From The Vault: Kelly Rowland – ‘Motivation (ft. Lil Wayne)’

Published: Sunday 6th May 2018 by Joe

In need of motivation? From The Vault has you covered with a modern R&B classic.

This week’s pick is Kelly Rowland’s scintillating ‘Motivation.’

After releasing a bevy of chart-topping Pop and EDM bops (see: ‘Work’ and ‘When Love Takes Over’), Ms. Kelly re-embraced her first love – R&B music.

Teaming with Rico Love and Jim Josin, together they molded ‘Motivation’ and issued the jam as the launching single of Rowland’s third solo album ‘Here I Am.’  And in a major coup, she snagged the time’s man of the moment Lil’ Wayne to assist her on the sizzling track.

Thankfully for Rowland, despite years away on Euro shores, the US Urban scene was more than ready to welcome her back; the tune peaked at the top spot of the Billboard Hot Hip-Hop/R&B tally where it reigned for 7 consecutive weeks. It was also a Hot 100 Top 20, climaxing at #17.

Sarah Chatfield directed the sensual video for ‘Motivation’ and the legendary Frank Gatson served as its creative director.

Steamy and moody mise-en-scene served as the backdrop for the sensual visual, which saw Kelly command her troop of male dancers through thrust-heavy choreography courtesy of Luam.

And while the video showcased Kelly at her most provocative, it still evoked the same brand of class that she’s been synonymous with since the start of her career.

[Side note: her performance of the song at the 2011 BET Awards remains amazing forever and a day]


Seeing Kelly at rock Coachella with her Destiny’s Child bandmates has us salivating even more at the prospect of things to come.

With the brand of R&B she’s been pushing for the most part of the decade once again being the “in” sound now, the time seems more than apt for her to show up and show out.

Fingers crossed that that the new music she’s been talking about for so long materlizes soon, because we’re ready to see Kelly back to Werk!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ispeakfacts May 6, 2018

    She bad asf! I am excited about new music from her though… she needs to do a great album & follow it with a tour… I wouldn’t mind seeing her play Donna Summer in her biopic also… I’m hopeful that DC3 tours next year! Until then I’m ready for her new material….

    • Nick@#JACKIE May 6, 2018

      @Ispeakfacts, Me too. I am waiting for Kelly Rowland music. She is an amazing singer who I think is very under-rated. Would want her album and her tour first before Destiny ‘sChild

  2. DanYiel Iman May 6, 2018

    I wish she promoted her music throughout her journey!! Still a classic IMO!!

  3. Antincia foster May 6, 2018

    This was my jam

  4. DC3 FOREVER May 6, 2018

    I know Kelly reads this and the comments so KELENDRIA PLEASE READ:

    You’ve been saying since 2016 you are going to put out music and the album is on the way. I understand you aren’t under a label. SO WHAT! Release it independently and have your management who here recently has you promoting everything other than music….. girl… you are promoting razor blades for gods sake. You do understand that you have ALWAYS had HANDS DOWN THE BEST VOCALS out of anyone who has ever been apart of DC your voice is pure water and the world needs it. Don’t go with the masses or what’s current release music that YOU LOVE and I guarantee the world will love it as well and you’ll be the trend setter you were born to be. YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAD EVERYTHING IT TAKES to be as big as Beyoncé you just have to believe it as well mama. Show the world how to work there fist because you have always been THAT CHICK!

    in other words put out the single at the end of the month and album in July

  5. Kellyonce May 8, 2018

    I miss her music.

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