Tamar Braxton Shaves Head Bald / Says: “I’m Over Feeling Captive To A Wig”

Published: Thursday 15th Mar 2018 by Sam

After a trying year both personally and professionally, Tamar Braxton is embracing a new chapter. One she’s illustrating by way of her look.

For, in a surprise move, the R&B belter has shaved her head and is now rocking a bald ‘do.

Details below….

Taking to social media, the 40-year-old shared a clip of her getting her hair removed. She captioned it “finally free”:


She then followed with this snap and reflective statement:

Im over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell…even my OWN feelings! WE can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that starts TODAY ??‍♀️ #happysttamarsday ?

Are you feeling Tamar’s look?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Achooo! March 15, 2018

    She looks great bald but she had no choice as her edges were receding very bad. Begin Again

  2. Ughhh March 15, 2018

    A classy Brittany Spears episode but still reads “I’m losing it”

  3. Gee March 15, 2018

    Tamar had to cut off her hair because it was damaged and this was her only option at this point. It’s time to begin again and start taking care of her hair.

  4. Kaz March 15, 2018

    Wow, didn’t see that coming. But she actually looks beautiful bald. Every woman can’t rock a bald head (and make it work). She can, and it looks great.

  5. China March 15, 2018

    Her being Bald is ok. Her being unstable is not ok. I’m hoping she’s ok, shes underrated as a vocalist, one listen to BROKEN RECORD. KING. STAY AND FIGHT. SIMPLE THINGS. She is extremely talented. Hope she gets the credit she deserves……….. (like singing all Toni’s high notes for background — like take this ring)

    • Jasmine March 15, 2018

      Remember those are all studio songs though and not live.

      • China March 15, 2018

        U can NOT deny King, Broken Record, Stay and Fight and Simple things are not GREAT records. She always GAGs live because she does too much, no one wants to see her dance….they want VOCALS but she stay talking and doing too much

      • Jasmine March 15, 2018

        But I’ve heard all those songs and her live versions of some of them. Underrated means people are unaware. She is not underrated. She just has an unlikeable personality and you need a likeable personality to sell records. Everybody knows she can sing in the studio so she is not underrated

    • Tanya March 15, 2018

      She is not underrated as a vocalist she is just not consistent, she has more misses than hits. Tamar never sang on Toni’s album until more than woman, so those who were singing on the first 3 albums already have those credits. Chanted Moore, babyface etc

      • Xanadu March 15, 2018

        Actually, Tamar co-wrote and sang background vocals on Toni’s “The Heat” and her Christmas album “Snowflakes.” You should get your facts together before you start writing bs. AND SHE IS UNDERRATED AS A VOCALIST!!! TF U MEAN?!!!

      • Jasmine March 15, 2018

        She is not underrated. You obviously do not know what the word underrated means. It is not a word to use for whining about why your fav’s “fans” do not buy or stream her music in high numbers. Everybody knows she can sing! Even my mom knows she can sing! Thus, she is just unlikeable enough for people to not buy her music and NOT underrated.

    • Kaz March 16, 2018

      Uh, Tamar has sang “King” LIVE right on The Real, and SLAYED it. She’s not just a studio artist — SHE CAN deliver LIVE. The issue is she is not consistent, all the time. But she has slayed some of those songs live in concert on tour, if you take the time to search YouTube and watch before making claims that she can’t

    • Kaz March 16, 2018

      And Tamar very much IS underrated as a singer/vocalist. Mos def! She’s honestly one of the best female singers out in the game right now. Her voice, vocal ability, as well are her vocal POTENTIAL and capacity far exceeds most of these chicks making hit records. And she’s one of the few female STRICT R&B artists that has been helping to keep R&B alive and pumping. ‘Love & War’ is still one of the best modern day R&B classics put out in the last decade. #RealTalk

      • Jasmine March 16, 2018

        Are you slow? I clearly explained already that the word “underrated” refers to an artist whose talents are unknown or undervalued. Everyone already knows Tamar can sing in the studio and sometimes live but not consistently. DUH. Thus, she is NOT underrated.

      • Kaz March 16, 2018

        Girl, you’re the slow one. Tamar’s voice and music has been undervalued for YEARS… She just started getting a slice of recognition 5 years ago. Not that long! In fact many people STILL don’t know she can sing or has that great voice, and that was proven when she performed on The Real & when she appeared ON Dancing With The Stars, and folks started getting hip to her and commenting on the videos saying wow I didn’t know she could sing and that she sounds amazing. Mainly white people… That IS being widely unknown, unheard AND undervalued, boo. She doesn’t get her due props or recognition. Still. And that’s called…UNDERRATED. Slow ass.

      • Jasmine March 17, 2018

        Kaz no you are slow. I certainly am not. Everyone I know, including my parents know who Tamar is. You are acting like this try-hard artist has not had 5 record deals already. You are forgetting that she was on the Real, BFV, and her own reality show. Tamar is very much in people’s face and promoting her music. People just don’t like her enough to buy her music! Deal with the reality and stop whining!

  6. IAMME March 15, 2018

    She LOOKS Great, Can’t wait for the Tour.

  7. Fancy BISH March 15, 2018

    She looks good! Amber Rose teas

  8. Yc18 March 15, 2018

    She gonna slap a wig on tomorrow

  9. SANDIE March 15, 2018

    Your beautiful with or without, your a creation of God and you are Beautiful. Be you T .

