Janet Jackson On Super Bowl: “There Was A Conversation”

Published: Sunday 9th Sep 2018 by Sam

When Justin Timberlake was announced as the headliner for the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show last year, many were enraged. And for much of that mass, the only means of quelling their fire of fury was if Janet Jackson would be invited to join him.

For, as etched in history, Jackson and Timberlake infamously experienced the 2004 wardrobe malfunction seen around the world when the former NYSNC’er ripped off more than planned from the diva’s outfit – revealing her breast to viewers.

The moment lasted for a fraction of a second, but was enough to cause dismal damage to Jackson’s career. Indeed, just this week, it was revealed in a shocking exposé that ousted CBS president Les Moonves (now on the hook for a multitude of sexual abuse allegations) launched a blacklist of all things Jackson across CBS owned properties. Why? Because he allegedly felt she didn’t sufficiently apologize to him in the grovelling manner Timberlake did – despite the entire episode being an accident.

Amidst the anger surrounding Timberlake being invited to perform all these years later, there was growing hope that Janet would make an appearance. Perhaps as a means of re-writing history once and for all.

As history would have it, the 52-year-old did not take to the stage with JT – whose performance was unanimously panned.

Did she ever plan to? While doing the promo rounds for new single ‘Made For Now,’ one interviewer boldly quizzed Jackson on the matter.

Her response, which you can check out below, was all sorts of interesting…

Host Ellen K asked the Pop queen:

We wanted to know, was there ever a chance of – we’ve read so much press – that you were gonna appear at the Super Bowl Halftime with Justin Timberlake? Was that all just fake and made up – or was there ever a conversation?

To which Janet coyly replied:

“…I’ll just say this…there was a conversation”


First thing’s first, kudos to Ellen K for going there? For yours truly, I have never understood some host’s preoccupation with pointless questions about favorite colors and candy-floss when there is real tea to be uncovered.

As for Janet’s answer, it immediately makes for more questions. Conversations with…who? Justin? The NFL? So many questions!

In any case, can the stars please align and get us that return performance?! She’s more than deserving of the platform all by herself.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Just_blaze September 9, 2018

    Ok so im going to say hell no bcuz they treated her wrong.
    Now if she does do it she needs to be paid alot of money and she needs the nest show ever they need to go all out for her.
    Janet would be good tho tbh she has the hits and shell make a statement.

    • Rasputia Latimore September 9, 2018

      I think she should only as a solo performance. Every artist that performs at super bowl is making history and it exposes that artist to millions of Americans (new and old) to their music.

      • Rasputia Lattimore September 9, 2018

        The obsession and thirst is real yall. Ever since I clocked Danxou F.ag for being a racist yesterday that heshe been impersonating me and stalking my comments. Before that it was begging to eat my box and telling me it was straight. This is TGJ.. not mediatakeoutt. Calm the f.uck down. I ain’t the one to mess wit

    • Rasputia Latimore September 9, 2018

      Back to Janet. It will be great to see her perform at the super bowl again. I agree that most of these interviewers have been asking her idiotic questions up until now like do she like hot cheetos or who is her favorite artist? Dumb ass questions are a waste of time. They should be asking her about her new songs and what direction she will take with the new music.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B September 9, 2018


      • Rasputia Latimore September 9, 2018

        Trashman! U must be LONELY to be speaking to me. What u want b|tch? Evrry time I comment u hitting up like u wanna ear my box or something. Damn go find a man lonely stank b|tch. I like we’ll endowed straight black men only not white trannies ike u so f.uck off.

  2. G7Pat September 9, 2018

    Janet knows her worth n would never feature jt. Hope theyre smart and offered her the whole show coming up

  3. MBD September 9, 2018

    Well she deserved 2019 Superbowl Preforming or it already took placing?

  4. DeanD September 9, 2018

    It’s official: Lee Moonves is out at CBS. Just 14 years too late.

  5. anonona September 9, 2018

    with all this recent press, i wont be surprised if she performs for the next super bowl.

  6. Laura Hawkins September 9, 2018

    Justin’s performance was not universally panned. Everyone I talked to loved his performance and Man of the Woods album. I’ve attended two concerts and they were excellent. It was never his fault her costume wasn’t made right and he should not be faulted for what tv stations due. She needs to tell the truth. It was her dressers fault it malfunctioned and she let him take the blame. Again super bowl was great.

    • Rasputia Latimore September 9, 2018

      Okay Suicide Trash Blonde. You created a new troll account to say the same bull sh|t u said before all the black commenter lobbied behind me to remove your white trash asss from this site. Now u think u may be fooling people with ur little weak Danzou F.ag account or that vile FAKE Jasmine account but ALWAYS KNOW u have been tamed and u ain’t welcome on here white trash devil. U are so stupid u always give yourself away with your racist agenda.

  7. Charli Cheer Up September 10, 2018

    That’s why she didn’t appear on JT’s Superbowl halftime this year cuz she demanded lots of it. It was all about the money. Period.

  8. DanYiel Iman September 10, 2018

    I mean is this still a problem?!! Janet married a billionaire had his cash register & still making her soprano pop tones!!?

  9. eric September 10, 2018

    She said no. Good. If she returns to the SB stage, it should be on her own terms. They owe it to her to meet her every demand and request.

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