Watch: Kelly Rowland Wows ‘The Voice Australia’ With ‘I’m Every Woman’

Published: Sunday 29th Apr 2018 by Sam

Kelly Rowland is currently rocking ‘The Voice Australia’ during her second run on the popular series.

Beyond showcasing her skilled critique and mentorship, she also showed up and showed out with a dynamite rendition of ‘I’m Every Woman’ with fellow coach Delta Goodrem.

Billed as a celebration of female unity, the ladies soared with a stunning take on the song – which was popularised by by Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston.

Watch them wow after the jump…

They nailed it!

Between this and her Coachella showing, Ms. Kelly is bringing the heat. Fingers crossed, she scorches with new material sooner rather than later. It’s literally been too long.

Your thoughts?

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  1. arjun April 29, 2018

    For me shes has always the one who got the most powerful voice than the other two
    yonce is maybe themost succesful,rich,but i know that her voice isnt strong enough has she try to make people think with all ur mimics

    thats my view

    • audreyherbsburn April 29, 2018

      there was no strength in her voice in this performance.

      • Kellyonce April 29, 2018

        Beyonce has more strength and range but when you say her voice had no strength in this performance you are a straight hater .. Shut The F up ..

      • KellyRowlandArmyUK April 29, 2018

        LIES if you saw the Australian publics reaction they were all praising Kelly. it must kill you all to see a chocolate woman flourishing outside of the States.

    • OLivier April 29, 2018

      But your view is your view . Here’s my view Beyonce will sing this song 100% times better .. Beyoncé was always the stronger vocal by far . Beyonce will always ousting outperform even in her sick day.. that’s just my view and the receipt to back it up is all on YouTube lol ..

      • audreyherbsburn April 29, 2018

        it’s no shade. pre 2000s, kelly & bey could’ve went either way. They have very similar tones. Beyonce, being the bigger machine, probably got a lot more training. Kelly hasn’t seemed to adapt to the drop in her voice the same… They both had airy, pop voices early on… but now that vibrato is strong, and kelly hasn’t had the opportunity to cultivate her new voice the same

      • Ispeakfacts April 29, 2018

        @Oliver @Aubreyhersburn

        See, here’s the thing… u guys love to compare Kelly against Beyonce but Kelly is not tryna be Beyonce she’s comfortable with herself…. she ain’t tryna be nobody but herself! None of these r&b girls out here tryna be Beyonce! Kelly has a very unique tone that Bey doesn’t have… its sultry, unique & different. Yes, Bey is the better singer but Kelly always had the best tone in the group! As for u saying Bey would sing the he’ll out of this song… if I’m keeping it all the way real Bey is a great vocalist but her tone has never been like a Whitney or even Brandy… certain songs she just doesn’t sound good singing! She wouldn’t do this song justice bcuz her tone wouldn’t sound that great singing it! Kelly did that! Give her credit!!! Y’all love to discredit her… & if Kelly had Beyoncè machine we all know she would be right there in her spot! She had a father that made sure she was successful!

      • What April 29, 2018

        I guess you missed Coachella and the Superbowl…

        Lately everytime Kelly shows up on a stage next to Beyonce she grabs all the attention. All she needed was time and confidence.

    • G7Pat April 29, 2018

      Kelly can outbelt bey in chest voice anyday beys belt is chest head mix

      • G7Pat April 29, 2018

        It projects a thinner sound

    • Jasmine April 29, 2018

      Please listen to heck On It. Bey and Kelly’s voices are very interchangeable because they sound so similar. The only difference is that Kelly sounds more clear then Bey and with less of a southern accent. On Check On It, Kelly is the one who sings the entire second verse but most people cannot tell the difference between Kelly and Bey’s voices.

