Azealia Banks Slams Gay Community – At Start Of Pride Month / Drags Kanye West Too

Published: Saturday 2nd Jun 2018 by Sam

Azealia Banks has never been one to hold her tongue – even when her career depended on it.

And she’s still at it.

This time in her firing line are the gay community and Kanye West. 

Banks’ latest war of words below…

The femcee fired off at gay men after being called a “b*tch” by a Twitter user (after herself dragging rival Remy Ma‘s sales):

The controversial stream of consciousness came at the start of Pride Month.

Earlier in the day, Banks (who clearly had time on her hands) also sunk her claws in Kanye West – whose much debated new album ‘Ye’ finally arrived. She was not impressed.

It’s somewhat futile to hope Azealia channels her heartiest energies into pushing her music and career forward instead of lobbing shade grenades. Still, somehow, we hope..hope..and hope.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sweetnothings78 June 2, 2018

    I’m a gay man and I actually agree with her.
    Gay men generally in my experience on the scene are rude vile and vulgar towards women. Challenge themselves (camp ones) to man up and be your fathers son!

    • D June 2, 2018

      I’m gay too, and I completely get her point. But I’ll play devils advocate for a sec.
      “Gay men stop calling females dykes,b******,and policing there behavior”……STOP appropriating our “gay culture” such as our LINGO,fashion,dance styles…etc. Leave us and “Our s***” alone and we’ll leave you alone.
      Once again just playing devils advocate. What do y’all think?

      • XL June 2, 2018

        Yep you right cause she’s policing gay men just like she’s wants them to stop policing black women. And just like on RHOA and other shows women objectify gay men and treat them as an accessory or like property by calling them “my gay” or “my Judy” or my “gay bff” Some even call men “girls” or “b*tches” Not to mention they steal all the gay lingo (like you said) and use gay men to do their hair, makeup, styling, interior design, and other stuff. Some ppl are okay with this type of relationship until they get mad at one another… then they aim to start blaming generalizing and demonizing gays.

      • Lanafan1 June 2, 2018

        Bisexual guy here. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Cultural appropriation is a joke. Sexual orientation isn’t even really culture. It’s also not fair to compare having decent human respect vs using some queen’s lingo. Stop the madness.

      • Harajuku June 2, 2018

        FACTS @D

    • Matt June 4, 2018

      She’s bi, she’s part of the culture. F*** that b*******.

      And yes, bi folks have always been part of the culture and innovating within, you just exclude and erase them.

  2. Not Maria June 2, 2018

    You know that one family member that always talk trash and people just ignore and continue on…… well that’s this home girl. I am a gay man and I love my women than my men. It all depends on your crowd and who you’re friends are. ITs not like this trash only speaks nice kind works -_-

  3. Liam June 2, 2018

    She didn’t drag the gay community I’m gay and I get her point she didn’t tell no lies…i’ve personally seen some gay guys look down on lesbians and call women all derogatory names but still wanna dress and act like the same women they diss 🤷🏿‍♂️

  4. WRTW? June 2, 2018

    Once again she’s right

  5. André Christopher Johnson June 2, 2018

    She didn’t say anything wrong to gay men!!

  6. Ratedxxx June 2, 2018

    Wow so many people are working their butts off just to get a piece in the music business..
    I fuks with Kanye crazy b***…this girl is ruining every chance she gets

  7. olusheyi banjo June 2, 2018


  8. DanYiel Iman June 2, 2018

    Didn’t hear a lie & it’s sad that Homosexuals & Lesbians don’t respect one another in general but will boycott shone racist s*** towards one another!!

  9. Keith June 2, 2018

    As a g

    • Keith June 2, 2018

      As a gay man, i find some truth to what she is saying. It’s certainly worthy of a more serious discussion within both the LGBT and hip-hop communities.

  10. Tokyo Vanity fan June 2, 2018

    Funny thing is that she is right on all counts!

  11. Indie June 2, 2018

    She’s right! This is one thing i’ve always agreed with her on, there seems to be this licence in the Gay community, disrespect women, vilify them, call them whatever derogatory term we see fit because think Gay means we can do that and pit them against each other! Is it because some gays see being Gay means imitating females so therefore pick up on what we think are the ugliest parts of there behaviour apparently and then run with that? Being gay just men being attracted to men, it begins and ends there! How you carry yourself after that is up to you but the way the gay community treats women in general is out of hand! W ask for straight males to stop treating women badly all the time and its about time that gay MEN start doing the same

    • AJ June 2, 2018

      100% Truth

    • Guest June 2, 2018

      All this truth

    • A&R June 2, 2018

      And that’s where you’re wrong but right lol Being a homosexual is about attraction..being gay and being apart of the gay community has become a new gender. Gender is how behavior expresses a person’s a identity… that’s why a lot of the gays act this way… it’s become cultural and assimilated behavior. Often time it’s hyper aggression femininity.

  12. Perfection is so…mphm! 💅🏾 June 2, 2018

    Omg for the gay men in here supporting her message y’all are WEAK AF! Can we trade y’all? How can you support someone who has said some of the most vile, racist, and inflammatory remarks to others UNPROVOKED? Do y’all even realize how contradicting her statement was? She just asked gay men to stop policing women WHILE POLICING GAY MEN and y’all in here like yessss queen! Shut up there are a lot of people in the world who don’t care about being called a bit*h, fa*, dyk* etc. But do we all still get called that from the straight community? Yup so eat my A** with all this BS. Has she admitted she’s bipolar yet?

    • MUSICHEAD June 2, 2018

      U sound so stupid! You are really dumb. How u came to your conclusions after reading what she said shows that public schools are failing our children.