  10. LBJ March 15, 2018

    I’ve worn a “bald” head most of my adult life because I like the way it looks on me not because I’m attention seeking. #ijs

  11. Jasmine March 15, 2018

    She is too old to be so thirsty for attention. She is very vindictive and evil too. She is trying to steal the limelight from Toni’s new album. I checked Tamar’s insta and there is not one mention of Toni’s new album on it. On Toni’s insta Toni is always promoting her sisters’ projects. I hope Toni wakes up and realizes the jealous fame demon Tamar really is. This is not even news. Tamar was already bald. Those edges were long gone and her natural hairline recedes back further than Kobe Bryant’s.

    • Kaz March 16, 2018

      Chile please. Tamar is ALWAYS promoting Toni and giving Toni “Living Legend” as she calls her shout outs. Plus Tamar is featured right in the damn video of Toni’s new single…they support EACH OTHER. So cut it out!

      • Jasmine March 16, 2018

        No I will not “cut it out”. I call a spade a spade. I clearly cited Tamar’s insta as factual evidence so you cut it out. Tamar is NOT “ALWAYS promoting” anyone but herself. I think Tamar recently had some type of unsung special on TV One air. Of course she did not have Toni appear so I kept turning the channel. Tamar is all about Tamar. Karma is why her whole career never took off to the level of a Beyonce or Mariah or Toni.

      • Kaz March 16, 2018

        LOL, didn’t have Toni appear? Lmao girl Toni was booked! She’s always booked, off doing something else or can’t make it. And Tamar is ALWAYS in Toni’s comments and shouting her out on Twitter or Facebook… Don’t be so caught up on “Insta”, babygirl. Tamar always supports Toni and vice versa….they’re the two closest of the Braxton sisters! In fact it was Tamar who convinced Toni to do the duet album with Babyface, when Toni was over music and about to retire. Don’t speak on what you obviously DON’T know, but act like you know. #GirlBYE

      • Jasmine March 17, 2018

        Kaz you are obviously fooled by what you see on TV. A lot of the stuff on BFV is staged…ie…for the show. The duet album with Babyface was not influenced by Tamar at all. In fact, most of the songs were already published in ASAP almost a year before that scene with Toni and Tamar was filmed for BFV. You are overvaluing Tamar’s importance and attacking other people who (you personally feel) are undervaluing her importance. Get over yourself. People are not going to overvalue Tamar’s importance just because you do. Tamar can sing. Most people that would purchase her music already know this. They just CHOOSE not to buy her music and everyone has choices right?

    • Kaz March 18, 2018

      I’m not overvaluing nothing. In fact, Braxton Family Values WAS Tamar’s idea, in the first place. And it put a spark and interest back into Toni’s falling career… Because she WAS falling off before the show happened. She had a couple flop albums and no one was really checking for her before BFV and those flop, underperforming albums. So Tamar played a hand in Toni even getting that spark and interest back in her career… So THANKS TAMAR. In fact all of those sisters wouldn’t have had the opportunities they had come to them if it had not been for the show that was TAMAR’S idea. They are all celebrities in their own right, now, with each of their own fan bases. Trina wouldn’t have been able to open her restaurant BarChix if it hadn’t been for the show, Traci wouldn’t have had her solo album and radio gigs, and Towanda wouldn’t have her acting gigs if it hadn’t been for the show and them gaining recognition and celebrity status of their right aside FROM just being Toni’s sisters. THANKS TAMAR!

      • Jasmine March 18, 2018

        Lies. Thanks for proving my point! You clearly are overvaluing Tamar’s importance. For the record Toni’s album Libra sold quite well and that was the album Toni last did as well as headline her Vegas show before BFV. There would not have been BFV without Toni and it was Toni’s mother who begged Toni to do the show to help her sisters. Go read Toni’s book and watch her moviee. You will learn that Toni helped her sisters out her entire career and is still helping them. You are the typical Tamar fan…rude, illiterate, mean, and nasty but you won’t buy Tamar’s albums so they flop!

  12. Haters Gon’ Hate March 15, 2018

    Plenty of women rock bald and beautiful and although she looks good it just smacks of attention seeking and gimmicks – like she’s trying to remind us she’s still here while her sister has effortlessly delivered THE MUSIC and is making us get our lives.

    Make peace with your issues Tamar and GO and make good music that speaks for its self – because right now all I’m hearing is talk and no musical substance.


    • Kaz March 16, 2018

      Um, Tamar is going through a divorce. I highly doubt her cutting her hair is “for attention” — it’s more about LIBERATION, and being FREE. A woman tends to do that when they want to “LET GO”, and make major changes in their life. She said she wants to be free of being a slave to wigs. Doesn’t always have to be about ATTENTION, chile… #justsayin

      • Jasmine March 16, 2018

        Anyone (celebrity or non celebrity) who posts pics on instagram for the world to see if seeking ATTENTION. Stop being delusional!!!!!

  13. Brazio March 15, 2018

    She looks great

  14. iluhmesomeDRAMA March 15, 2018

    YAS TAMAR! I’m a fan now b*! I need you to get your sis Toni to go back to her bald & beautiful days too!!!

  15. DanYiel Iman March 15, 2018

    Lol I can’t with her hair but she’s very pretty especially with her semi-new snozz nose ?..

  16. Lee March 15, 2018

    Tamar look at mess on pics

  17. Meagan Wood-Harrison March 15, 2018

    I love it,in my opinion she rocks it well. Beautiful no matter what.

  18. Coko March 15, 2018

    still beautiful!!!! love u gurll!!!

  19. Glenda March 16, 2018


  20. Keisha March 16, 2018


  21. Bishop Dee Brinson March 16, 2018

    I love it! Beauty is more than our hair, our hips, or our faces. I applaud Tamar for being conscious enough to be free from the stereotype of beauty! Cicely Tyson did it over 40 years ago! She was bald, beautiful, and sane. Big Ups to you Tay Tay!?????????

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