      • Oliver April 29, 2018

        Hein? Check on it is not a D.C. Song jashit

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH April 29, 2018


      • iamdiego April 29, 2018

        Facts… kelly just sang backgrounds (oooh, youu) on the 1st verse and minor leads on the 2nd verse). They blended their voices really well in production she sings “you wanna taste it, but ima make you chase it. Got to be be patient… my men patient….patients you take might get you in more places….be abrasive… to pace it”… If you listen closely Bey tries to mimic Michelle towards the end (adlibs and break down aka the bridge) after Bun B. This was clearly a Destinys child demo that they more than likely didnt use or didn’t get a chance to finish for (destiny fulfilled). Slim Thug says “DC, Destiny’s child” at the beginning lol plus it was on #1s a Destiny’s Child album lol.

      • Jasmine April 29, 2018

        iamdiego That simply is untrue. Kelly does indeed sing the ENTIRE second verse of the song. am posting the song here as proof so anyone with an open mind and open ears can listen to it and hear that it is Kelly singing the second verse (From 1:12 – 1:40 that is all Kelly singing):

      • Jasmine April 29, 2018

        Oliver Check On It was intended too be a DC song and that is why it is on their last album. That is also why Kelly sings the entire second verse. The song is a great example of how interchangeable Bey and Kelly’s voice are / were. Now, after Bey worked with Etta James, she started copying some of the grit that Etta used in her voice when singing. But before Bey started copying Etta the vocal technique and delivery was very interchangeable with Kelly’s. It still is very much interchangeable. Anytime people like iamdiego are so adamant that Kelly is not singing the second verse on Check On It that just shows how similar their voices are that it fools people.

    • Boochile April 29, 2018

      Beys voice has more power and control, Kelly has a prettier tone ?

  2. Aaron April 29, 2018

    Really good. You can tell as of late, her voice has been perfect

  3. 4U2SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 29, 2018

    Donna Summer doc………..

  4. F You April 29, 2018

    Y’all tried it

  5. RCW April 29, 2018

    No ma’am. I’ve heard better at Karaoke

  6. IAMME April 29, 2018


  7. Ashanti #1 Fan April 29, 2018

    Why she not as big as Beyoncé I will never know

    • audreyherbsburn April 29, 2018

      she don’t have beyonce work ethic. kelly will drop an album and never perform and promote despite the fact that she’s never had a bad project… Even though I hated Here I am. I think kelly loves music and to perform, but it’s not really her life.

      • Oliver April 29, 2018

        Yep, but on the other side I will be content with the explanation that we are talking about a good girl who’s not as big as bey… which is the sad case of every talented girl who’s contemporary to Beyoncé.

  8. Noelle Teague April 29, 2018

    The Voice Australia judges are solid

  9. Fancy BISH April 29, 2018

    Nick is BAE but his brother is looking like a snack vibing to Kelendria lol ??

  10. Oliver April 29, 2018

    Kelly is talented and all, but she will never be bigger than the girl in D.C. 3.

    • KellyRowlandArmyUK April 29, 2018

      Kelly Rowland is far better as a solo act. Overseas adores and appreciates. Be Gone Uncultured Swine !!!

      • Oliver April 30, 2018

        F*** you i am a huge fan

  11. KellyRowlandArmyUK April 29, 2018

    Kelly Rowlands US fans are nothing but Uncultured Swine !!! Overseas we absolutely adore Kelly , She is so iconic l. its rare to have a chocolate woman of her stature overseas and flourishing. Kelly is far better off staying overseas where she is appreciated. You US fans can keep your white washed caucasian passing pop stars.

    • Nick April 29, 2018

      We do appreciate Kelly here in the UK. It’s high time America stops looking down on dark skinned girls and make them feel like they are nothing. Kelly is much more Better as a solo artist here. She is just as good as Beyoncé. They sound very similar but Beyoncé only got Better control of her voice which Kelly has been showing as well these past few years. Also, Kelly has a far much better tone than Bey

    • Jay April 30, 2018

      Chill with that uncultured swine mess. Didn’t beyonce give yall a preview of our culture? No one is checking for yall globally like us. Yall mock us. Smh

  12. DanYiel Iman April 29, 2018

    She’s amazing , I love her soprano tones!!!

  13. Junior in Jamaica April 29, 2018

    Where is June’s Diary?

  14. Jay April 30, 2018

    Go kellindria

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