      • Perfection is so…mphm! 💅🏾 June 2, 2018

        Your comment wasn’t even constructive enough for me to comment on….and by the way I have multiple degrees how about you? 🙂

    • Lol June 2, 2018

      I agree With everything you said

    • XL June 2, 2018

      You are 100% right… but you have to remember not everyone on these sites are who they say they are. Some are just trolls or folks pretending to be apart of a certain group bc they are messy and inflammatory like Banks.

    • Matt June 4, 2018

      … You can recognize a person is a bigot while recognizing that she has a point.

      The fact is she’s always been complaining about this (and biphobia and racism) in LGBTQ+ spaces and she was never wrong.

      It’s just that she chose to leverage trauma that wasn’t hers and slurs that weren’t hers to make that point and that was wrong.

      In this case she’s not doing that and frankly is 100% correct. This time.

  13. Jaybee June 2, 2018

    I agree with her. I’m gay and these N***** makes us look bad. always trying to beat up on a women but when a n**** lay hands on a gay person all of a sudden he’s gay bashing!! This s*** is gettin old! Gays, we are still men!

  14. James Hall June 2, 2018

    SOO I definitely didn’t see anything wrong with how she spoke about gay men because it’s TRUE! This blog is only sensationalizing what she said because some of you guys are gay and GAY MEN CAN’T STAND TO BE CALLED OUT! your only okay with the victim narrative. She didn’t say anything but respect women, if you want them to respect you. Kanye’s album was garbage so what and she’s right men get a pass over and over again and it’s watered down time and time again but still dominates the conversation. When will women get there turn!

  15. Abel June 2, 2018

    I am a gay man and I get her point. She’s right. Respect others to be respected.

  16. Lal’Kol June 2, 2018

    Isn’t she the one who’s calling herself a “bad b****” in her songs ? Come on, all female rappers call themselves “b****” see Nicki, Cardi and others. Azealia just likes to spark fire everywhere for no reasons, she is sick. And I’m gay so… please.

  17. MUSICHEAD June 2, 2018

    Well… she has a point. Several actually.

  18. The Wig Snatcher June 2, 2018

    Just start the Azealia Stops Beefing With Black Women Challenge 2018 instead.

  19. The Wig Snatcher June 2, 2018

    Just start the Azealia Stops Beefing With People As The Instigator And Play The Victim Like An Upper East Side NYC White Woman Challenge 2018 instead.

  20. The Wig Snatcher June 2, 2018

    Just start the Make Azealia Great Actually (MAGA) For Her Music Career And Discography Challenge 2018 instead.

  21. Caleb June 2, 2018

    I actually don’t see anything innaccurate here.

  22. XL June 2, 2018

    It’s funny and strange how 80% of the ppl on here are announcing their sexuality while making their comment as if it gives their cosign of Banks’ divisive rhetoric any validity.

    • Bad_B June 2, 2018

      Lmfao a bunch of suck-ups lol! Azealia is trash. Period.

      • Matt June 4, 2018

        She can be trash and still right.

        Her problem has always been that she was leveraging trauma that wasn’t hers and participating in bigotry against others in the community, not that she was wrong about her issues (racism, biphobia, misogyny in LGBTQ+ spaces, specifically from gay cis men).

        Doesn’t make what she did better, but this is still very valid.

        YAY NUANCE!

  23. A&R June 2, 2018

    What’s the worst about this and a lot of her rants… she almost always have valid points lol man, the girl is smart and talented musically … however , she’s emotionally unstable and lacks self control.

    Damn it AB!

  24. tesha June 2, 2018


  25. Kinq_Toonchi June 2, 2018

    Okay so black gay men or gay men in general need to stop calling women and lesbians b words and D words. When you and other artist have called women b words and have a anthem by lil boosie called they dyking” and be going turnt up.

    And then you go back around and call black men & rappers the N word that was created to make us feel a negative way…..lmao this women can’t preach about nothing if she don’t practice it! #Smh

  26. Mar June 2, 2018

    I think a big part of the problem is the fact that gay men are soo generalized. Not all gay men are the same and the majority aren’t flamboyant or have a complex with women. For some reason ppl/media have long only looked at these type of gay men to represent the entire community. Maybe those gay men are just ignorant ppl overall.

    • Matt June 4, 2018

      Gotta love the #notallx

      She’s not saying they are, but this is a systemic problem and gay men participate in it in LGBTQ+ spaces.

      She never said every single one, that’s just a deflection to avoid addressing the problem.

  27. Jhall June 2, 2018

    I hate to say it but she is rite dont matter how u cut this pie!

  28. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez June 2, 2018

    Two words – chicken slaughterer. She is vile.

  29. Lana Del fan June 2, 2018

    This was a clickbait title. She didn’t disrespect gay men at all, in fact she did the exact opposite.

  30. June 2, 2018

    I agree with everything she said.

  31. God June 2, 2018

    But, did she lie? Cause I couldn’t detect one.

    • Matt June 4, 2018

      Nope. She didn’t lie at all.

  32. Me2 June 3, 2018

    Oh lord bring back Aaliyah and take this waste of space

    • Matt June 4, 2018

      Pretty much, this is super disingenous, she’s critiquing systemic issues that gay men participate in when in community spaces and need to fix.

  33. Matt June 4, 2018

    … No.

    Ok, ya it crosses the line when she uses slurs that aren’t hers or delegitimizes oppression that isn’t hers.

    But she’s a bisexual black woman, she has every right to critique internal q**** community problems with misogyny, biphobia, and racism and boy does the community have problems with it. White gay cis men need to get their act together.

    That doesn’t make what she said ok, but nothing she said here is wrong, and an internal critique of how our community treats women during pride is perfectly appropriate cause Q**** WOMEN EXIST!

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