Drama Down Under! Cardi B & Publicist Receive Abuse In Australia [Video]

Published: Sunday 30th Dec 2018 by Sam

Cardi B has exploded worldwide and the demands of this has seen her hit many territories for promo.

The latest region she arrived in was Australia and sadly things took a left the moment she touched down in the airport.

Covering her face with a blanket after a lengthy flight, the rapper clearly wasn’t trying to be photographed.

This irked on-lookers, who took turns to hurl abuse her way.

One member of the media yelled “this is or country, our rules” while another woman (seemingly a bystander) screamed “No wonder your husband left you.”

The latter did not go down well with Cardi’s longtime publicist Patience – who popped all the way off.

Watch what went down after the jump…

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Patience is more than just #CardiB’s publicist— she’s also her friend.💅🏾 After not being allowed to take a picture, the older woman mumbles: “No wonder your husband left you” and immediately turned into a damsel in distress.😱 #Offset

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The gaul of some folk – namely the lady who made the comment about Offset. As discussed here at TGJ, perhaps most disturbing was how ready she was to play victim when the camera was turned on her.

Typically, we’re team civility, but in this instance the wrath of Patience was more than justified.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ciara stop December 30, 2018

    Ghetto ass hood rat.
    Get a new publicist

    • DanYiel Iman December 30, 2018

      Her publicist works for her & she’s not going ANYWHERE!!

    • Jasmine December 30, 2018

      Gettho ass white lady. Get a new celebrity to obsess over case team Cardiff is not putting up with bully shenanigans

      • Ferry December 30, 2018

        No Wonder your husband left you as well jasmine

      • Ferry December 30, 2018

        Wait, maybe it was when he discovered you weren’t a girl, but a fat dude impersonating a girl in the comment sections of gossip blogs

      • Ferry December 30, 2018

        Ghetto ass girl get a life besides making new acc to attack everyone who disagrees with you.
        Your rasputia was deleted now let’s see how much time you have until the fake ass jasmine is banned.

      • Jasmine December 31, 2018

        LMAO Keep seething and staying mad TROLL. My pics are VERY REAL and I am 100 percent all woman! I am 4 months pregnant too so obviously I was born a woman. Just like Cardi, I am NOT putting up with your bully shenanigans. Keep on obsessing over me while I make my money bags.

        XOXO, —Jasmine

  2. Meme December 30, 2018

    Wow issue covering her face? I don’t understand these celebrities. No one forced you to be a public figure. This is what comes with the territory.

    • Cambri777 December 30, 2018

      Rihanna has done this plenty of times as well as popped off. She also has had issues with paparazzi and that’s my #1 fav. You sound like a hypocrite

      • Meme December 30, 2018

        First off Rihanna isn’t a new singer. She’s one of the biggest globally. If she wants to hide her face, she’s paid her dues. Cardi just came out yesterday and is already acting like she’s Michael Jackson’s level. Simmer all the way down.

        Also I’ve never seen Rihanna wrap her entire head. Please pull receipts. And further who the F was talking about Rihanna?

    • Phyllis December 30, 2018

      yes I agree now she wants to cover her head but when she’s on the talk shows or whatever she’s nasty mouth hood rat. Deal with it.

    • AdeleFan December 30, 2018

      Rihanna never had Cardi’s success until like 4 years into her career. So obviously Rihanna couldn’t act this way during her debut era. U clearly just said all celebrities are public figures so it doesn’t matter how long they have been a celebrity they all shud act the same according to ur logic

    • Jasmine December 30, 2018

      Leonardo Dicaprio and MANY other celebs,cover their face all the time. Nobody is entitled to take unflattering pics of celebs and they can cover their faces. People need to get a life. If u want to see these celebs buy a concert or movie ticket like everybody else. If u broke then watch them free on tv

      • Darko December 30, 2018

        Have you just compared Leo’s fame to this Girls fame?
        She is more in the Amanda Byrnes lane that in the Leo one.
        When you’re famous you have the kind of attention from the media you wished for and like ‘Em said he wanted to be famous but not to cover Newsweek but beggars can’t be choosers.
        That’s the reason why many celebrities like Adele, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Alicia Keys even Madonna can have so called normal lifes and these girl can’t. She used Kardashian type techniques to be famous and now the media knows she is eager to be famous and to appear they have her eating out of their hand.

