Epic! John Legend’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Draws In 9.4 Million Viewers

Published: Monday 2nd Apr 2018 by David

John Legend continues to water his career with brilliantly nutritious projects!

His latest?

A moving ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘ TV special.

Fantastic news below…

NBC’s production of the story pulled in a fantastic 9.4 million viewers last night much to the delight of John and his ever-loyal fans!

How it compared to musical live efforts launched by the network in recent years?

Sound of Music (Dec. 2013): 18.6 mil/4.6
Grease (Jan. 2016): 12.2 mil/4.3
The Wiz (Dec. 2015): 11.5 mil/3.4
Peter Pan (Dec. 2014): 9.2 mil/2.4
Hairspray (Dec. 2016): 9.1 mil/2.3
The Passion (March 2016): 6.6 mil/1.6
A Christmas Story (Dec. 2017): 4.5 mil/1.5


Your thoughts?

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  1. Steven April 2, 2018

    Lol, John Legend portraying Jesus Christ is laughable…. no thanks…

    • Jasmine April 2, 2018

      And just why is that?

    • Suicide Blonde April 2, 2018

      My new African boo came over again yall and let me tell you he put it down. It was real gooooood. I have a new boo and I’m very happy yall.

      • Jasmine April 2, 2018

        I’m tired if reading your sexxcapades. Keep that ish to yourself.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 2, 2018

        Shut up Trollmine.

    • Jasmine April 2, 2018

      Jess was not white. He was of color. Only uninformed people think he was white. It says so in the bible.

      • Jasmine April 2, 2018

        Jesus not Jess.

    • SMH April 2, 2018

      Still waiting to hear the answer to that question of why John Legend playing Jesus is “laughable”….

  2. king z April 2, 2018

    the twitter reviews for the most part were atrocious. john legend was a boring Jesus.

    He is undoubtedly talented but just not the greatest performer in terms of being engaging

    • Jasmine April 2, 2018

      Twitter reviews? Lol. Umm ok

    • Jasmine April 2, 2018

      What did the real reviews say!? The ppl that actually matter gave it good reviews.

      • StarXavi April 2, 2018

        Well ultimately, public opinion is what matters….the audience matters.

      • Jasmine April 2, 2018

        Most of the world is NOT on twitter. So umm yeah, reality check

    • SMH April 2, 2018

      Lmao seriously, twitter reviews? Lmao.

      • King z April 2, 2018

        “The people who really matter” are the viewers at home – the twitter users

        Doesn’t matter if paid critics gave it 4 stars, if the overwhelming majority of general public disagree then thats who NBC CARES ABOUT

      • Jasmine April 2, 2018

        The majority of viewers at home are not on twitter. You are overvaluing twitter.

  3. olusheyi banjo April 2, 2018

    Congrat John

  4. DanYiel Iman April 3, 2018

    I haven’t even saw the show although I’d like to view it!!

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