered out of her. She chose F A G G O T as your middle name cause she knew you were one immediately at birth. Your real name us Blondowski of the Blondowski white trash family who are racist at the core.

      • Boytoy1814 March 11, 2018

        Shaniqua Ming Lee Ho #Dead

  5. Music Extraordinary March 10, 2018


  6. JOHNVIDAL March 10, 2018

    Why does Janet look like someone’s uncle theses days I know she has always had a Ronald McDonald look but since her split she has let herself go, badly go.

    • Jasmine March 10, 2018

      Shut up Suicide F***** Blonde. Stop impersonating people. You just mad cause you ugly, diseased, and homeless while Janet is rich, beautiful, and a legend.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 11, 2018

        Trashmine we’ve all seen the video where your people are dissing Black Panther you are racist trash who loves to bully people. You are not wanted here anymore. You are vile.

      • Jasmine March 11, 2018

        Leave me alone you impersonating evil demon! I will not tolerate your bullying! You are evil, racist white trash, bitter, thirsty, lonely, and ugly inside and out. You are not worthy of communicating with me so get lost and stop attacking me!

    • Boytoy1814 March 11, 2018

      I’ll snatch yo windpipes! Don’t ever come 4 the Goddess of Rhythm Nation. #Edit!


    Waaaaiiit. Waaaaiiit. Janet Jackson herself has co-signed this b**** and Janet Jackson herself is a fan……..

  8. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez March 11, 2018

    Sent me to sleep.

  9. Suicide Blonde March 11, 2018

    I love Queen Janet.

  10. RoyalKev March 11, 2018

    Waiting on the new music Janet! Let’s go my love!

  11. ka March 11, 2018

    Ok, Focus is the jam. Make you wish R&b was still in, over in Europe there are some true gems.

  12. meng meng mok mor March 11, 2018

    Well Miss Jackson if ur nasty, we want new music soon. PLEASE BRING BACK THE RYHTHM NATION and CONTROL sounds!!! Please change direction, bring back Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jellybeen, Jerome.

  13. Amanda D. April 5, 2018

    One of the millions I LOVE Ms. Jackson is b/c she knows she’s a legend and, as such, she NEVER gets threatened by upcoming artists! She praises the ones she likes and, just ignores the ones she doesn’t!👍

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