Katy Perry Visits ‘Kimmel’ / Spills On ‘American Idol’ Reboot

Published: Tuesday 6th Mar 2018 by Sam

Katy Perry‘s stint as head judge on ABC‘s ‘American Idol’ reboot kicks off this Sunday (March 11th).

To trumpet the show’s return, the 32-year-old Pop star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to lift the lid on what viewers can expect from her and fellow judges – Lionel Richie and  Luke Bryan.

Check out the fun-filled interview below…

Much has been said about the revival of the show, but we’re at least willing to give it a chance.

Musically, Katy is tasked with re-climbing the mountain, but – per this sit-down- she does pack a lot of personality, which is ultimately what makes TV shows work.

What do you think? What are…

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  1. China March 6, 2018

    Girl. We need Mariah and Nicki back to spark that STALE show up. We can’t take you seriously….Jennifer Hopez can NOT sing….How can she judge a “SINGER”. boring

    • Josh March 6, 2018

      PREACH. and grow your hair out Katy. its about time

      • Carlitos March 6, 2018

        China, you’re too busy sucking S-T-D infested d!cks, that your brain is literally infected. I’ll let your delusion ass slide this time, because clearly I’m that nice. Consider this a free pass.

    • Carlitos March 6, 2018

      Are you stupid? Mariah and Nicki were part of the problem on WHY the show was losing its audience. Even though Katy’s album didn’t par as much success as her previous albums, she still packs a mean punch. She actually CAN sing, and she’s an amazing entertainer. Last year, despite all of the unnecessary and negative press, she still managed to have 3 Platinum singles, a very successful tour, hosted the MTV Music Awards, etc. She will bring the show back.

      • China March 6, 2018

        You a total Fool. Katy Perry CAN NOT SING. A singer you must be joking….the G_ays always CONFUSE Image w/Talent. Katy Perry is an “Artist”. She is Not a singer. She is usually “off-key” and winded in all her vocal performances. Further more B_itch go find a man and stop stalking “REAL WOMEN”.

  2. SMH March 6, 2018

    Why they keep beating this dead horse of a show that died 10 years ago is beyond me. Adding Katy Perry isn’t going to make any difference.

  3. Suicide Blonde March 6, 2018

    She basic

    • Carlitos March 6, 2018

      Awe look, you’re back, yet again. Life getting really lonely for ya? You must know basic in order to preach it, boo boo.

      • Suicide Blonde March 6, 2018

        You are like a do do stain. No matter how many times I bleach you I still see you so u so i have to through you in the trash.

  4. Jacob March 6, 2018

    When she thought Jennifer Hudson won season 3

  5. NOBITCHASSNESS March 7, 2018

    Idol needs to bring back Mariah and Nicki.

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