Lana Del Rey Claps Back at Azealia Banks: ‘I Won’t Not F*ck You Up’ / Rapper Responds

Published: Tuesday 9th Oct 2018 by Rashad

‘High By the Beach’ beauty Lana Del Rey thought it was high time somebody put controversial rapstress Azealia Banks in her place.

The ‘Ice Princess’ femcee – who slammed Del Rey last week for criticizing Kanye West‘s controversial plea to abolish the 13th amendment (click here to read more) – was on the receiving end of an icy clap back when the songstress took to social media to remind all that she’s not afraid to resort to some ole gangsta sh*t if need be.

See what we mean inside:



Click here to see what incited such a response from Lana.  Naturally, Banks didn’t take the threats lying down.  She launched a Twitter tirade:


To which Lana responded:

Your thoughts?

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  1. FAF October 9, 2018

    Azealia Banks always talking about someone else body like she didn’t get fake tits and still look like sheneneh shaped like every consonant in the alphabet

    Her frontals are also never blended and she hasn’t done any decent looks in quite Awhile

    • Rosemary R. Peters October 10, 2018

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  2. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 9, 2018

    Right. Azealia she said square up, head up, you all talk and no bite and what did you do in response?…??? Talked some more. Girl bye. That one skinny, ghetto bïtçh from Harlem who barks like a chihuahua but has no hands. I love ur music tho but white girl punked you, honey.

  3. DanYiel Iman October 9, 2018

    It seems she’s more finger gangster then real life gangster…??‍♂️

  4. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 9, 2018

    **YAWN** – You’re boring Lana. When all else fails resort to threats of bodily harm eh Lana. (And this is from a fan of yours.)
    #Sit Down

    • The Wig Snatcher October 10, 2018

      You’re even more pvssy than Banks. GTFO and STFU.

  5. Lana Del Fan October 10, 2018

    I stan for a queen ?

  6. Rosy October 10, 2018

    I wish someone would kick this angry black b**** ass she is so pathetic someone needs to really cuss her ass out let a island woman cuss her out tell her about her nasty ass self these celebrities going too easy on her ass burnt toast b****

  7. Lmao_Hoe October 10, 2018

    Azealia is weak, Wildin out exposed she has no backbone period. Gangster on Twitter yet in person a coward that’s deserving of those roasts she was served on that episode

  8. Dma October 10, 2018

    Lawd! Lana Del Ray gon’ be the b**** to finally beat her a$$.

  9. Chica October 10, 2018

    About time. Azealia Banks is a bully.

  10. Latinissima October 10, 2018

    Lana said the thing we all agree. If AB was more about her carreer and less about body shaming other girls, she will be as big as Kanye was in his better days.

  11. Kosher October 10, 2018

    Ugh Azealia makes me so angry sometimes. How you crying when you feel insulted about a comedian calling you “ol ugly ass” but then attack peoples looks and body as the first sign of defense. Didn’t you also get your breast done to heighten your appeal — werent you also bleaching your skin at one point because you wanted to heighten your appeal. I don’t see how she is the only one allowed to be opinionated.

    With that being said.. her songs are the jam but holy crap just stfu sometimes. This rant towards Lana is something she could’ve sent in a group text to her friends and called it a day.

  12. Caleb October 10, 2018

    I will never understand how she is always saying the most horrible, evil, vitriolic things about people and then the moment someone claps back she cries and acts like she is victimized.

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