      • Jasmine December 30, 2018

        A celebrity is a celebrity. Leo is NOT better than Cardi! GTFOH with that racist nonsense! Celebrities HAVE THE RIGHT to cover their face. Period. Point Blank. NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO HAVE ACCESS to your face 24/7. If you want to see Cardi then attend a concert or watch TV or go on the internet like everyone else.

        BTW what is there to see. A sleepy woman getting off a plane? People need to get their own lives.

      • Hermione December 30, 2018

        Beg to differ but celebrities aren’t all at the same level.
        That’s why there’s A list, B list, C list… down to unlisted ones…
        Yeah in my opinion Leonardo is better than Cardi moraly and artistically.
        That’s the reason why several so called celebs like this girl have to provoke fights, scandals and tell dirt to appear and celebs like Leonardo, Meryl, Julia Roberts, Barbra Streisand and Janet for instance don’t expose their private lives or expose just a tiny bit, their not attention hores and want to be recognize for their work solely.
        You can deny it but you know once her fame dissolves this girl will do anything to stay relevant just like the slutty kardashians.

      • Jasmine December 31, 2018

        I know there are levels to celebrity. We are talking about the right a celebrity has to cover their face whenever they want! All celebrities are equal when it comes to the right to cover their face. To say Leo can cover his face but Cardi cannot cover hers is pure racism and discrimination and you cannot use Leo’s longevity as a celebrity over Cardi’s because that is not applicable to a basic human right. She is a person first and then a celebrity. Same goes for all celebrities.

  3. Gurlbye December 30, 2018

    Sadly, I expect nothing less from Australia. The people are racist AF down there.

  4. Shana December 30, 2018

    She cover her face if she wants to if she don’t wants to to take pics she don’t have to. It still don’t give people the right say what the hell they wants to say to her. She is still human she feelings as well

    • Kam December 30, 2018

      Ok If Cardi doesn’t want any pictures taken that’s her choice! PERIOD!!

  5. Bettie Clayton December 30, 2018

    What about her wack a** no rapping .

  6. Kara December 30, 2018

    As usual in the eyes of the Bardi Gang their queen can do no wrong. Smh

  7. AdeleFan December 30, 2018

    Y’all don’t even kno why cardi is hiding her face maybe she had a outbreak or something

    • Beverly Davis December 30, 2018

      She said her hair and make up wasn’t done besides that she was sleeping. If she take the picture looking a hot mess the tabloid would have a field day about her. She has a right to refused.

  8. Shastina Dillon December 30, 2018

    Dont let no one get udown!!! They all jealous… keep doing u girl, at least u got one fan!!!

  9. Flournoy December 30, 2018


  10. Ropeburn December 30, 2018

    It’s important for a celebrity to manage their image and that includes who gets to take pics and when they get to do it. If you just woke up from a long ass flight with drool on your mouth and sleep in your eyes you have every right to tell these paparazzi NO!

  11. Detruth December 30, 2018

    That woke me up and gave me some life this morning!

  12. Carlos santos December 30, 2018

    Those people are so ignorant, all over not taking a picture. Cardi shouldn’t stress those few weak ass people.

  13. Antoinette December 30, 2018

    That’s her publicist?
    Acting like that?
    Don’t bring the street or hood ways into your business.
    She got all that money she could have took a private plane.

  14. Lana Del Fan December 30, 2018

    Who cares what a random hater gotta say? The appropriate response would’ve been to keep walking. Her publicist is nothing more than what Mel is to Rihanna. There’s because they were childhood friends, but doesn’t add much. No reason why a “publicist” should be acting that way!!

  15. Ferry December 30, 2018

    Wait, maybe it was when he discovered you weren’t a girl, but a fat dude impersonating a girl in the comment sections of gossip blogs

  16. tika December 31, 2018

    i would have pulled up too!
    oh well,talk side ways you get a side ways response!


  17. Angie B December 31, 2018

    That old ass woman was completely out of pocket for saying that s***!

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