Katy Perry Blamed For Nun’s Death

Published: Wednesday 14th Mar 2018 by David

Katy Perry‘s legal battle with a group of nuns took a turn for the worst recently when one of them passed away.

Today, the late lady’s friends say Ms. Perry has blood on her hands.

A sad story below…

The drama began when Katy when the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart sought to sell an expensive property they once lived in to a restauranteur named Dana Hollister who planned to turn it into hotel.

Little did they know that the $15 million property (which was once used by the Church to harbour pedophiles)  was not their’s to sell meaning there was little they could do to stop Katy from attempting to buy it for herself when she learned it was on the market.

Keen to stop her because they believe she is a wild and rampant sinner, the Sisters sought legal advice and have been battling the superstar in court, not phased by her efforts to win them over when she reportedly performed the song ‘Oh Happy Day’ for them at their home.

This month, one of them passed away and her friends believe Katy is to blame.



Katy is yet to respond to the unfair accusation.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Dee March 14, 2018

    If she believes in God then she should know it was her time to go. It is sad when anyone dies but unless Katy Perry murdered her then she can’t put that on her. People go to court all the time don’t make her out to be a villain.


      What the f*** kind of s*** is that to say b****…….if she believed in God…. God is to soothe you when you are going through hardship but it is evil that causes it…

  2. kevo March 14, 2018

    That’s awful that she has passed, but to blame Katy is just simply ridiculous and cruel!!! The evil in this world!!!!

  3. Ajm265 March 14, 2018

    lol so stupid

  4. Marcel March 14, 2018

    LMAO what a reach!
    That nun looks like she already had one foot in the grave

  5. Curt March 14, 2018

    She got 86’d at age 86… She got about six more years than your average granny… Stop whining and let your friend enjoy the afterlife!

  6. Suicide Blonde March 14, 2018

    she basic

    • Troll tracker March 14, 2018


    • Carlitos March 14, 2018

      You’re clearly desperate for attention. Your parents must be so disappointed in you. It shows.

  7. Fancy BISH March 14, 2018

    “It was time for granny to go meet her maker…Katy had nothing to do with it…you people…you people kill me! I’m liable to pass out at any time in this joint! Whadaya want her to do about it? Send flowers?” -Whoopi from Sister Act

  8. March 14, 2018

    Lord have mercy.

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